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06.11.21, 02:11 AM
Guys, what are your best gift ideas to give this holiday season without leaving a hole in your wallet? :)

And, what's the (cheapest) way to wrap them? Hehe...

Thanks! ^_^

06.11.22, 12:00 PM
LOVE and wrap it with HONESTY!!! napaka-idealistic ko talaga!!!

06.11.23, 08:33 PM
I always like to give books... :)

Many times, I wrap gifts using newspapers and plastic cover, origami style... Yung isang niregalohan ko, kinunan muna ng picture yung gift bago binuksan...

Ginagamit ko yung mga colored pages ng newspapers tapos I matched every layer of paper with a layer of transparent plastic cover (yung ginagamit na pang cover sa mga libro...). Make sure lang na yung talagang bright prints ang gagamitin... and be elaborate with the folds... patience lang din nga konti kasi di ganun ka-yielding to folds yung plastic...

Plastic lang yung bibilhin, parang around P10 yata yung pinakamanipis na klase...


06.11.24, 01:51 PM
It is not about the amount of money spent on presents but the idea of being remembered by family, friends and loved ones. In fact, best gift giving can cost very little if you spend time knowing the person you are giving to. Sitting down with a blank piece of paper and start jotting down as they come after you. After that, you should assign a letter according to your priority (i.e. A= Must give B= really want to give, C= will give if only I can, so on and so forth).

06.11.26, 02:30 PM
bake cookies.. hehehe. matipid na personalized pa. =)

08.10.24, 09:21 AM
Sa mga kapwa choir trainors syempre pyesa hehe, yung mga mahirap hanapin at higit sa lahat yung mga awiting may kurot sa puso...gumaganon? hehehe :P

PS Sarap maghanap ng mga sinaunang thread ahehe ;D

08.10.24, 01:29 PM
time cguro... yung tipong, drop by lang sa haus or meet-up somewhere then spend time sa kwentuhan. kahit anong order na food, okay lang. masarap naman ang kwentuhan.

08.11.10, 08:07 AM
bake cookies.. hehehe. matipid na personalized pa. =)

i'm going to bake oatmeal bars with my baby and will give it to friends and relatives.

personalized, economical, yummy and most of all i'll be spending quality time with my baby.:)

orders anyone? nyahahaha... joke...

08.11.11, 10:08 AM
parang gustong regaluhan mga ka officemates ko ng mouse pads. ampapangit na kase ng mga gamit nila. sayang ang mouse. nyahaha... hehe...

08.11.11, 01:39 PM
Holiday getaway! sarap.. sana madami kong pera... hehe..

08.11.12, 11:58 PM
perhaps... a prayer put into a song and recorded in an MP3 player