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07.02.28, 08:43 PM
this is the bomb!!!!

a schizo mom (or so..) with super strength
an anakin-like wiz kid
a copy-thy-power caregiver
a regenerating cheerleader
a telepath cop
a flying electorial candidate
a time and space bender japanese kid
a clairvoyant
a teacher

i've just watched the first 2 episodes and can't wait to check the others.

this is soooo good!!!

07.02.28, 10:34 PM
I love this show! I wonder kung sino nag-introduce sayo ng show na 'to...hmmmm. He must be someone really, really cool. Wahahahaha! Kidding. ;)

I watch this faithfully and it's easily one of the best shows I've seen on TV. Papanoorin ko pa lang mamaya yung latest episode sa US though, which is Episode 17, I believe.

Let me correct you on some points, hehe:

- Peter Petrelli being a caregiver is not really accurate. He's a nurse. :P
- Hiro Nakamura is not really a kid. He's already working. He just looks like a baby and he acts so childish. Hehe!

Marami ka pang makikitang "Heroes" as you watch more episodes. Haha!

07.03.01, 01:13 AM
ganun? uubra ba yan kay darna, captain barbell, super twins, at bakekang??? ha??

smallville pa din ako..hehehe hero din naman yun. :D

di ko pa kasi napapanood yang heroes....ano channel ba yan? hehehe

07.03.01, 05:08 AM
Its aired here also every wednesday http://au.blogs.yahoo.com/heroes/

Saan yan palabas dyan sa Pinas, sa cable ba hashpipe?

07.03.01, 07:22 AM
Star World airs it every Wednesday. Pero Episode 3 pa lang ata sila or something.

I don't watch it on TV. I watch the streaming episodes online sa NBC.com kaya up-to-date ako with the US viewers.

07.03.01, 09:43 AM
akala ko sa channel 4. badtrip. di tuloy ako maka-relate. sige, hanapin ko yan..parang nakikita ko dati yang heroes na yan eh. dapat yata sa channel 23 yan. dito sa cable sa amin di ko alam kung ano channel. kung star world kahapon pa yun.

super twins lang talaga ako. :D malamang gayahin yan ng pinoy. baka yung bagong palabas sa channel 2 based sa hereos. kasi yung captain barbel ginaya smallville eh.. :)

07.03.01, 10:37 AM
onga no?gagayahin sigurado ng pinoy yan. isang show featuring jose rizal, andres bonifacio, apolinario mabini and the whole league of justice (ngek! corny!hehe...)

sori po. di kasi makarelate. wala kasi nyan dito sa singkitlandia eh, huhuhu...

07.03.01, 11:30 AM
meron na nga...yung super inggo... :)

07.03.01, 02:14 PM
I am sooo loving heroes. I’m glad my sister introduced me to this series while it was still in its second episode. Recently number one in the States (if I'm not mistaken), Heroes is the new "in thing" show. Even here in the Philippines where the show could only be watched if you have decent internet connection, cable connection or get a cd/dvd from pirates out there. A really big round of applause to NBC, everything else is really great. Effects are superb, fabulous casting, storyline is amazing, overall, the show kicks major ass. Hiro is pretty cool with power over time and stuff, and would be able to fly. I really enjoyed their regeneration, telekinetic, telepathy power (swak talaga powers wish ko lang din I could have those powers. HAHAHA) it was even nominated for a Golden Globe last December. Although it was late na siya dito sa atin pinalabas last jan.31 aired sa star world kasabay natin Malaysia kaasar, well that’s price we have to pay for being a third world country buti na lang updated me on the latest episode .

07.03.01, 03:26 PM
a malamang gayahin yan ng pinoy. baka yung bagong palabas sa channel 2 based sa hereos. kasi yung captain barbel ginaya smallville eh.. :)

umm, kuya jojit,

give the networks extra credit naman. i don't agree on captain barbel na ginaya sa smallville. panahon pa ni dolphy ang superhero nating yan di ba?

as for heroes, well, you can't say it's 100% original too especially having seen so many superpowered characters na ang naintroduce noon pa.



try watching the episodes online. ako aminado na i get to view the series online. matagal nga lang ang paghihintay sa upload. hehehe... but an episode takes about 40 minutes of great entertainment.


meron na sa starworld? kelan ito? do they replay it on weekends?


i'm just at episode 5 and i really like hiro's character. lol! yeah, the japanese dude who got to time travel and bend space.

gotta save the cheerleader!

07.03.02, 04:55 AM
Of course the idea of people having "special abilities" is not original. No contention naman doon. Nagakakaiba lang naman lahat sa STORY. So in that regard, HEROES, as far as I know, is very much original.

Everybody loves Hiro. I have to say that I love the cheerleader too. And PETER PETRELLI pa pala! GRABE! Basta malalaman niyo when you get to episode 14 to 16, hehehe!

Andami pang minor HEROES! Kakatuwa! Hehehe!

07.03.02, 10:12 AM

mukhang maganda nga itong heroes. nakapanood ako ng pailan-ilang short clips and i find it interesting. kaya lang wala akong makitaan na complete episode. yung isang site na napuntahan ko eto message sa kin:

"We're sorry, but the clip you selected isn't available from your location."

huhuhu...dem chinese internet laws!!!

07.03.02, 12:39 PM
Sa NBC.com kase, for US territory kase. Luckily, we have a US server/IP sa office kaya naa-access ko ito successfully. :P

07.03.02, 03:08 PM
jon2, hehehe di naman si captain barbel mismo ang gaya, yung story. bagong story na kasi yun eh. actually iba-iba na nga pinang galingan ni captain barbel e. dati mahirap lang sya na mambabakal tapos naging alien na. tapos kalaban ngayon si richard gomez (lionel luthor) at naging mortal na kaaway niya si patrick garcia (lex luthor) na bestfriend nya. parang ganun ang nangyari. kaya ko sinabing nagaya. sana naka isip sila ng magandang story na totally kakaiba.

mas ok pa yung dating mambabakal na mabait na binigyan lang ng kapangyarihan :)

anyways, sana mapalabas na dito ang heroes ng makarelate na ako sa inyo. :D for now, super twins muna papanoorin ko. wala pa sa cable namin ang heroes eh. :(

btw, parang nakakita ako ng DVD sa mall. bilin ko na. hahaha mamya...watch ako....

07.03.02, 10:05 PM
"hi my name is hiro nakamura and i am here to save your life..."


episode 9 pa lang ako and wanting for more...

the cheerleader's been saved...

peter petrelli is too...

i am not sure kung ano powers ng kalaban, it's either telekinesis (mind over matter) or magnetism.

or eating everysuper powered brains out para makuha nya powers nila.

nakakaasar kuya ni peter na si nathan...

and what's with niki? she's getting weirder and weirder.


kuya jojit,

hintayin mo na lang makumpleto ang first season. di pa naman tapos e. dvds ha? heheheh...

aminado ako di ko pinanuod ang captain barbel nor smallville.

07.03.03, 12:48 PM
Hey, Jon! ang bilis mo akong na-impluwensyahan d2.. nacurious ako at naexcite sa palabas na ito.

Kahapon ko lang nabasa ang thread na ito eh.. pero kaninang paglabas ko ng office pauwi ng bahay, may daanan akong isang tindahan ng mga DVD.. Nakita ko yung Heroes Season 2 - episode 1-13... binili ko agad.. hehe!

Panoorin ko pag-off ko! mukhang interesting talaga! :)

07.03.04, 06:23 AM
Hahaha! Niknok, mali nakalagay sa binili mo. Wala pang Season 2 ang Heroes. Season 1 pa lang (akala ng ibang tao season 2 na dahil nagkaroon ng long break after episode 9 ata). Anyway, ok yan na hanggang episode 13 na. You just have to catch up with the other 4 episodes. :)

I wanna be a HERO and kick Sylar in the butt!!! Hahahahaha!


07.03.06, 04:04 PM
I love Hiro's character. I read and watch everything about that TV show and laughed my way through some stuff. I don't know if it was because he's such a geek or because I could actually relate to his geeky-ness. My favorite line from his blog:
"Fellow gamers, if you see a weapon on the floor in game, you pick it up. In real life, it might not be such a good idea." (Or something likes that) It's like the geeks have now conquered the world. Wonderful really. We're all becoming Super Hiros one way or another. I wish and pray a local network picks this up... or am I wishing something impossible here? But according to my friend channel 9 will get it daw. Sana nga para yun iba kasama ko sa choir walang cable o kaya tamad manood sa internet, ay maka-relate at hindi na sila ma-op, kapag nagchikahan kami yun mga may alam. kasi most of times talaga todo yun effort mo sa pagkwento sa kanila, yun naman natutuwa sila sa amin na may alam, kse para kami mga alien.

In case you guys need more information about Hero, you can sign up, join or watch at the following sites:

Link A (http://www.heroesboard.com/forum/index.php)
Link B (http://www.discussheroes.com/index.php)
Link C (http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/heroesphil)
Link D (http://www.youtube.com/SmallvilleHeroes)
Link E (http://www.thetenthwonder.com/)

ed noel
07.03.06, 05:26 PM
Hindi ako mahilig manood ng maraming TV shows, but Heroes is the one I don't miss. This is the second season for Heroes and last year, I only watched two new series, Jericho and Heroes. Heroes is shown here on NBC Mondays nights here.

I agree with all of you that the characters very interesting. Although i like the show, I still watch it only thru the internet (www.nbc.com), just like hashpipe. Kasi kasabay ng Heroes and old series na '24' -the Jack Bauers adventures and I don't think they will show the whole '24' series sa internet. I guess I don't like to miss '24'.

Last week's Heroes show revealed a lot of info about the cheerleaders dad. i'll just leave it at that at mag-enjoy kayong manood nito.

07.03.06, 10:11 PM
Again, let me just correct na wala pang SEASON 2 ang Heroes ha? Season 1 pa rin ngayon. Nagkaroon lang ng long break after Episode 11. Pinalabas yon sa US eh December 4, 2006. Yung Episode 12, pinalabas na January 22, 2007. :)

Baka lang ma-misinform ang mga tao. :)

07.03.06, 10:21 PM
yeah, season 1 pa lang :nice:

am at episode 16 na.

yatta!!! (say this one on a japanese accent)




after episode 13 you'll cry out loud for more.

ed noel
07.03.07, 01:11 AM
You are right, hashpipe. Season 1 pa lang ng Heroes. There is always a big Christmas break for all regular programming during Thanksgiving hanggang end of Jan. dito sa States. These times are dedicated to Christmas and Holiday presentations as well as American football finals for college as well as the professional. we call it the 'bowl season'. Even the popular NASCAR takes a break from the 42 races a year at this time.

I am now watching the latest episode of Heroes... galing-galing talaga!

07.03.07, 10:12 AM
heroesHmmm... finally i watched already the the 12th episode and the title is "Godsend". My cousin is the one who downloaded it using torrents and i converted it to a format for iPod video.Needless to say, I can't wait for Episode 13. I also subscribe to Wonder Podcast to keep me updated and guys beware, listening to their podcast will reveal a lot on the next episodes because they have this spoilers section. They're worth listening to if you're really a "Heroes" fan.I enjoyed heroes maybe because of the sarcasm and quirky dialogue reminds me of Joss Whedon's works (Buffy, Angel, Serenity, Firefly, The Astonishing X-Men). Even the way they made Charlie so likable/ endearing and killed her off without warning reminds me of Joss. Anyway,am reading then also the following on the web:
1.Season 2 (http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire/index.php?category=0&id=40354)
2.heroes nbc (http://boards.nbc.com/nbc/index.php?showforum=70)
3.heroes revealed (http://www.heroesrevealed.com/)
4.laptops (http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/laptops/what-laptops-would-the-heroes-cast-use-238984.php)
I am pretty sure, though, that it will be aired on RPN9 (Prime Shift) my mom saw the trailer already.

07.03.07, 07:25 PM
OK, this is crazy. I just checked the Star TV website (www.startv.com) and I found out that HEROES is available everywhere except for PHILIPPINES! Sa Star World Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc...meron. Tayo lang ata wala. Sad, no?

Anyway, kaya ko naman nasabi na meron sa Star World dahil nakikita ko yung online banner ng Star World sa Yahoo Mail ko at pinapalabas nga raw ang Heroes every Wednesday. Turns out sa ibang neighboring countries lang pala applicable yon. Oh well!

07.03.09, 03:26 AM
saw episode 17: Company Man at i feel like crying.

i liked the episode where child hugs her father and says " i love you dad." kasi... oops! spoiler na.:D

i also like the nuclear man going kaboom and it's up to the cheerleader to save the day.

sa episode na ito yung isang kinaaasaran ko e bigla kong naintindihan all of a sudden. what a selfless act he did!

i'm gonna miss heroes for a time kasi di pa out ang episode 18.

07.03.09, 10:19 PM
I saw the Season 1 of this great movie, ok sya, kaso episode 1 to 10 lang ang napanood ko, medyo bitin kasi wala pang kasunod na dvd nito, me dvd kasi yong friend ko nito at nahiram ko, tinapos ko nga in 3 days, problem ko ngayon bitin, di ko alam kung saan ako hahagilap ng karugtong, hahaha, anyway, atleast sa episode 10 nalaman ko kung sino si Sylar, the watch maker, at kung bakit nya pinapatay ang mga me special gifts or heroes sa movieng ito. Kung me episode 18 na, medyo 8 episode pa pala ang need kong makita.

07.03.10, 01:42 AM
sir bonnie,

tv series ito and not a movie. check the thread title.

yeah, meron nang episode 18 pero sa US pa lang sya nai-air. di ko lang sure kung sa ibang asian countries e naipalabas na ito. agree ako na bitin talaga pero bago pa lang ito so hintay na lang tayo.

sylar's a great character. can't wait to see him go against hiro, peter, claire and the rest.

gawa kaya ako ng sylar fan club?


07.03.10, 11:38 AM
Sylar rocks...kung magpakabait lang sya. Hehe. I hate him for killing Hiro's love interest. Wawa naman si Hiro. Hehe.

07.03.10, 05:59 PM
he he he Sir Jon2, try mo pumunta ng Quiapo o ibang bangketa sa Manila, yan kung nasa manila ka, baka makakita ka ng pirated copy nito, actually, the one i borrow from my friend is a pirated copy of season 1, episode 1 to 10.... kakatuwa, kaya nga di ako basta maka relate nong una, dahil di ko alam ang story, thats y ng makita ko yong dvd e na intrigue ako.... Kung minsan talga yong ibang series ng magagandang movies like this Heroes at Grace Anatomy ay mahirap hagilapin sa TV dito sa Pinas, pero dahil sa rampant piracy ng mga dvd ngayon, kahit di pa napapanood ng tao sa tv dito sa pinas, e meron ng pirated na lumalabas. If you really want to have a copy, pm me your address, me dvd burner ako dito, padalhan kita ng copy episode 1 to 10 nga lang.:)

Eto ang DVD case, hehehe, baka me duda ka pa...

07.03.10, 11:52 PM
I like the series so much! Buti may nagstart ng thread na ito!

I always dload the episodes ever since it started, 3 DVD-Rs na yata ang napuno ko. Ganda din nung promotional website nila, asteeg!

Jon2, maganda yung Parasite na episode nila, the next one to Company Man. Grabe, papatayin ni Sylar si Nathan! :terrified:

Bonnie, I also saw that one sa may HP, akala ko nga yung buong season eps na kaso di pa pala, huhu :(

07.03.11, 01:24 AM
Talaga lang ha, whisper mo nga sakin kung saan mo dina donwload yang mga episode ng heroes, hehehe, para di na ko mahirapang maghanap pa ng ibang episode, hehehe, gamit ka ng DVD2one, yong 4.5 gig mong DVD blank cd magiging DVD9 kaya ma ko compress mo sa 1 dvd ang 8 to 10 movies, i think mga more than 15 episodes na na download mo no. hehehe. Astig.:)

07.03.11, 03:20 AM
Sorry for the OT post sa first half of this. Kuya Bonnie, I download the episodes with the help of this Azureus thingy. Basta po install ninyo siya tapos punta lang po kayo sa mga torrent sites like TorrentSpy or MiniNova then search for Heroes.

Ang pipiliin ninyo palagi yung may EZTV, mas marami ang nagsiseed sa kanila. The best thing about it is that it's dirt cheap because it's free and that high-definition siya, great for my widescreen ntbk 8) I also dload there yung Ugly Betty, Supernatural, Prison Break, and American Idol. Wala kasi tv sa flat kaya yan, hehe :nice:

Is Parasite Heroes' 19th episode? I kinda forgot eh.

Also, go to Rickey.org--he has lots of screencaps of the latest Heroes eps and I always read his posts before I dload the current ones, hehe :)

07.03.11, 09:54 AM
bouie, nope. Parasite is the 18th episode. And hindi si Nathan ang papatayin ni Sylar. Si Nathan yung politiko na pumunta to see Mr. Linderman. Hehehe. ;)

Bonnie, ang sinasabi ni Jon2, hindi MOVIE or FILM ang HEROES dahil hindi naman siya sa sine pinapalabas. It's a TV series. It doesn't mean na kapag may DVD nito eh "movie" na siya. Grey's Anatomy is a TV series too, not a movie. Gets? ;)

07.03.11, 01:20 PM

Season 1 has 23 episodes, so 5 remaining episodes to go.

May preview clip for the next episode ang Heroes sa NBC.com. I can post some screencaps here if you want. Exciting! Claire having a BRUNETTE do! Hehe!

And I have some scoops sa mga mangyayari sa upcoming episodes. Ishe-share ko by doing a spoiler tag later for those na gusto lang makabasa. Hehe.

07.03.11, 02:23 PM
Bouie salamat sa info, try kong gawin yong sinabi mo... Buti na lang andyan ka, me paraaan na naman ako para mapanood ito... Salamat ng marami!:)

07.03.12, 03:27 AM
My bad, sorry! It was Peter nga pala who got his chunk of hair cut off by Sylar when he saw Mohinder sa ceiling while muttering Sylar's name.

Do you think Hiro's dad knows about his powers? Considering his dad is in the "business"?

Hashpipe: Spoilers please! u2u na lang baka kasi magalit yung iba, hehe...

07.03.12, 12:18 PM
hope you catched yesterday's premiere sa rpn 9 ;)
thank goodness at pinalabas na rin dito sa pinas.

tignan mo itong bouieng ito, oo. nagkwento ba naman agad? lol! tagal mo nawala a? tapos spoiler agad.


salamat sa offer ha pero i'll pass. i'l wait for the first season to finish then pag nirelease na ang dvd e bibili ako. actually, ito na wish list ko for christmas. hehehe..

07.03.12, 09:27 PM
Kuya Jon, ngayon ko lang napagtanto na yung avatar mo ngayon ay pic ni Hiro nung bata siya at naglalaro siya sa rooftop na sorta lair nung Invisible Man. Hehehe ^_^

07.03.13, 10:36 PM
no bouie, this is my kid picture. nagkataon lang siguro na meron akong kuhang ganito.




ed noel & kuya arjay,

you're watching heroes too, right?
balita naman sa mga US based onliners. di ko gets kasi pag ang isang series e late ang airing. it means me fillers. dito kasi sa pinas e parang rare event ang ganito sa mga shows. continued airing till end.

07.03.23, 06:39 AM
you can now catch the episodes at youtube.

ang tagal ng episode 19....

ed noel
07.03.23, 07:26 AM
OO nga jon, matagal pa ang eps 19. Right now, it is 'March Madness' dito. This is the NCCA college basketball playoffs, kaya halos walang bagong episode sa mga TV. they not can not compete with the college basketball championship. All the games are shown after 4:00 Pm haggang halos midnight na. there are 64 teams to start until the finals on Apr 2, i believe.

Bouie, I think alam din ng father ni Hiro na may power siya, at hindi lang iyon, mayroon din siguradon may superpower din ang father ni hiro, gaya nang parents ni claire. Ano kaya ang power niya?

07.03.27, 07:05 PM
syempre alam ng tatay nya. hiro did face his dad di ba and he says he's in new york to save the world. hehehe...

hay, para pala akong nawalan ng kausap nung natapos ko episode 18.

07.03.27, 09:10 PM
Yes, I think Hiro's dad knows and didn't want him to be involved with their secret organization.

Di ko lang alam kung ano rin ang powers ni Dad ni Hiro. Pero feeling ko meron din yung sister niya! :D

07.03.28, 04:04 PM
yey! may nabili akong dvd nito (do i need to say na pirated?hehe...)! yahooo! kaya lang 5 discs lang sya, nasa disc 2 na ko, so far 2 eps per disc. di ko pa nache-check yung buong (half) season kung kumpleto...sana hindi 10 eps lang tong nabili ko...sana...

ang galeng nga ng series na to. kakaiba. ibang-iba dun sa mga ibang series. salamat dito sa thread mo jon2. dito ko lang kasi nalaman tong heroes e. hirap kasi ng nasa lugar na kakaiba ang mga bagay-bagay, hehe...

07.03.29, 03:26 PM
okay lang yan jose. heheheh... at least me challenge.

07.04.12, 02:49 AM
linderman's powers exposed on episode 19.


07.04.12, 06:50 PM
Ano powers niya? I wanna know. Pls... more spoilers, hehe :)

07.04.13, 12:58 AM
wala pa nga yung episode 19 bouie e. di ba sa april 23 pa airing nun sa states? hehehe...
pero sa trailer e parang he can bring the dead back to life...

go ask the orchid he just touched.

a week more. this is torture i say!

ed noel
07.04.13, 05:02 AM
anong one week, halos 2 weeks pa! April 12 dito, 11 days bago Apr 23... tapos Apr 24 pinalalabas sa internet, one day after ipalabas sa live TV. which means, April 25 na diyan sa Pinas bago mailagay sa internet....... kaunting ti-is lang at darating din!

07.04.13, 01:42 PM
Dito Episode 11 pa lang, diko pa napanood kasi nalibang sa laro with my kids :D

ed noel
07.04.16, 02:07 AM
I found another website that is showing Heroes eps 16 right now. I think they are showing weekly epsisodes, so viewers can catch up before eps 19 starts on Apr 23. I wasn just wondering if this website is accesible in the Philipines;


07.04.16, 07:25 AM
Tried it. Di accessible dito sa Australia :(

07.04.21, 08:43 PM
pero sa trailer e parang he can bring the dead back to life...

Asteeg naman si Linderman kung gayon! I can't wait for the next one! Thanks, Kuya Jon.:ecstatic:

07.04.24, 08:54 PM
a few more hours left. hahahaha.... ano nang nangyari dyan sa US. tumigil ba ang mundo? lol!

07.04.27, 02:03 AM
weeeeeee!!!! kakatapos ko pa lang kakapanuod ng 19th episode.



hehehe.. panalo talaga si hiro.


yun nga lang one "hero" died. hindi si peter yun.
linderman finally makes his move. his plan is to save the world pero willing to sacrifice .07% in the process.

ano ba yan!

07.04.27, 02:39 AM
Hehehe! YOU! ME? Nyahahaha!

If you want a spoiler for next week's episode, highlight the part in between the spoiler tags. Hehe.

According to some sources, ALL OF THEM DIES NEXT EPISODE! But fortunately, it's an episode set 5 years in the future! Hehehehe!

Hee hee!

07.04.28, 01:12 AM
:cry: Hindi ako makarelate, hindi ko pa kasi nadodownload yung bagong ep... Hindi kaya si Isaac ang mamamatay?

07.05.01, 03:02 PM
you gotta watch the episodes bouie kasi sa mga susunod e baka di mo kayanin. lol!

i had a "glimpse of the future" (thanks to the spoiler dude) and lahat ng mga ineexpect ko e di mangyayari.

pero one thing's for sure, someone's gonna burn!

07.05.02, 04:54 AM
Nakakapraning yung 20th episode! Aaaah! Ang galing-galing ni Sylar, idol ko na siya, joke! hehehe LOL Now, we can see the "scar" of Peter that future Hiro was talking about.

Ganda ni Claire as brunette. :yes:

07.05.02, 06:47 PM
panalo! panalo! hahahahah... 20th episode left me breathless. siguro pag me tulog dito e babatuhin na ako at kanina pa ako nagsisigaw-sigaw. bwahahaha!

5 years after, inexplain kung bakit si hiro ang me pakana nung "save the cheerleader, save the world..." mission nina peter.

nathan did become the president but.... (i really hated him till i saw the fight scene where hiro was taken to captivity)

yeah, ang ganda ni claire but she still looks like a cheerleader.

the police officer, a bad guy? and i thought he's supposed to "understand" dahil sa psi power nya?

get this, peter and nikki are it. hahah... beautiful couple if you ask me.

mohinder's a traitor? really? well...

and where on earth is linderman?

3 more episodes and season 1 will come to an end. the actions are getting more intense and the suspense would definitely make you drink more water.

i think i gotta recharge coz' haven't seen spiderman 3 yet.




what's this? bwahahahaha!


07.05.02, 09:35 PM
hi everyone!

i must say that heroes is one of the many tv series that i follow right now, and thanks to the internet, i'm able to keep myself up-to-date with each and everyone of them.

amazing talaga ang latest episode ng heroes. i was chatting with tonet after he'd just watched it and i had to tell him not to spoil it for me before i watched it.

it's getting better people. and i'm guessing the season finale will be off the charts!

07.05.06, 03:21 PM
The last episode here sa melbourne was DISTRACTIONS - Episode 14 (http://au.blogs.yahoo.com/heroes/1220/episode-14distractions), next week will be RUN (http://au.blogs.yahoo.com/heroes/1221/run)

Who can stop SYLAR... vote here....http://au.blogs.yahoo.com/heroes/#

Exciting :)

07.05.07, 08:27 PM
Here's my question: wouldn't everything have changed in the future the moment Peter saved Claire? Unless, for whatever reason, Peter appeared to be Sylar in the current reality and blew up NY. Then, Hiro wouldn't have been able to kill Peter:Syler. Really, that's the only way the future reality, as we saw it with claire alive, would work. Right?

07.05.07, 08:49 PM
nope. it was then (episode 20) revealed that peter was the one who blew up nyc. with him copying claire's powers and all, he survived obviously.

where's sylar in the picture then? well, he (posing as nathan) was busy convincing people that the "heroes" are enemies. go check the white house for more details.

07.05.08, 05:26 AM
Grabe episode 20 na kayo.... ang bilis nyo naman, ngayon ko pa lang nasisismulang intindihin LOL

07.05.08, 06:02 AM
Of course! Synchronized kami with the US viewers. Hehe! ;)

Next episode: Sylar visits his mom! Baka raw mag-iba tingin natin sa kanya sa episode na 'to! :P

07.05.08, 08:26 AM
Link pls...

07.05.08, 10:57 AM
I watch it sa NBC.com but that's only because I watch it when I'm in the office. It will only work if your server/IP is in US. :)

07.05.08, 07:24 PM
ako hindi dyan. lol!

Alexander: Saan :) Pa share naman... PM mo sa akin

07.05.09, 02:37 AM
Adik lang nanay ni Sylar sa snow globes, hehe ;)

Kuya Alex, download ka na lang ng episodes para madali, marami naman po ang mga nagsiseed ng files for Heroes. ^_^

Alexander: PM mo naman sa akin kung saan, Thanks

07.05.10, 05:23 AM
nawala na ako sa circulation. hahahah!!! kanina ko lang napanuod. akala ko e matinding bakbakan ang mangyayari when hiro finally met sylar.

save new york he says pero last minute nawala concentration nya.

2 more episodes and episode one finally ends.

what will happen? di ko pa alam. hahahah...

* kuya alex, we're talking about torrent files :)

07.05.17, 12:13 AM
isang episode na lang at tapos na ang season 1. things are heating up. sabi nga ni sylar: kaboom!

heto mga nangyari sa episode 22: Landslide

hiro gets training from his father. samurai style.
two "heroes" die. one gets shot, the other gets his brains eaten.
nathan petrelli wins the elections (but hiro calls him villain)

so next week, new york will burn (?)

'nuff said!

07.05.17, 04:11 AM
Waaah! :terrified: Buti ka pa Kuya Jon, napanood mo na... Hanggang screencaps lang ako, hehe, musta naman? Parang kilala ko na kung sino namatay kasi sabi mo sabi ni Sylar, "Kaboom!"

Ayan na! Yehey! The fun begins! ;D

Kanina napanood ko sa BLog ni Bianca Gonzales yung feature nila sa Heroes. Aliw lang kasi I never thought na si Milo was an ex ni Rory sa Gilmore Girls. Akala ko ibang artist. Pero ang namukhaan kong ex ni Rory ay si Jared P. ng Supernatural.

07.05.18, 08:57 AM
Pero ang tanong Jon2...patay na nga ba ang isang nabaril??? Bakit andun sya sa preview for the finale na buhay na buhay at nakikitakbo and stuff? Hehehe!

Kulang ka pa sa "death list"....yung matanda na naging mapula ang mata nung....secret! Hahahaha!

Sylar actually said BOOM! Ang nagsasabi ng "Kaboom!" eh yung isang host sa PBA. Hahaha! ;)

The ultimate Peter and Sylar showdown sa finale! Woohoo!!!

07.05.18, 09:04 AM
Sino po yung isa pang namatay na buhay pala?

Saka sino yung matandang naging pula ang mga mata?

Waaah! :terrified: Wala na ako sa sirkulasyon! Nakakalurkei! More spoilers, pls ^_^

07.05.18, 09:18 AM
Pero ang tanong Jon2...patay na nga ba ang isang nabaril??? Bakit andun sya sa preview for the finale na buhay na buhay at nakikitakbo and stuff? Hehehe!

Kulang ka pa sa "death list"....yung matanda na naging mapula ang mata nung....secret! Hahahaha!

Sylar actually said BOOM! Ang nagsasabi ng "Kaboom!" eh yung isang host sa PBA. Hahaha! ;)

The ultimate Peter and Sylar showdown sa finale! Woohoo!!!

ay! kala ko pa naman kaboom sinabi ni sylar. hahaha...

well, di ko sinama yung matanda na namula ang mga mata kasi di naman sya "hero". heheheh... he's a user.

talaga? buhay si.... tut?! hahaha. o well.... i'll have to wait less than a week to find out. yoko nang manuod ng preview kasi it leaves lesser room for excitement na. friday na!

HEROES: season ender

talagang di na mapipigilan ang sylar vs peter match. i just hope hiro butts in and kicks sylar's butt. plus claire getting burned again.

wala lang. astig kasi yung burning moment nya noon. she'll survive anyway.


better watch the 22th episode to know what we're talking about. words can't explain but rather the experience.

07.05.22, 03:21 PM
Nadownload ko na rin at napanood na! Yato! :ecstatic:

So buhay pala si *toot* kahit nabaril siya? Eh yung bumaril, will he come back to life as well kaya? Sana hindi na, bad kasi siya eh.

Will Sylar really explode in the end? Sana mapigilan...

Ang hindi ko lang magets kung sino yung tinutukoy ng tatay ni Hiro, before the training, kugn sino yung mga naligaw ng landas sa grupo nila. Was it the Petrelli mom, or the dad, or si Linderman?

Ayoko pala mamatay si Ando, hehe... Mawawalan ng sidekick si Hiro.

Btw, napansin ko pala Kuya Jon ang iyong avatar ay galing sa episode na pinag-uusapan natin, hehe :)

Meron na rin palang Ch23 ng Heroes, HOW TO STOP AN EXPLODING MAN.
I saw there Hiro piercing through the body of... and Hiro going to an era in Japan... Saka Claire pointing the gun at Peter. Shocking! Kaso wala pang torrent eh, darn...

07.05.22, 11:08 PM
and so the season ends!


yes, i am shouting. hehehe.. mixed emotions actually.

"in the end, all that really matters is love."





ay, ano ito?



*excuse me bouie, kid pic ko ito. hahahah!

07.05.23, 02:45 PM
I'm so excited for Volume 2! :ecstatic:Sylar is definitely alive but I don't know for the brothers. :(

Naku, Kuya Jon, ako din sigaw ng sigaw kanina habang pinapanood! Hindi ko kinaya lahat! Asteeg talaga ang Heroes! At sabi ko nga, kid pic ninyo po 'yang avatar ninyo :P

Sino pa ang nakapanood sa inyo ng finale? :)

07.05.24, 06:34 AM
I did! And I cried (i'm not ashamed to admit it! Hehehe!)! Hehe!

Well, if there's any hint on what happened to the brothers, it's confirmed that both Adrian P. (Nathan) and Milo V. (Peter) are coming back next season along with Matt, Hiro, Ando, Niki and Claire. Yung iba di ko pa alam pero sila yung confirmed.

Seems like September pa ang Volume Two: Generations but they'll be showing a spinoff of the program called HEROES ORIGINS (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heroes:_Origins)! INTERESTING, isn't it? :)

To quote some spoilers for next season:

Spoiler Alert! I have it on good authority that both Milo Ventimiglia (Peter) and Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) will be back next season. I'm also pretty sure Greg Grunberg (Matt will be back), but not sure about DL (Leonard Roberts). I have a sneaking suspicion Linderman's blood or heart may heal him, but that's probably just wishful thinking.

Spoiler Alert Part Deux! I'm told next season will begin four months into the future and two of the main characters will be in deep despair--one having completely lost his memory (bring on the Bourne Identity storyline!) and the other having developed a major drinking problem. Told ya Sylar wasn't this show's only demon!

Hee hee! Exciting!

07.05.24, 07:06 PM
ako rin.. konti.

ano ba yan? kala ko pa man din...

anyway, parang antagal naman ata ng season 2? when will the origins start ba? buti na lang kamo at magaganda mga sine ngayon so siguro yun muna outlet ko.

just a thought, sana ginawa na lang sa ending e hinila nila (nathan and peter) si sylar out of earth's orbit then pinagpractisan ni peter ng kanyang bagong nuclear powers till he burns himself down.

then came the silver surfer...

ay! mali.


07.05.24, 09:49 PM
Yehey! Babalik yung magkapatid! ^_^ I just saw Adrian Pasdar sa Rachael Ray kanina. Nagulat ako kasi kasal pala siya dun sa lead singer ng Dixie Chicks. Asteeg!

Sana ipalabas din dito yung spinoff na 'yan. And the whole world can vote kung sino yung ipapasok! Hehehehe :)

Kuya Jon, can't wait ka na sa FF2 ano? ^_^

07.05.24, 10:25 PM
Yup. He's wed to Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks. If you have seen the Dixie Chicks' documentary Shut Up and Sing (which is a great documentary, by the way), you'll get to see the real "Nathan" at home being a husband and a dad. Hehe. ;)

07.05.27, 07:46 AM
Sayang, wala pa kong nahahagilap na dvd nito, hehehe, hangang episode 10 lang ata napanood ko. Bouie, share mo nga ulit kung saan mo dina download mga episode nito. Salamat.

Kuya G.
07.05.28, 10:45 AM
try ko nga ring mag donwload nito, maganda ang usapan nyo dito e

07.05.28, 09:03 PM
Gi, maganda tong heroes tv series, pag me time akong makakuha ng copy nito e manood ulit ako, sina jon2, hashpipe at bouie ang well verse dito, kabisadong kabisado ang story ng bawat episode....

07.05.29, 12:40 PM
Hindi naman po masyadong adik dito, hehe, pero malapit na sobra! Konting push na lang, hehe, lol :D

Kuya Bon, dload ka sa Mininova (dot) org ^_^

Kuya Gcaracuel, i-download ninyo po para mas masaya! Kasi tagal sa TV eh, hehe ^_^ Impatient kasi ako kaya gusto ko napapanood ko agad.

Kuya Hashpipe, where ka po nakabili nung docu na yun? Thanks ^_^

07.05.29, 09:34 PM
Wow, bouie, cge try kong idownload, di ko na nga rin sigurado kung maka relate pako sa story, hehehe, maganda nito, habang nag da download ako eh ulitin ko ulit ang lahat ng episode para masaya.

Salamat bouie.

07.05.31, 02:57 AM
wala bang action figures?

i want one!

no, make that 4!

07.05.31, 09:53 AM
bouie, alam mo na kung saan! Hehehe!;)

Dibidi! Dibidi! :P

07.06.03, 12:08 AM
I want a Peter action figure ^_^ Life-size, hehe :)

Yep, Kuya Hashpipe, nakuha ko din kung saan though I haven't seen the documentary yet... huhuhu :(

07.06.03, 03:24 PM
Interesting HEROES info! Warning though, some are spoilerish!!! :)


07.07.06, 06:42 PM
Tapos na ang SEASON 1 dito.... tanong lang, mukhang buhay pa si SYLAR a, kasi me pinakitang trail papuntang manhole e....

07.07.06, 07:47 PM
Feeling ko nga Kuya Alex buhay pa si Sylar and, hehe, eats roaches for dinner. Eeww... :sick:

Sana dumami pa yung mga villains, nagsawa na ako kay Sylar eh.

07.07.06, 10:49 PM
nung monday bumili ako ng debidi from MCS ng heroes season 1, 2 days akong tv marathon, ang galing! ehehehe.

peter and his brother could both be alive. pareho silang nakakalipad, pwedeng naghiwalay sila before peter blew up. ewan, hula lang. lolz. :D

07.07.07, 04:30 PM
malamang buhay pa nga si Peter because he can regenerate.... kaya lang nagmumukhang X-MEN ang features nila e... heheh

Buti me DVD na ang Heroes sa atin.... hehehe...

07.07.07, 08:58 PM
I like Claire, the cheerleader so much. Ganda kasi. Eto video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTDumsoU5iY) niya singing in an event. She's not that bad ^_^

07.07.09, 11:38 AM
peter and his brother could both be alive. pareho silang nakakalipad, pwedeng naghiwalay sila before peter blew up. ewan, hula lang. lolz. :D

actually hula ko din the same thing, hehe...sa bilis ba namang lumipad ni nathan, he could've left peter to blow up then catch him again (kasi syempre hinang hina si peter nun baka hindi pa sya makalipad pero kahit naman bumagsak sya sa lupa he could still regenerate)

oh yes jon2, natapos ko na nga pala via dibidi. syempre tapos nyo nang lahat bago ko pa napanood, hehe...

one thing i liked about the ending was kakaiba yung approach ni tim kring. i was expecting an earth shattering bakbakan between peter and sylar pero hindi ganun ang nangyari. dinaan lang ni peter sa strength...now i'm more curious about the "company", kung sinu-sino pa ang members nito at kung gaano kalawak ang network nila...at sino yung tinutukoy ni molly na kaisa-isahang person na hindi nya ma-search?

btw, hindi ba kaya ni peter pagsabayin yung powers na meron sya? at hindi ba niya naabsorb lahat ng powers na meron si sylar?

Sana dumami pa yung mga villains, nagsawa na ako kay Sylar eh.
dadami pa yan for sure bouie, hehe...tapos ano malay natin baka in the future, sylar won't be a villain anymore, hehe...

07.07.09, 01:53 PM
with all the mutants out there, syempre you'll say similar ang ganito sa ganyan pero tignan na lang natin ang stories. i was telling the very same thing and was scolded a few times. hahaha...

i like heroes kasi it's gets me to think out of every episode, the special effects are like movie material na. and we're talking of a tv series plus the characters. di nyo ba napansin na di lahat sa kanila e yung normal gym-buffed one? normal na normal ang dating.


i think you go with the word "experience" pag control ng powers ang pag-uusapan. he just got the nuclear power and yung healing powers na nakuha nya ke claire is not something that pops out whenever he thinks of it, di ba?

he's scared din kaya ganun. he know's he'l blow up (thanks to the paintings). ikaw ba naman e ganun ang situation, ano mararamdaman mo?

07.07.09, 02:13 PM
onga naman, baka kelangan pa lang ni peter mag-practice para pagsabayin yung kanyang powers. sabagay, he admitted naman that he's afraid. siguro na-conquer siya nung fear nya. and he needs to rely on his brother. yun pa pala ang isang nagustuhan kong fact dun sa series, yung brotherly love ni nathan, da best!

i like heroes kasi it's gets me to think out of every episode, the special effects are like movie material na. and we're talking of a tv series plus the characters. di nyo ba napansin na di lahat sa kanila e yung normal gym-buffed one? normal na normal ang dating.

i agree with you jon2 about the effects. movie material nga considering this is just a tv series. and one thing i like most about this series is their being normal people. talagang pinanindigan nila yung tagline: ordinary people with extraordinary abilities. makes it more realistic and exciting. makes the plot closer to the watchers.

tagal pa ng season 2...mag-smallville at csi muna ako, hehe...

07.07.11, 06:27 PM
Hehehehe, galing mo pareng jose, nakakapanood ka din pala nito, nice tv series ito, kaso bihira kong ma timingan hehehe, palibhasa, bihira akong manood ng tv ngayon....

07.08.06, 09:35 PM
Nung ntapos ko ung sason 1 nito, I rushed to my suking tindahan to get the next season.. unfortunately wla pa...so standby muna ako.. waiting n hoping na meron ng season 2!! i love the twists n all.. mind boggling.. hehehe

07.08.06, 09:36 PM
season, hehehe i stand corrected

07.08.07, 11:04 AM
naku, matagal pa ang next season nito kenzo. nood ka muna ng iba.

07.08.14, 03:36 PM
The second season starts September 24! :ecstatic:

07.08.15, 03:00 PM
september 24? hmmm...so ibig sabihin...mapapanood ko sya dito...hmmm...mgaaaa... *counting*... august 2008! huhuhu...

07.08.15, 05:56 PM
hintayin ko matapos season 2 tapos panoorin ko lang uli sa debidi, mas masarap manood ng marathon mode. ehehehe.

07.08.20, 04:43 PM
Kristen Bell, the star of the defunct show, Veronica Mars, is set to star sa multi-episode arc ng Heroes.

Sabi sa Perezhilton dot com [via Mavrixonline dot com]:

Bell will make her Heroes debut some time in October. She’ll play Elle, a character described as a sexy, mysterious young lady who has ties to the supposed death of Peter, H.R.G.’s past and the future of Claire. Elle will kick off her arc by committing a serious crime, though it’s unclear whether she’s good or bad.

“This was not easy to pull off,” said Heroes creator-exec producer Tim Kring. “But since we’re an ensemble show, with many arcs playing out through the year, we found a way to jump into a small window in (Bell’s) schedule.”

07.09.25, 10:33 AM
Season 2 na, fast track dito sa Aussie sabay sa US... yehey.... Labas na rin dito ang season 1 DVD box set.... New Thread na tayo.