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  1. The Offertory Thread: Preparation Of The Gifts
  2. Other Choir Activities
  3. Music Ministry/Choir - Problems and Organizing
  4. Kakulitan (Pero May Kapupulutan)
  5. Choir Problems - Dealing With Choir Couples
  6. Pope Visits ... F.Y.I.
  7. Simbang Gabi (Guidelines and Suggested line-ups)
  8. Missing My Old Pals
  9. Responsorial Psalm Discussions
  10. Searching For A Church
  11. Who favors for UPMS? UST Singers?
  12. Silent Congregation: Paano ba maiiwasan?
  13. The Liturgical Year: LENT
  14. Wedding/Theme Song
  15. Singing Solo the Offertory and Communion songs
  16. Liturgical Music Workshop
  17. The Liturgical Year: EASTER
  18. Exultet
  19. Alleluya
  20. Paano magkakapondo ang choir?
  21. Choir Problems - Members Joining Another Choir
  22. Choir Motivations
  23. Team building Activity for Choirs
  24. Psalm for Weddings
  25. General Guidelines For Litugical Music
  26. Choir Uniform
  27. Spiritual life ng Choir
  28. What is the difference of a Church, Liturgical and Religious Music?
  29. Lineup Every Sunday
  30. Mga Kanta Para Sa Libing
  31. Interpretative Dance: Ginagawa nyo ba sa Misa?
  32. How strict is your Choir Director/Instructor/Mentor?
  33. Happy 15th Anniversarry to SAN ANTONIO CHORALE "Malabon"
  34. Bishop Bacani
  35. OK lang ba magtanggal ng member?
  36. Dedication of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish in Sabang Baliuag, Bulacan
  37. Ang Pinaka Maikling Papuri sa Diyos
  38. Choral Pieces for an All-Male Choir
  39. Canticorum Iubilo
  40. Children's Choir
  41. Presentation for feast of St. John Vianney
  42. Tenor
  43. Service
  44. SMFPA on Straight Talk
  45. Apostle's Creed
  46. Choir Member Musicality
  47. The Liturgical Year: ADVENT Season
  48. Important Links Related To Your Service
  49. Helppppppp
  50. List of Entrance Hymns
  51. Best Keyboard for Playing During the Mass
  52. Other Instruments in Church Service
  53. Nylon/Classical or Steel Stringed Guitar?
  54. Regarding Parish Priest
  55. Songs For The Seven Last Words
  56. Songs for Ash Wednesday
  57. Activities for Holy Week
  58. Sunday Mass Experience
  59. RELIGIOUS facts, infos and trivias
  60. Christmas WARM UP songs
  61. Concert! Is it possible?
  62. Panuluyan
  63. Gesu
  64. The Liturgical Year: CHRISTMAS Season
  65. Sound Amplification Set-Up
  66. Feast Of Sto Nino Line Up
  67. Wanted: Musical Director
  68. The Need For A GOOD CONDUCTOR
  69. Choral Formation - Spiritual
  70. Kinema Auditions - Have you heard of it
  71. Pope John Paul II
  72. Pagbabalik-tanaw Sa World Youth Day '95
  73. Pope Benedict XVI
  74. Songs for the Descent of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost Sunday)
  75. Instrumental Mass Songs
  76. Songs for feast of Resurrection
  77. Appropriate Songs For Different Feast
  78. Non-liturgical music?
  79. Need your opinions
  80. Madali Lang
  81. To Flash or Not to Flash?
  82. Songs for Commissioning/Installation
  83. Ang PABORITO ng aming CHOIR.. c",)
  84. Pope To Permit Tridentine Mass Rite
  85. Choir performances
  87. Ask Ko Lang Po...
  88. La Union?
  89. Hearts in Harmony
  90. Anong (mga) kanta ang pinapraktis ng choir n'yo ngayon? At para saan?
  91. About Courtesy to Your Home Parish
  92. A Capella Choir
  93. Unison, 2 voices, 3 voices, 4 voices or more?
  94. help po
  95. Some More Recessional Songs
  96. Hello i would to ask a chord of this song!!!
  98. Choir Problems - Tension Among Members
  99. Retreat Giving: What are its scope?
  100. i know this shouldn't be here
  101. Choir Problems - Low Self Esteem
  102. Decision Making
  103. Feast of the Transfiguration
  104. Choir Organizational Structure
  105. TV Mass Songs: Which songs are liturgically accepted?
  106. Songs for Christ, the King Celebration
  107. Sto. Sepulcro Parish Church, Now A SHRINE
  108. I Want To Teach Our Choir
  109. What Language to Use in Singing for the Mass?
  110. Oh Happy Day!
  111. Tips sa Paghawak ng Koro
  112. Wanted: Choir Members
  113. Request po...
  114. Paulines, Daughters of St. Paul
  115. Doxology with Choreography
  116. Biliguanl Mass Hymns
  117. Diyos Na Mapagpaalaala
  118. Bylaws ng Choir
  119. Lenten Gospel Acclamation (in lieu of Alleluia)
  121. Alleluia with Verse
  122. What is the right structure of "SANCTUS"
  123. Accompanists' Database
  124. i need help
  125. The Church Liturgy
  126. Clash with the "Pharisees"
  127. Mga guide sa isang matibay na paglilinkod!
  128. New Translation of Bicol Mass
  129. Induction of Members and Officers sa Choir
  130. Program for the Induction of members and officers sa choir
  131. Summer Feast songs in Manaoag Shrine
  132. Active Participation
  133. Hanggang kailan ka magseserve?
  134. Sinong pumipili ng mga kanta n'yo para sa inyong Mass?
  135. Liturgical Music by Lionel Valdellon
  136. Organ vs. Piano + Guitar
  137. Names and Directory Lists of Choir
  138. Majestic Entrance and Final Song..
  139. Video of a Czech Choir (Czech Republic) singing the famous Filipino song "IKAW".
  140. Choral Formation
  141. World Choir Games
  142. Scales and Arpeggios for Keyboard
  143. On Forming a Quartet
  144. Hello, Need Help.
  145. Summorum Pontificum: A Primer
  146. Latin Mass and Tridentine Mass
  147. How to balance the sound of your choir???
  148. Bass
  149. Anong style nyo sa pagtuturo ng new songs?
  150. Relationship inside the Choir group
  151. Weekly Gospel
  152. Gospel Acclamation Song
  153. The Madz @ the 2007 GPE (Arezzo, Italy)
  154. Tridentine Mass in the Philippines
  155. How do you recruit new members?
  156. Feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
  157. Choir Problems - The Choirmaster
  158. WANTED: Pianist / Organist Accompanist
  159. NEW Tagalog MASS Songs
  160. Tagalog Mass & Songs
  161. Kapistahan ni San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila sa St. John Neumann (Houston,TX)
  162. Memorable Event
  163. Alto And Soprano
  164. Looking Back At The Happier And Glorious Times Of Your Choir
  165. Online Misa
  166. Common Misconceptions in Singing Liturgical Songs During the Mass
  167. Forming a Choir...
  168. How to classify communion songs?
  169. Marian Festival - SBMA
  170. Songs for Dedication of a Church
  171. Choir Actions During Communion
  172. Invitation...
  173. Looking for SATB Christmas Music Sheets.
  174. Paano ba magiging malakas ang boses?
  175. HAU-AMA members 1987-1990
  176. The Beatitudes for SSA
  177. Saan nakapuwesto ang choir ninyo, sa mezzanine ba o sa gilid ng pari?
  178. Miracle...?
  179. Ano ba talaga purpose ng isang church choir?
  180. Simbang Gabi 2007
  181. Choirs Needed
  182. Making a Letter
  183. Dealing with Halitosis
  184. Question on Musical Arrangements of Mass Songs
  185. Comments on TV Mass Choir
  186. New Songs
  187. [POLL] Pinaka maraming nai-contribute na Music Sheets
  188. [POLL] Pinaka maraming nai-contribute na MIDI Orchestrations
  189. Pope Benedict on Sacred Music
  190. Don't Play Notes, Play Music
  191. Sino po. . .
  192. Liturgy Terms in Tagalog
  193. Grand Choir in Parishes
  194. Tama po ba na mas lamang ang mga matataba sa pagkanta?
  195. Choir Problems - Members Na Nag-smoke
  196. Baccalaureate mass
  197. Sacred Music In The Mind Of The Church
  198. Complete Mass Readings for 2008 :D
  199. Relics of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
  200. Churches '08
  201. Liturgical Music Program on TV
  202. Singles For Christ
  203. Recorded Performance Ng Choir Ninyo
  204. What is a picture of a church musician?
  205. Choir Problems - Being Corrected by a Sintunado Member
  206. Organ Sound vs Piano Sound... Ano'ng mas maganda for Mass?
  207. Ano po ang pinaka masamang experience na naranasan nyo sa parokya?
  208. Choir as a portal to God
  209. Wanted : Choral Trainor / Instructor / Choir Master
  210. Choir Websites
  211. Wanted: Choral Conductor/Trainor
  212. Charismatic Renewal Music Ministries
  213. Kanta sa Misal
  214. Church seminars attended?
  215. Choir Concert Repertoire
  216. Station of the Cross
  217. Procesional Song for Palm Sunday
  218. The Apprentice Conductorship Program
  219. Marian Music During Communion
  221. Mass For Holy Trinity
  222. Wedding Liturgy
  223. Styles of Conducting
  224. May Charismatic Community member ba dito?
  225. Has Anyone Heard of SMMMHDH
  226. Choir Name
  227. Negative Feedback for Concert Choirs
  228. Choir Anniversary
  229. Choir Org(s) Na Hindi Sumusunod Sa Music Ministry Ng Parish
  230. Solemn High Mass (Traditional Latin Mass) for the Feast of Ss Peter and Paul
  231. Music and Preaching
  232. Choral Album Recording
  233. Filipino Choirs in Italy
  234. Choirs In Pasig City
  235. Criteria For Choosing A Choir Member
  236. Choir Problems - An Out Of Tune Member Of The Choir
  237. Anyone Looking for a Pianist near Mandaluyong
  238. Entrance Hym Fit For Boys Choir
  239. To Stipend Or Not To Stipend... That's The Question
  240. Choir Problems - Problem Choir Member
  241. Vatican Bars Use Of "Yahweh"
  242. Church's Solemnities, Feast and Holidays of Obligation
  243. Differences from the MISA
  244. THE LEVITES - All-Priest Band From The Philippines
  245. Bring Your Own Keyboard..
  246. Contemporary Christmas Songs for Caroling
  247. Logo - Help :)
  248. Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
  249. Singing The Gloria
  250. History Ng Choir Nyo