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06.08.03, 08:20 AM
Im planning to buy a digital cam, ano maisa-suggest nyo na digicam na maganda na pero mura? atleast mga 5 - 6 mp..

Isip ko mukhang maganda ang Canon Powershot A700..6mp na tpos 6x ang optical zoom.

Post na rin natin dito kung ano pa magagandang digicam..

06.08.03, 11:30 AM
i have a Sony Cybershot DSC-P10 (5MP).luma na pero maganda naman ang performance. i just learned some things when buying a digicam. ewan ko kung pareho to sa ibang cams pero napansin ko lang to dun sa ginagamit ko:
-mas ok kung yung lens nung cam is hindi yung nagreretract kasi nakakabawas pa siya sa power
-batteries are rechargeable of course, pero better kung pwedeng gamitan nung mga AA or AAA batts in case of emergency. yung Cybershot ko kasi has its own batt so pag nasa labas ako at naubusan ng power, di ko na sya magamit...or bili ka siguro ng extra batt.
-maganda rin kung may traditional viewfinder sya para in case you need to conserve power,pwede mong hindi gamitin yung LCD

again, these are just my own observations. share ko lang baka makatulong.
good luck.

samantala, may digicam ba na may maikling power cord lang? lahat ng nakita kong digicams kasi ang hahaba ng mga cords and bulky. hassle pag bumabyahe. nadi-defeat yung portability nung camera.

06.08.03, 09:11 PM
I have two digicams:

1. An entry-level Canon Powershot A420 (http://web.canon.jp/Imaging/psa420/index-e.html) (3.2 MP, 3.2x optical, 3x digital zoom, 10x total) that I got as a replacement for the recalled Powershot A300.

It's an ok camera for entry level. But if you can afford a higher model, I suggest you buy that one.

Bea is using this camera right now.

2. A Canon Powershot A620 (http://www.canon-europe.com/For_Home/Product_Finder/Cameras/Digital/Powershot_A620/). It's a fantastic camera (7.1MP, 4x optical, 4x digital, 16x total). It has a manual mode and takes semi-professional photographs and it does not disappoint as far as picture quality is concerned.

And unlike the A700, it has a swivel LCD display. With the A620, I actually question why Canon released the A700 with only the higher optical zoom as the significant upgrade.

I am very satisfied with my A620. And if you can afford the A700, I suggest you get an A620 instead.

But then, that's just my opinion.

regards to all :)

06.10.18, 07:07 AM
Recently got myself a Canon Powershot S3IS, its a very nice baby. :)

06.10.19, 10:07 PM
ganda ng cam mo spykejet.

am browsing for ixus models.

the one that got my attention is powershot sd900 (http://www.canon.co.jp/Imaging/p900-i900ti/index-e.html)..

grabe 10mp na sya.

06.12.16, 02:46 AM
Speaking of cameras, I finally got my my old digicam (http://www.canon-asia.com/ixus/main.html)] salamat naman at may nahiya at sinoli na rin yippeeeee……this thread remind me of philmug ( http://www.philmug.ph/forum/showthread.php?t=2622 ) hehehe…namiss ko na un forum un, may nakamiss kaya sa akin dun. Anyway I guess owning a digicam is reflected of one’s personality because having one means individual is fond of capturing fleeting and rare moments and must share these immediately. Key in mind that Digital photos fade or more aptly get lost. The problem lies in the process of digital preservation or archiving compared to simply having a photo printed placing it in an photo album and the photo last a lifetime. That’s why everyone owned a digicam should invest on a good photo printer. At present there is no uniform standard in preserving digital materials (correct me if I’m wrong about these) such that these can be viewed in the future regardless of hardware or software used assuming that current hardware and software will become obsolete given the pace with which they develop.

06.12.18, 06:39 AM
Dumating na ang replacement ng nawala kong KODAK easyshare, yung nawala 2MP lang (imagine how technology updates very fast) tapos yung kapalit nya 3.2 MP na.... hehehe. I'm happy it was replaced by the insurance company.

07.08.07, 11:00 AM
Hello, my first digicam was Canon Powershot S30.. Sobrang bigat pero sobrang malinaw.. 3.2 MP, rechargeable.. hehehe

And then i disposed it, gang ngaun wla pang replacement kc wla pang money.. hehehe

my mom owns Sony t10, sleek, handy, thin.. 7.2MP.. best buy na un..

I plan to buy Canon Ixus.. for me, canon dgcams are the best

07.08.07, 06:16 PM
uu, danda ng ixus, i got the canon ixus 70, nakakatuwa yung face tracking, ehehehe.

dun ka sa carriedo bumili ng digicam sa likod ng SM Carriedo para mura.

07.08.09, 06:06 AM
I don't know if this qualifies as a DIGICAM....

It has DIGICAM features... actually 4 - 5 MP for still pics... but I would like to ask kung okey ba yung mga VideoCAM na hindi based sa DVD, MiniDV, HDD kundi sa mga SD/MMC cards lang....


07.08.09, 05:33 PM
meron ako nito dati (sanyo xacti). kaya lang ibinenta ko rin kasi i don't find it so useful and amazing, for me at least. the only advantage you get is its size. madali syang dalhin anywhere, so video or still pics, madaling kumuha. pero hindi ako satisfied gamitin. mas gusto ko pa rin yung separate and common na videocam (hdd mas maganda for me) and digicam. nung una natuwa ako kaya lang after a month or so, ayoko na. kaya ibinenta ko na lang.

regarding your question kuya alex, in my experience, ok lang yung sd/mmc-based videocams. para din lang syang hdd. ang difference lang e mas mababa ang capacity ng sd/mmc compared sa hdd. nung last time na nag-check ako sa hk (about 6 months ago) 8gb ang largest capacity. ewan ko lang ngayon kung may mas mataas na.


07.08.11, 12:02 AM
dreaming of a dslr, pero oks na sakin prosumer level. hayz. sana makaipon ako pambili kahit s5is man lang.

07.08.12, 11:20 PM
Pareng jose, ngayon lang ako nakakita ng ganyang digicam, yong digicam na pinakita ni Alex, nauuso na rin yan ngayon, marami rami na rin ang nakikita kong gumagamit nyan lalo na pag me mga gathering o me mga kasalan. Project ko rin yan pag natapos ko na una kong project, hehehehe.

07.08.17, 09:10 AM
Kagandahan lang kasi ay very portable siya at napakagaan. My concern is the video quality.

07.08.20, 12:36 PM
uu, danda ng ixus, i got the canon ixus 70, nakakatuwa yung face tracking, ehehehe.

dun ka sa carriedo bumili ng digicam sa likod ng SM Carriedo para mura.

magkano ung ixus 70 sa carriedo? significant ba ung pagkamura nya compared sa mall price (i think around php 20K sa mall) considering mejo risky ung place na un for snatchers? hehe..

im considering ixus70 kasi.. kaya ayun. =) thanks

07.08.20, 05:40 PM
got my ixus 70 for 12k tapos 1gb sd card for 700 petot from "henry's" sa likod lang mismo ng sm carriedo. usual price nyan sa malls eh 19,995 petot.

07.08.22, 11:18 PM
Uy, masyadong malaki ang differece sa price comparizon, hehehe, pag ganyan ang price, pwedeng pwede na kong makabili nyan, hehehehe....

07.08.24, 09:40 PM
trip ko yung DSC-T100 ng Sony!! stylistic tsaka sobrang pocket sized camera..and it also has a lot of good juices under the hood..at mejo mataas ang ratings nya...cnet.com..kaso ang mahal!

07.08.25, 02:06 PM
got my ixus 70 for 12k tapos 1gb sd card for 700 petot from "henry's" sa likod lang mismo ng sm carriedo. usual price nyan sa malls eh 19,995 petot.

mura nga no.. pede ba dun credit card? ??????

07.08.25, 06:03 PM
uu, pweyding-pweydi.


07.08.25, 06:51 PM
Technology keeps on changing. It might be now the trend the next day its is practically useless (ex take a look at betamax it is history already) Buying cool gadgets is very tricky especially that all companies everybody claims their product is the best!

Deciding which one is truly a horrifying experience... and most of the time frustrating because of the fear the model or brand you choose is not what you want.

Here are my tips....

For video taking buy DV cam (it comes in a small tape) any brand any model. Why because it is cheaper compare to other counterpart ex digital DVD recorder but the main thing is its resolution. It is the forefront with regards to resolution... home or professional
use. I am seeing now abs-cbn reporters carrying those small dv cams in their hands.

For still camera... dont be mislead on those mega pixels.... bigger doesn't necessary be better.... i have a 10 megapex Professional Canon Camera but I intentionally lowered down the settings to 5 or 6 it is more than enough. It is the combination of the lens and the capturing technology... ex. Sony "Carl sweis lens cybershot"

When I buy a new camera I make it a point to bring my laptop with me have the salesman make a demo and bring the capture image to my laptop and see the result. You will surely get much argument with the salesperson but in the end it really pays off.

Tip: go very early just as they open when there are no customers around, then you will be entertained

07.08.27, 10:32 AM
uu, pweyding-pweydi.


ayos a! mapuntahan nga un... ;)

07.08.27, 10:42 AM
For video taking buy DV cam (it comes in a small tape) any brand any model. Why because it is cheaper compare to other counterpart ex digital DVD recorder but the main thing is its resolution. It is the forefront with regards to resolution... home or professional use. I am seeing now abs-cbn reporters carrying those small dv cams in their hands.

In addition, it's cheaper on the company budget. Why? Because it's not a good idea to recycle the same tape over and over again. Quality will degrade because the magnetic substance on the tape will wear off when it gets recorded on again and again. This was the same problem with cassette tapes; Freddie Mercury and his bandmates at Queen are often quoted that, because they overdubbed their vocals for "Bohemian Rhapsody" nearly a hundred times per part, the tape became so worn that it was virtually transparent!!!!!!. In the end, you might still end up buying another tape. On optical media, the quality won't degrade, the only concerns is that either the CD/DVD works or it won't (the thing is, optical media have a shelf life of about 10-25 years, though, much longer than tape).

My understanding is that a tape, once used, is never thrown out or reused, but is stored in the TV company's archives. (This is why TV stations can pull up very old recordings even as far back as, say, thirty years ago, if the company's archives department have done their work well.) Since a TV reporter is on the road 5, sometimes 6, sometimes 7, days a week, you can imagine how many tapes the average TV reported must consume in a month. ;)

07.08.27, 10:56 AM
ano po difference ng DVcam at DVD

07.08.27, 12:02 PM
the DVCam uses the tapes so you have the luxury of high resolution... DVD is already on its compressed stage....

07.09.07, 04:31 PM
pwede kayo mag-inquire ng price by email: henryscamera(at)yahoo(dot)com
nagre-reply naman siya.

got my ixus 70 for 12k tapos 1gb sd card for 700 petot from "henry's" sa likod lang mismo ng sm carriedo. usual price nyan sa malls eh 19,995 petot.

07.09.13, 12:07 AM
Hi! May be you can also consider Fuji digicam particularly yung F31fd. Although di sya masyadong popular dyan sa atin like canon (am A canonite:)) highly recommended sya specially sa low light very useful plus yung color buhay na buhay. Unlike other digicams, pag madilim na nag pixelize na yung photo pag naka iso400. Sa Fuji iso 800 to 1600 ok pa ding i print. Yung nga lang di sya pang japorms medyo makapal.

07.09.17, 08:48 PM
Ako masama ang tingin ko sa EOS 400D kasi naka-sale... kaso... bisyo na to!

Pag nasimulan mo na ang pro-camera, ang mamahal na ng lenses at accessories...

regards to all :)

07.10.24, 08:33 AM
^true. i already spent 100k sa photography and it all started sa 400d na yan. I bought the camera with extra battery last Feb 2007 and it cost me 50k (tapos ngayon 35k na lang), then I recently bought a Canon L lens worth 47k (sale kasi ang original price niya ay 62500) and a second hand 50mm 1.8 lens for 3000. Sulit naman kasi nakakatuwa na every wedding where we sing, nakiki-join kami sa photog session.

09.09.23, 09:18 AM
Been thinking of getting Canon G10. Wanting to get a dslr but I really don't want to bring along something that big. I tried reading reviews online sya and okay naman.

Anyone tried using this?

I tried using G9 from a friend and my hands won't let go. Learned there's G11 already pero parang mas panalo ang G10 e.

09.09.23, 10:04 AM
DSLR na lang :P

09.09.23, 10:18 AM
yep, mas oks pa entry-level na dslr na lang kesa g10, masyadong pricy yan pero di naman ganun kaganda performance. halos kapresyo yan ng nikon d40.

09.09.23, 12:37 PM
wew ang ganda nang mga camera niyo mga kuya .. ahm can i ask kung kagaya ko na gustong pumasok sa phoography ano po magandang investment po?

09.09.23, 03:00 PM
Kuya Alex and Manoiskee,

BUT what really got my attention is the video recording feature :D Besides, mahal pa kasi yung dslr na meron nun e.

I just want something really worth using lalo na pag on the go mode ako. Pero seriously, has anyone tried using this or based on "observations" lang kaya nyo nasabi yan?

09.09.23, 03:24 PM
@jon2: Check mo review ng G10 from Digital Photography Review for comparison (pero be warned, sobrang detailed ng mga reviews nila :P)


Baka gusto mo rin ma-check ang mga galleries na 'to, para makita mo kung ano ang kayang gawin ng G10 :D

http://www.flickr.com/cameras/canon/powershot_g10/ (check mo yung "recent" sa "Now Showing" na drop-down menu kasi hindi sya curated---meaning, hindi sya sinala para maisama sa "best of the best" :P )


09.09.23, 04:40 PM
la ako ng mga yan pero i've tried them both, d40 ng pinsan ko, g10 nung isang kaibigan ko. iba talaga quality ng pics pag dslr, 6mp lang yung d40 pero lamang talaga lalo sa low-light, tsaka iba DOF kumpara sa compact. yun lang for that price range wala kang makikitang dslr na may video capability tulad nga ng hanap mo. pwede mo rin i-consider yung sx10is ng canon, 20x zoom, may video rin yun tsaka vari-angle lcd. out na rin nga pala g11 kaso mas mahal, around 33k. sabi nila it's got a better sensor tsaka may vari-angle na rin.

09.09.23, 09:40 PM
THANKS, guys!

(titopao, dyan din ako nagtitingin. Hehehe)

Actually, I'm thinking of getting Canon 500D kaso masyado sya malaki. Let's say I'll be going to a BP concert and record their performance, parang isang malaking hassle to hold it while recording (pag di ko dala tripod), di ba?

I have tried G9 and am really impressed sa quality ng pics nya. Not near the dslr mark pero ok na pang facebook. I have thought of G10 lang kasi more pixels and HD na ang video.

Thinking out of the dslr box, what's the next best thing? I've considered sx series kaso di ba AA batteries ang gamit nya?

Wala naman ako kaidea sa ibang brands. I've tried sony but I have issues with the shakes kasi. Maganda sya pero it really doesn't live up to the anti-shake standards.

09.09.23, 10:33 PM
di pa HD ang vid ng G10, kahit G11 hindi HD. sx1is 1080p, yung bagong labas na sx20is 720p. yun nga lang medyo bulky yang sx1, sx10 at sx20, halos sing-laki na rin ng dslr ang katawan.

09.09.24, 04:00 PM
Thinking out of the dslr box, what's the next best thing? I've considered sx series kaso di ba AA batteries ang gamit nya?

Wala naman ako kaidea sa ibang brands. I've tried sony but I have issues with the shakes kasi. Maganda sya pero it really doesn't live up to the anti-shake standards.

SX series ang pipiliin ko. Almost DSLR naman yan (may manual, aperture/shutter priority controls), malaki ang range ng zoom, at may video recording. Mas gusto ko pa nga ang AA battery kesa proprietary na baterya kasi mura lang at meron/madali mabibilhan ng replacement kahit saan mapadpad.

Sony Cybershot DSC-H5 ang gamit ko ngayon. H3 naman ang kay Bien. :) Wala naman akong problema sa camera-shake. Meron naman image stabilization para maayos at hindi nanginginig ang shots. Pwede din bilisan ang shutter speed para kung ang subject naman ay gumagalaw.

09.09.26, 04:00 PM
wow! ang gaganda ng mga digicams nyo! ang napansin ko lng sa mga digicam brands ang bilis mag release ng new models. tapos ang introductory price is very expensive tapos after a few months almost 30-40% na ang mark down.

i am currently using sony cybershot dsc t100 2-3 years pa lang ito meron na 8 new models sa t series pa lang ha. kasi t900 na ang latest model.

09.09.29, 01:26 AM
Hehehe, oo nga, ako Polaroid lang ang digicam ko, di nga ako marunong gumamit, hehehehe.

09.10.02, 10:26 AM
SX series ang pipiliin ko.

Sony Cybershot DSC-H5 ang gamit ko ngayon. H3 naman ang kay Bien. :) Wala naman akong problema sa camera-shake.

Meron bang accessories ang SX series?
Nagtingin din kasi ako ng accessories for G10 and found some interesting filters and lens. I am not sure of the model type pero ang brand e Opteka. Parang okay naman based on the reviews pero mas gugustuhin ko siguro na makita at matesting.

I think I saw Bien's cam. Sony pala yun. Laki nung lens nun a? Cybershot din gamit ko pero nung natry ko kasi yung Canon, mas nakita ko yung mga hinahanap ko sa latter. Though I admit walang tatalo sa video recording feature ng Sony digicams.

09.10.02, 10:41 AM
pangarap ko rin ang SLR - particularly Nikon D5000 or D90 di ko kaya ang mga DX masyado nang hi-tech at high price.
Hanggang Digital zoom camera muna ako. Ayus naman ang S60- nakipagbaratan pa ako sa Singapore dito hanggang dumami ang bundled tawad sinimulan sa tripod na maliit, spare EN-EL10 battery at 8GB na SD bago ako napa Yes. Wide screen panoramic, touch screen na 3.5"

09.10.02, 11:08 AM
Mas mataas ba ang megapixel ng Digicam mas maganda or depende parin sa Camera? Anong say ng mga expert natin dito, pa share naman po.

09.10.02, 12:06 PM
From what I know, megapixels alone don't make for good camera quality. Una kong sasabihin is, mahirap mag-compare kasi hindi pare-pareho ang standards sa pagmeasure ng cameras based on megapixels, dahil iba-iba yung pagkakagawa ng mga sensors.

See also the following articles from Digital Photography Review (http://www.dpreview.com):
* Pixels (http://www.dpreview.com/learn/?/Glossary/Camera_System/pixels_01.htm)
* Effective Pixels (http://www.dpreview.com/learn/?/key=Effective_Pixels)
* Pixel Quality (must read!) (http://www.dpreview.com/learn/?/Glossary/Camera_System/pixel_quality_01.htm)
* Sensor sizes (http://www.dpreview.com/learn/?/Glossary/Camera_System/sensor_sizes_01.htm)
* Sensors (http://www.dpreview.com/learn/?/Glossary/Camera_System/sensors_01.htm)

Kung ako ang tatanungin, the quality of the actual, un-Photoshopped image files are the best indicator of quality. Ikaw naman yung gagamit eh, so might as well magresearch ka ng mga sample ng mga litrato gamit ang ganong camera, tapos ikaw ang magdecide kung gusto mo yung quality ng pictures (at least, kapag naka-100%/actual size magnification ka habang viniview mo yung litrato). Magandang starting point ang galleries ng DPReview at ng Flickr (i.e. gallery sorted by digicams) (http://www.flickr.com/cameras/) para mag-compare ng cameras.

* * * * *

One more thing: in most cases, you won't need the ultra-high megapixel cameras for ordinary uses. Put it in another way, you don't need the extra megapixels for these ordinary uses. IMO kahit nga 5-8MP pupwede na kung gagamitin mo lang para kunan ang family affairs or ang mga..ahem...concert ng choir mo ;)

Aanhin mo ang 21 megapixel na camera kung gagamitin mo lang sa birthday party ng anak mo? (Or maski nga yung 12 MP like yung sa earlier DX models ng Nikon DSLRs). Besides, hindi practical gamitin kasi sobrang malaki ang kinakain nito sa SD/CF memory card mo (unless trip mong magtayo ng sariling network storage server sa bahay tulad ng sa mga data centers ng mga websites).

Mas practical gumamit ng ganong kalalaking MP na camera kung halimbawang isa kang professional photographer or graphic designer and kelangan mo ng sobrang pulidong kuha. See those huge billboards in EDSA? Mga ganong kalalaking MP na camera ang ginagamit doon; kung ordinary PnS digicam lang ang gagamitin mo, magiging obvious yung pixellation kahit nasa malayo ka :P hehehe

But if you insist on using a high-MP camera, be prepared also to invest in additional storage. Whether you'll use data DVD discs, data Blueray discs or huge hard drives doesn't matter, basta kelangan pangatawanan mo na mag-back up ng data. (And saying that is the easiest part :P )

09.10.02, 01:14 PM
Correct ka dyan titopao- maraming digital zoom cameras ngayon na nagpapataasn ng pixels. But pag tiningnan mo ang quality di mo naman ma appreciate. Minsan akong nagkaroon ng Nikon 3.2 Megapixels noon pang 1999 pero in comparison sa mga 5 to 7 megapixels ngayong mga ordinary digital cameras mas magandang kumuha ang Nikon. Alam naman natin na gumagawa sarili ng optics ang Nikon called Nikor. Isa ang optics sa nagdadala sa isang digital camera.
High priced cameras of Sony are just buying their lens from Carl Zeiss and Panasonic from Leica. Di nila kayang habulin ang mga Japanese cameras na may technology na sa paggawa ng optics like Canon and Nikon.
Those professional Digital SLR have such big CCDs inside them to capture those good images.
Kung ordinary event lang ang kailangan mong ma cover ay very modest sized camera lang pwede na from 3.2 to 7 Megapixel with a good and clean lens.
Technique- wag kang hihinga when you push the shutter para di magalaw ang kuha mo- BUT you must always have a steady hand. Unless na may VR feature- vibration reduction or you are using a tripod.
Another thing is that you cannot substitute a video cam for a digital camera or vice versa- they may have the feature of each other but they cannot be good for both.

09.10.02, 01:29 PM
And if I may add...nasa prescription eyeglass business and telescope/microscope lense business din ang Nikon (http://www.nikon.com/products/index.htm). So they definitely know what they are doing when manufacturing those Nikkor lenses ;)

09.10.02, 03:44 PM
Salamat Titopao and Nlim, me natutunan na naman akong bago.Ayos!

09.10.02, 03:54 PM
You're welcome :)

Lagi din 'yan tinatanong sa 'kin ng mga kakilala ko, kung mas dapat daw ba'ng bumili ng 10MP na camera over a 7MP digicam. Ang lagi ko namang sinasagot, "Bakit 10MP? Magpapagawa ka ba ng giant tarpaulin streamer na ipapaskil sa EDSA?" LOL

Nung one time naman na tumitingin ako ng catalog ng Canon at Sony (na nakuha ko sa mga appliance stores), tinanong naman ako kung ano ang silbi ng 21MP na DSLR camera. Ang sabi ko naman, mahusay ika mo yung camera na 'yan kung gusto mong ma-detalye ang head shot mo...kasi, ultimo skin pore, freckle, pimple at scars, kuhang-kuha LOL

09.10.02, 04:19 PM
Hahaha, galing mo naman talaga Titopao, well said. salamat ulit. Atleast ngayon kuntento na ako sa 7mp Digicam ko. Hehehe.

09.10.02, 04:50 PM
Hehehe ;)

Although, for the record, yung mga ganon katataas na digicam ang ginagamit ng mga professional photographers---hindi lang yung mga ma studio o yung mga nagco-cover ng mga events. Mas madalas itong gamitin ng mga media photographers, lalo na yung mga attached sa mga malalaking magazines tulad ng National Geographic, TIME, Newsweek, mga fashion magazines at mga iba-iba pang mga glossy magazines. Ang reason kasi dito ay dahil sobrang high-quality yung print resolution na ginagamit nila.

Standard na sa ganong klaseng mga print materials ang print density/print resolution na 300dpi (dots per inches). (Sa B&W photography, standard ang 150-200 dpi. Sa ilang mga ultra-high prints tulad ng sa coffee-table books at fashion magazines, mahina ang 600dpi.) Ibig sabihin nito, para ma-reproduce mo ng maayos ang isang larawan, kelangan ang number ng pixels sa isang square inch ay 300 pixels lengthwise at 300 pixels width-wise (or 300 x 300 = 90,000 pixels = 90 kilo-pixels). (Tip: ang default resolution ng karamihan sa mga laser or inkjet printers ay 300 dpi din.) Otherwise, pag dinaya nila ang pagpi-print sa pamamagitan ng page-enlarge ng litrato, magkakaroon na ito ng pixel artifacts.

Ngapala, don't be misled into thinking that you'll need 300dpi to produce clear, quality pictures. For example, kung magpi-print lang kayo ng term paper na may pictures, "passable" naman na ang 150-200dpi, uubra yun. Pang "entry-level"/"sub-professional level" na yung print quality na 300dpi; I don't think madalas n'yong kakailangani ang 300dpi na prints. (Of course, kung sa photo paper n'yo yun ipi-print, go with 300dpi. Unless OK lang sa inyo na nakikita pa yung individual dots ng inkjet ink olaser toner :P)

In contrast, ang monitors lang ng computers ay may density na hindi bababa ng 72 dpi (dots/pixels per inch). (Pupwede itong umabot ng 96 dpi, pero safe na mag-assume kayong 72 dpi lang ang resolution ng monitor ninyo.) That means, para maging maayos ang display ng isang picture, 72 pixels lang ang kelangan idisplay per one inch sa inyong monitor (or 72 x 72 = 5,184 pixels ~= 5 kilopixels in a square inch). This is the reason why sobrang laki ng mga files na galing sa digicam kapag ni-view ninyo ito at the "actual size/100%" zoom. Kung gusto ninyo ng file na hindi nyo na kelangan i-zoom out kapag vini-view ninyo, gumawa na lang kayo ng kopya ng galing sa original file ng digicam, tapos iresize nyo ng mas maliit yung copy, tapos pagsama-samahin ninyo yung mga reduced pictures sa separate folder. Mas mabilis mag-load yun sa monitor ;) (And here's another tip: pangalanan ninyo yung folder ng original pictures na "Original pics" or "For printing", at yung folder ng reduced pictures na "For viewing".)

Isa pang implication nito: Kung may dinownload ka naman na litrato na galing sa Internet o sa email (i.e. 72dpi na picture) at ito ay sinubukan mong i-resize ito nang malaking-malaki, mag-expect ka na either blurred o puro pixels ang lalabas sa litrato (now you know ;) ). Ang rason kasi ay sinusubukan mong i-spread out yung 72 dots per inch (sa original na picture) dun sa isang "canvas" (i.e. printer) na mas malaki yung resolution (300 dpi). So kapag nakakita kayo ng mga printouts ng mga litrato na maraming "pixellated/pixels" (lalo na sa mga local na dyaryo o magazine), alam n'yo na kung bakit ;)

And that...is another reason why you don't need the extra megapixels :)

To recap:
1 dot sa printer = 1 pixel sa screen
monitor/screen resolution - 72 or 96 dpi (dots/pixel per inch). All you need to view your pictures in the monitor.
common B&W printing resolution - 150-200 dpi. Good for ordinary school/office reports
common "normal" color printing resolution - 300 dpi. Good for printing on photo paper
higher B&W/colored printing resolution - 600 dpi. The lowest "best quality" resolution on inkjet/laser printers

This raises the question of whether you need those printers that have print resolutions as high as 2800dpi. Frankly, if you ask me, 300dpi is good for producing average pictures, 600 is OK for producing ID picture-quality pics. Tapos, any print resolution higher than 600dpi should be considered as a bonus---kasi magastos na sa tinta/toner yung ganong kalaking quality LOL )

09.10.02, 05:11 PM
High priced cameras of Sony are just buying their lens from Carl Zeiss and Panasonic from Leica. Di nila kayang habulin ang mga Japanese cameras na may technology na sa paggawa ng optics like Canon and Nikon.

Yes, that's one of the reasons why Sony and Panasonic digicams are expensive. Mas mahusay para sa akin ang lente ng Nikon kesa Canon pero naunahan na ng Canon ang Nikon pagdating sa digital camera technology. Mabilis talaga mag focus ang Canon! I have Nikon SLR and Leica rangefinder film camera systems. Ang paborito ko na lente ay sa Leica pero minsan natatakot ako gamitin kasi sobrang mahal! Kaya mas madalas kong gamitin ang Nikon with Nikkor lens. Gusto ko rin ang Carl Zeiss lens ng Yashica T3 at Sony DSC-H5 cameras ko. Magandang lente lahat yan!

09.10.02, 05:16 PM
kaya nga hanggang ngayon pinagmamalaki pa rin ni ken rockwell ang 6MP na Nikon D40 niya, kahit kasi mababa ang resolution maganda ang resulting pictures, it still beats any high-res compact camera kahit entry-level dslr lang to.

09.10.02, 05:24 PM
pinagtataka ko lang, pagdating sa mga reviews laging maganda ang nasasabi about nikon dslrs, mas nalalamangan nila actually ngayon ang canon, yun nga lang pagdating sa compact cameras kulelat sila madalas sa reviews. ang madalas na umangat eh panasonic at canon.

bakit kaya di nila mai-apply yung galing ng dslr sensors nila sa compact cameras nila?

09.10.03, 07:57 AM
Yes yan din ang napansin ko sa DSLR ng Nikon, most magazines are using them.
Wala pa rin bang service center ang Nikon sa Pilipinas?
Eversince I heard Paul Simon singing Kodachrome na - "I've got a Nikon camera" parang inclined na ako sa Nikon he he he. Sabi nga sa isang news, kailangan na daw -- rewrite ang song na ito dahil wala nang Kodakchrome films.
Di ko rin ma appreciate ang matataas na resolution just looking at the camera screen monitor alone dahil it doesn't represent the the richness of the quality ng malalaking megapixel cameras.
Nahihirpan din ako sa touchscreen ng S60 dahil syempre lumalabo ang screen pag hinihipo mo ang screen at di gamit ang stylus.:)

09.11.10, 11:08 AM
bakit kaya di nila mai-apply yung galing ng dslr sensors nila sa compact cameras nila?

My best guess e dahil "affordable" na mga dslrs ng Nikon ngayon. Kumbaga, ilang ipon na lang :) Marketing strategy na rin dahil booming ang digital photography at baka mas mataas ang market ng bumibili ng dslrs.

Btw, how long would a Canon battery last? Canon users anyone? Let's say manuod ka ng concert ng BP tapos instead of using the digicam to take pics e video mode ka, would it last for 2 hours or do you really need to get another battery?

09.12.08, 11:34 AM
Guys need help po.

Looking for a mid level DSLR. Nakita ko yung Cannon EOS 500D and compared it to other similarly priced DSLRs eto pinaka mataas feature/ cost ratio. Ask ko lang po if mayroong DSLR na exactly same specs ng EOS 500D but with shake reduction feature built in sa body.


09.12.08, 02:10 PM
ang mga dslr ng sony sensor-based ang stabilization eh. try browsing their catalog, baka may magustuhan ka. though in image quality napag-iiwanan pa rin ang sony ng nikon at canon.

09.12.08, 03:26 PM
Thanks manoiskee.

Checked the Sony alpha 550, 350 & 380. Mayroon silang built in image stabilizer. Pero walang HD Video recording.

But I'll have to ask my mom. Siya kasi gagamit. Papahanap siya DSLR after finding out that our compact camera can't take pictures as fast as she would want to.

09.12.16, 10:39 AM

Please PM the information to athrun_zala as we are not allowed to post that type of message. Thanks


Meron na ba nito sa Pinas?

Samsung ST500/550 (Dual LCD) (http://www.samsungimaging.com/camera/digital-camera/st550-st500-dual-lcd-samsung-digital-camera/index.do) 12.2 Megapixels and 4.6x Optical Zoom

Try this DEMO site - http://www.samsung.com/au/camera/?gclid=CN2Erb_72Z4CFShGagodfRYOKg


09.12.21, 10:21 AM
Meron na po ata yung Samsung na may LCD sa harap.

I think yan po yung nakita ko sa Electroworld (ata) Trinoma.

Guys another question po.

Pero ask ko po if the camera aspect of mobile phones fit into this thread...

Re po N86 at N82. Sino po may experience sa dalawang cameraphones na ito? Can the N86 with its LED flash compare to the N82 with Xenon flash in low light conditions.

Nokia is impressing to the public that the N86 despite being equipped with LED flash is as capable as the N82 in low light conditions because of its bigger sensor.