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02.11.25, 06:59 PM
Hi guys! I'm Ed from Cebu. I'm just wondering if you ever have plans to perform here. I just love to watch you live. Ever since I bought The Best of Bukas Palad Vol. 1 and 2, I couldn't help but listen to them over and over again(Humayo't Ihayag is one of them, and my friends like it, too! ;D) And, of course, you sing very, very well. Hope you visit Cebu (and , hey, there's a Jesuit school here <Sacred Heart School of the Society of Jesus>... you're always welcome!) Good luck, and God Bless you all!


02.11.25, 07:11 PM
Hi Ed!

We actually had our 15th anniversary concert at the Cebu coliseum just last year.

Regarding performing in Cebu again, we're very open to the idea. Of course, somebody has to invite us and organize the event. ;)

FYI lang, the usual practice for provincial tours is this: An organization from the province invites us to perform there, usually at least 6 months to a year in advance. Then they organize and promote the concert, taking care of all the details like transportation, board/lodgin, venue, sound system, promotions, souvenir program, ticket sales, marketing etc. We usually arrive on the day of the concert itself, usually a Saturday. If we arrive early, we sometimes promote the concert over the radio. We perform that evening, then often stay till the following day, when we usually sing at Masses or other events.