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07.02.01, 01:00 PM
the latest i have watched is DreamGirls ok yung movie kakaibang musical mas maganda kesa sa Chicago.. Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson the best....

yung last na napanood ko yung The Marine ok siya i like the movie actions..
movies i haved watched
+ Nights @ the museum
+ Apocalypto (may subtitle lang kasi they using the mayan language i think pero d best)
+ The Prestige
+ The Illusionist ( parang the prestige pero ok yung enchantments dito )
+ Deja Vu
+ Nativity
+ Curse of the Golden Flower
+ Cha Lai (Asian version of the Charles' Angels)
+ Princess Hours DVD(eh no choice kasi yung mga kasama ko eto yung pinapanood)
+ Smallville

07.02.01, 07:20 PM
Sabi ni webmaster dun sa previously locked thread. One thread per movie

I've thought about it, and I think I'll lock this thread for these reasons:

First is the whole new guideline which actually justifies new threads for as long as you know the subject can carry a discussion.

Second, I noticed that meron minsan posts na negative (meaning negative reviews) so medyo taliwas sa title ng topic di ba? Meron din posts na trivia lang.

To better organize, I'm going to allow separate posts for movie discussions. Similar rules to the request sections, ONE MOVIE PER POST.

I think this is better since a topic on a single movie would be open to discussions, postitive AND negative reviews, and trivia on it Plus it will still maintain order.

Having said that, if you feel there are previous posts in this particular thread you wish to discuss, then I also give you permission to post a new topic, perhaps linking to the particular post in this thread (so I can see if I split it from this post... and merge with your newly created one)

That's about it.