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06.08.19, 01:51 PM
Ehlow there... Just need your opinions about CHA-CHA. Sa tingin niyo ba it's right to have that Cha-cha or it's just something na magpapagulo lalo ng bansa natin. Feel free to say your comments. Thank You! GOD BLESS!!!

06.08.20, 08:35 AM
for that, i do agree that our government should have an Overhaul. but, it's a bit too late. with all that is happening around us, i don't know if the new form of government can withstand the pressure, locally anf internationally.

06.08.21, 11:34 AM
I never really followed this whole issue, but from what I heard, the new form of government would have more accountability in the sense that you actually have to please people to stay in office. Wether or this is true is anyone's guess. Anyways, assuming it's true, I guess I would be all for it. Despite it's pitfalls/limitations, it's still better than what we have now.

I'm guessing Punzi would be in a perfect position to explain this stuff to us, since he's good at putting stuff in everyday language.

The question is if it will actually change anything. Ultimately we'll probably still have majority of politicians in power being corrupt. MAJORITY of the population is uneducated and impoverished, it would be easy to pull their strings with money. Hence if it were ultimately up to a vote, wether it be within office or outside, it's still easy to get someone corrupt elected, it's just a matter of money and influence. And that's no different from what already has been happening.

Of course, as I said I never followed really followed this (in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm getting EVERYTHING wrong ehhehe). I was just under the impression that no matter what type of overhaul Cha-Cha proposed it STILL essentially will still put a bunch of existing corrupt politicians in a position of power and influence - and that's really all we need for everything to go down the toilet.

06.08.21, 08:29 PM
para mas masaya, let it be proposed that there should be a moral reprogramming. heheheehehehe..... instead changing a part of the society, "WE" must initiate a change within ourselves. we are this and all the stuff they call us. for the positive stuff, improve for more. and for the negative, think again about that thing and do a positive action based from the negative one. let's do it now!!! we'll do a domino effect-like cahin reaction. of course, with the guidance of God.

06.08.22, 10:18 AM
Did somebody mention my name? :)

Anyway, as to the process, I have already explained it here (http://thepunziblog.blogspot.com/2005/07/blog-lecture-no-26-constitutional.html).

As to my personal opinion on charter change, I think we should put the so-called clamor for such change in the context where it is being rammed down our throats. I am not against it per se (in itself), but the reason that the powers that be are pushing for it is highly suspect.

And in the end, any system of government is only as good as the people running it.

My two cents...

regards to all :)

06.08.22, 04:49 PM
And in the end, any system of government is only as good as the people running it.


Though in our case, it's not only limited to the people running it hahaha. Takes two to tango - and the massess have time and time again proven how incompetent they are in electing their leaders.

06.08.23, 09:28 AM

06.08.24, 08:25 AM
Funny thing is... we've been from presidential with bicameral legislature, then through Marcos' era of Parliamentary, then, Pres (with VP) and Unicameral Legistature, tapos comes Cory's term na, Pres (with VP) with the Senate and Congress.

Lahat na yata ng type ng Government sa Modern World (except for Monarchy of course) ay nasubukan na natin a... as you very well agree, It's not really in the system, its those who are corrupting the system.

Maybe, the best solution, is to continue to pray for GOOD LEADERS, leaders with INTEGRITY, better yet, better not elect a politician but a servant...

I wish we have people like Manuel Quezon left in the Philippines... where LOYALTY to the PARTY ends when LOYALTY to the COUNTRY begins...

My two cents.

06.08.25, 11:18 AM
This is not really the most rational reason to opposing the campaign to change our country’s constitution, but we should take a hint at our traditional politicians’ and the administration’s vigorous eagerness to have charter change push through, by hook or by crook whatever it takes. If they want it so bad, there is something surely in it for them. It must not be good for ordinary people. The worst part of that “ charter express” is to abolish the senate, the only branch of government that has dared to investigate criminal charges against Gloria Macapagal –Arroyo with persistence and independence. In our town in Cavite, where the administration is not very popular, our municipal leaders have received papers and propaganda materials for the massive campaign to change the constitution. I think that if Filipinos were asked today to choose between changing the constitution and changing president, the great majority would junk the president and keep the constitution.

06.08.25, 02:23 PM
Thanks po sa pagpopost niyo ng mga opinions niyo regarding CHA-CHA. THANKS a lot! GOD BLESS!

06.08.26, 12:44 PM
natawa ako sa opinion ni anya hindi mo ba relative si pat esmaquel? sound like guidoneers o matanglawinnnnn.......dating. Para sa akin masyado hati ang pilipinas gawa ni gma, so yun so sana magresign na sya asa pa tayo, ang kapal ng mukha ng iba politicians haaaay nakuuuuuuu......kawawa ang pilipinas pagnatuloy ang cha-cha kawawang talaga yun mga mga mahihirap kse lalo sila sinasamantala. totoo talaga sa cavite & bulacan hindi lang barangay gumagawa ng campaign for chacha pati munisipyo kasama. ang sabi mga kapatid ko pagnatuloy daw ang cha2x na sinusulong nigma magmigrate na lang solusyon pero for me ayaw ko syempre pero ewan:( godbless the philippines pagdasal natin ang bayan natin.

06.08.31, 01:10 PM
Charter Change is good because with the format in mind, it will definitely empower the politico-administrative institutions. Hands down on that.

The question is the public officials seating in the country. I do not think they even bother the accountability issues that is embedded in their positions.

Charter Change is not for us as of the moment. There are provisions that might get lost in the process of rewriting our constitution and the ultimate problem is the public officials at hand.

I say that the new graduates should work for the government for at least four years, particularly those whose tuition fees are funded by the people. Pinatatamaan ko sarili ko, I know, but it's the least we could do for the government, if not for our people.

06.09.11, 10:23 AM
my opinion ha!, eh wag lang si gloria ang maging prime minister payag ako oh di ba mas simple hehehe anyway i just leave it to our law makers kaso lang ang ibang law makers hehehe baluktot ang isip

06.09.12, 02:19 AM
Well for me, I think acceptable naman yung CHA-CHA. For a change diba. pero, ang tanong, papano yung mga naka pwesto? gagamitin lang din ba nila yung power na ibibigay sa kanila for their own sake? It doesn't really matter kung what type of government meron ang isang bansa. Ang tinitignan jan eh yung mga naka upo sa pwesto. Kung power tripper ba or abusive. O makatao.

06.09.12, 07:54 AM
be it bicameral legislature, or a unicameral presidential combo, with the same people at the helm.... what can we expect?

06.12.16, 04:32 AM
No to ChaCha! (http://yoopee.multiply.com/notes/item/107)
Youth joins today'snationwide anti-ChaCha protest (http://yoopee.multiply.com/notes/item/109)

06.12.19, 11:31 AM
I'm not against CHA-CHA or any change whatsoever, but they should do it when the time is right.. the people behind this CHA-CHA proposal is up to no good. I'm wondering bakit nila minamadali ang CHA-CHA...Our new constitution is barely 20 years old!

06.12.20, 10:14 AM
Tama ka... timing ang problema dyan... most politicians will end their term and they wanted to have it extended by changing the provisions.

I think, the entire constitution need not be changed and if there are flaws on it, they may consider "amendments" instead of changing the lot.

06.12.20, 03:34 PM
I agree in "Amendments"...Not in total overhaul ng Constitution. Barely a week after she withdrew her support sa Cha-Cha, Gloria recently "INSISTS" on the "NEED" for a Charter Change...the congressmen may have already killed it, but Gloria is keeping the spirit alive!!!

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