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07.01.24, 11:13 AM
Nabalitaan nyo na ba nangyari sa San Miguel Masters Chorale at Philharmonic Orchestra? According to our conductor, na disband na ang SMMC at PO, biglaan lang ang nangyari kaya bigla wala job ang ibang mga members nito. Pero binigyan naman daw sila separation pay equivalent sa 6 months salary nila.. Sayang naman kung kelan nagkaron tayo ng isang professional choir at PO ang bilis namang nawala. Sana mag form ulit si Mr. C ng isang katulad nito..

07.01.24, 11:24 AM
yep, nabasa ko lang sa hangad forum. sad talaga.

07.01.24, 04:55 PM
Now that is really shocking. Sayang naman, bihira ka pa naman na makakita ng choir + orchestra group katulad ng grupong ito. The only time you will see this groups ay doon sa CCP at may bayad pa. Di tulad sa grupo na ito, na nakaka-reach sila sa masa.:(

07.01.25, 08:56 AM
Last time ko sila napanuod sa Mall of Asia pa nung Christmas season.. nakakapanghinayang talaga. tsk Tanong ko nga kung d magkakaron ng farewell concert ang SMMS at PO. :) wala na daw.

07.01.25, 03:33 PM
Yeah, last week or the other week ko pa nabalitaan 'to though I don't know the details as to why they were dissolved. Tanungin ko sa kakilala ko na member ng SMMC and I'll let you guys know why. :)

07.01.25, 04:35 PM
nung dec nga after ng show ng smmc sa moa kasama pa namin conductor namin at ibang smmc members at si mr. c sa dampa, wala naman sila napag usapan tungkol d2. sayang...

allen lucas
07.01.26, 06:33 PM
sayang naman d ko man lng napanood cla magperform bgo cla nadisband. im sure may matinding reason kung bkt cla nadisband

07.01.26, 11:08 PM
Huh?! How sad? They're one of my favorite choirs pa nman next to Madz. Maybe cost cutting ang San Miguel that's why they have to let go of the San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts. I've watch them once live sa Podium at sa Myx Live. Kakahinayang pero cguro there really is a reason for that.

07.01.29, 09:38 AM
Yeah cost cutting is 1 of the reason why it happened.. laki din kse ng sweldo nila, ang dami ng members ng SMMC at PO, kung babawasan naman ng San Miguel Corp. ang salary nila malamang mag aangalan ang mga yun kse nasanay na sila sa salary nila :)

07.01.29, 01:25 PM
Gnon po b?....parang di ko po sya narinig sa news...naibalita po b un?o baka meron lang ako ginagawa that time....ang sad naman, sayang talaga....:(

07.01.29, 01:45 PM
Di na siguro yun kelangan ilabas ng SMC.. they don't want it to be a big issue.

07.02.08, 03:32 AM
New Year Shock: San Miguel kills orchestra, chorale

First posted 12:52:28 (Mla time) February 05, 2007
Pablo Tariman

THE SAN MIGUEL Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorale are dead.

Late last month, instrumentalists of the only corporate-supported orchestra in the country were summoned one by one by the big bosses who informed them of the non-renewal of their contracts. Same thing happened to the members of the San Miguel Chorale.

Many of the orchestra and chorale members did not get separation pay. It’s not known what happened to Ryan Cayabyab, the executive and artistic director of the San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts.

Insiders say that San Miguel Corp., the biggest food and beverage company in Southeast Asia, was “more inclined” to support basketball. San Miguel has four basketball teams in the professional league - San Miguel, Ginebra, Coca-cola and Purefoods.

The latest income statement by San Miguel shows the conglomerate in the utmost pink of health. In November, it reported that its nine-month net income grew 18 percent, to P6.17 billion from P5.22 billion in the same period last year, boosted by its strong local and international beer operations and strong sales by its Australian dairy unit, National Foods Ltd.

Both founded in 2001, the highly promising San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorale were suddenly disbanded while no one was looking. No one is expected to drink to that.


Who, really killed the orchestra?
CTALK By Cito Beltran
The Philippine Star 02/07/2007

The curtain as they say has fallen upon the San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra and the San Miguel Chorale. A "news" item termed the whole thing as an act of killing.

Sadly, so-called artists had no problems twisting knives into the belly of the beverage giant by claiming that SMC would rather support basketball than the performing arts.

The tragic truth behind the curtain calls is that after benefiting from a noble corporate attempt at promoting the arts, many now kick the dust, point fingers, and act in true INGRATE fashion.

After having had the privilege to be part of, or benefiting from the birthing, the growth and the fruition of such a talented group artists they now call the Patron "Bad".

It was not very long ago when so-called performing arts critics questioned the motives if not the competence of San Miguel Corporation to undertake such a task.

Even among artist and "high society" circles there were intrigues and mockery hurled at the gallant and praise worthy effort of creating the orchestra and chorale.

Some even called it nothing more than the passing fancy of the moneyed few and an orchestra for personal entertainment.

As it turns out, the resistance was nothing more than elitist defensiveness on the part of those who disagreed with the idea of a liberated "Orchestra" performing on a more public and "commercialized" level.

Not an orchestra for rent, but one that did not restrict itself to the snooty confines of "cultured halls" or elitist gatherings. It was OK for critics that the three tenors or Il Divo would sing Operatic Pop or Pop Opera, but the idea of a "pop orchestra" was for them, hard to swallow.

Five years proved them all wrong.

The San Miguel Orchestra and Chorale came together even when some tried to rip them apart. They performed, they educated, they popularized what once was alien. They held concerts, came out with their albums. And now they’re gone.

Oddly enough, the blame game is being cranked up as if that would resurrect what has been laid to rest. Certain quarters take exception with San Miguel Corporation’s continued support for 4 basketball teams while closing the books on the Orchestra and the Chorale.

Apparently critics have lost sight of the fact that the basketball team are very efficient tools for marketing and promotions, which quickly translate the corporation’s investment into sales and profit. Something, that rarely happens to corporations that support the arts.

If it were not for the basketball teams, who’s to say if there would have been enough profits to justify San Miguel’s unsolicited support for the arts. The fact of the matter is SMC is merely doing the correct thing as any publicly listed corporation should.

In fact San Miguel has had to make very painful decisions within its basketball programs. Over the Christmas holidays, San Miguel had to inform its North and South team of retired veterans that the project would have to be scrapped.

Given the personal and professional history and relationships involved, it was certainly a very painful decision that had to be done during the holidays because of New Year cut-off dates. It was undoubtedly even more painful to let go of yesterday’s heroes who continue to be today’s role models.

Unfortunately today’s reality is no longer just about making "enough" profits. While San Miguel attempts to be the corporation with a soul, with an appreciation and support for the arts, San Miguel must also be an efficient organization that utilizes its resources where it is needed most and where it gets the best result. Ultimately it is about accountability.

Perhaps San Miguel simply had to learn firsthand what many corporate practitioners have long known; the arts is something we can all be a part of but not necessarily part of the company.

The arts feed our soul. Liberates our minds. It stirs our hearts toward hope and passion. But rarely does true art register profit. The magnificence of nature is the reflected art of GOD. You can’t buy it, you can’t own it because it’s free.

Even in today’s America, artists and the organizations that represent them struggle daily as much as annually to promote the arts, educate the youth, and generate funds and grants pieced together from different sources both domestic and international.

Rarely is art a corporate concern. It may be a Corporate Social Responsibility that they promote, support, even defend but it’s certainly not THEIR business.

To cast doubt and ingratitude to one's Patron is rarely a great injustice for in the end we simply show ourselves as laborers and not artisans.

I have often wondered why is it that artists in the Philippines even in the world of classical music and opera fail to achieve relationships with Patrons and sponsors. Perhaps it is because the artists puts too much effort in their artistry and forgets about relationships and reality.

Some insists too much on being non-conformists while others stand firm on tradition. Some insists on roles and works inappropriate for their age as well as their skills. A sadder few walk in their delusion as GOD’s gift to mankind.

They produce outlandish shows that disregard budgets, they produce paintings, photographs and the likes almost mechanically and void of their passion and excellence yet put price tags that cannot be appreciated, no commoner can afford, and cannot be justified by their work.

And to justify this dislocated perspective they call it "ART".

In pedestrian language it is commonly referred to as "Presyong ayaw i-pagbili". (Price not to sell)

I am reminded of a scene from a movie where the editor tells off one of his senior female reporters: "Remember our job is to write about them and not try to be like them".

ART is everyone’s responsibility. Art is about our history, our culture, our aspirations, about our reality. But it is also God’s gift to each of us. It must ultimately bring honor to the giver. That in itself is an "ART".

allen lucas
07.02.08, 06:18 PM
ang alam ko cost cutting ang reason kaya cla nadisbanded, sayang naman nadisband na cla kagad pero at least may PPO pa naman tyo na world class din ang mga talent.

07.02.10, 12:32 PM
Whew! Sayang naman ang grupong ito... They made a great contribution to the music industry... :( :no: Tsk... tsk... tsk...

07.02.12, 09:04 AM
Bakit kaya di na lang gawin magkaron na rin ng part ang government para maibalik ulit ang mga SMMC at PO, hati na lang ang gobyerno at San Miguel sa sweldo nila, ang Pilipinas din naman ang makikinabang sa nagiging success nito e. di ba?

ed noel
07.02.12, 09:27 AM
I think this should be the function of the government. Wala bang Philharmonic Orchestra na government supported? Wala din bang official na government chorale group?

How about sa provincial level, or city level? I would tink great cities like Manila, Makati and QC should support the arts.

07.02.12, 10:03 AM
ang group na alam kong goverment support ay ang Philippine Madrigal Singers, naka-base sila sa Cultural Center of the Phils. dati kse sa UP Dept. of Music sila nagre-rehearse pero ngayon sa ccp na. ang alam ko suportado din ng gobyerno ang Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra sa ccp din sila naka-base.

Ang Manila meron silang Manila Youth Orchestra na ang pagkakaalam ko isa to sa mga supported ni Mayor Lito Atienza (di ko po sure) ewan ko lang kung anong dinadala ng Manila Choir.

Ang Mandaluyong meron silang Mandaluyong Children's Choir, supported sila ng local government ng Mandaluyong.

07.03.01, 01:50 PM
Last year, we watched them perform with Ryan Cayabyab as host in SM Mall of Asia. Funny though, the orchestra’s last song was Willy Revillame’s Boom Tarat tarat. Pero sayang naman. Yun friend ko from 92AD, sabi niya mas maraming pang nakakawindang na issues hindi lang daw basta cost cutting reason.

07.03.02, 09:28 AM
Ang mas binigyang pansin na kse ng San Miguel Corp ay ang pagsuporta nila sa 4 na basketball team nila sa PBA (San Miguel, Ginebra, Coca-Cola at Purefoods). Na sa isip nila mas may mahahatak silang tao dito kesa sa isang (sabi ng iba) high level na pang class AB na group like the SMMC at PO. Sana naman maibalik pa sila..

07.03.07, 10:35 AM
correct yun sinabi ni jeffoy,nakakalunkot isipin na tayo mga tao mahilig mag-stereotype,napaka-unfair naman ng ganun.For example mga choirs na under or affiliated sa loyola school of music,my opinion na agad un iba"pang a/b market" keso sosyal, maraming funds,hindi nagkakaroon na problema,puro kasiyahan lang.Naasar ako minsan naiiyak on that kinds of stigma,siguro dapat tandaan ng iba,na hindi naman lagi ganun un nangyayari,kung ano un problema na hindi masyado kilala na grupo is almost the same then w/institutionalized groups.

08.10.24, 09:27 AM
I think this should be the function of the government. Wala bang Philharmonic Orchestra na government supported? Wala din bang official na government chorale group?

How about sa provincial level, or city level? I would tink great cities like Manila, Makati and QC should support the arts.

Sa amin drum and bugle corps lang meron. wwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ni hindi marunong magbasa ng nota ang members amfp! Conductor lang nagbabasa tapos...waaahhhh no comment!

My chorale is also supported by the city administration, they pay for my salary. period. hahaha

Hindi sila gumagastos ng iba pa, no costumes, no keyboard, no rehearsal venue-come to think of it I'm paid to be the bearer of all these problems, amfp!

Si recom kasi maraming sinusuportahan...na projects ano ba hehehe :P

08.11.04, 09:02 PM
whats smmc?

08.11.04, 09:06 PM
whats smmc?

This refers to the San Miguel Masters Chorale:)

08.11.17, 02:12 PM
aw... sana mabuo sila gustong gusto ko pa naman yung kumukutikutitap nila... sayang galing galing pa naman nila...