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06.12.17, 02:57 PM
Pick your Top Ten (10) Bukas palad songs..Please Vote Now .....!!!! Click the link below


Since its a frequently Asked Question on What are the most favorite Bukas Palad songs.? Here's a survey to determine the real top Ten 1o songs. You can vote for one (1) or more choices. Results are shown after voting. Cast your vote now!!!

06.12.18, 06:58 AM
Do you really feel it is necessary to do this Junilo? Kase there is an existing thread for this, though your polls is outside this forum, I really wouldn't mind, but the thread, I think is a duplication of an existing one. I you want, you can just tally what was posted in this thread:


06.12.18, 09:57 AM
Sir Alex;

Good day..

Just learned recently that there is an existing thread for polls on Bukas Palad songs on this board. i did browse the thread..(hirap mag tally..hehehe) On listed 126 bukas palad songs, almost were my favorites in fact , i have audio collection, as well as music sheets files of majority songs. i really love their songs.and keep on repeatedly listening . It just make me excited, dat's why i made this new poll survey. Am just eager to know if my favorites will be top favorites songs of majority through a vote .Hope this polls survey will be accepted as different one, and will not contadict any policy of this forum. Thanks.


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06.12.18, 07:49 PM
I saw on the choices on votes ,126 songs na pala ang collection ng bukas palad? I have only 4 albums, Bukas Palad Vol 1 and 2, Tinapay ng Buhay 1 and 2, In Him Alone at saka far Greater Love.,Ang dami pa palang Bukas Palad songs ang hindi ko naririnig. Any link or website na puede tayu maka request ng complete audio ng song? O website na puede maka request ng music sheets?. Free o kahit may bayad. Salamat po

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06.12.19, 04:17 AM

Tinapay ng Buhay is only one volume :) Its the songbook that have two and Far Greater Love is not a Bukas Palad Album, they only have few songs there.

For guidance, the BP albums are found here ... http://www.bukaspalad.com/pages/products.php#albums

06.12.19, 09:40 AM
Thanks Sir Alex
Now i know the Bukas palad albums am missing. Out of 12 albums. I have here 3 only. i will buy for more. by the way, can we request a Bukas Palad songs in the internet? Any website or link? yung libre, kahit may bayad po..it's worth,

06.12.20, 10:39 AM
You can buy online here (magastos nga lang dahil US Dollars, at meron pang shipping)

The best option is kung meron kang kakilala from Metro Manila and have it posted to you.

MP3 naman dito
Reasonable na din P200 for the isang album