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07.03.14, 03:34 PM
Good day to all:

just to ask this petty question: if anybody here knows the HTML code on text spacing..?
I want to separate the word TITLE and SALES..It seem that that HTML ignore empty space using space bar., it must have particular command. What is the Html code: Just to separate two words in the same row. different columns? DO help.

TITLE (col 20) ; SALES (Col. 40)

07.03.14, 05:26 PM
Fanny, ang alam ko eto yung code for space:


Kung gusto mo damihan, ulit-ulitin mo lang yung html code na yan. :)

07.03.14, 08:35 PM
thanks Bouie.. I want to know more if there another method..to locate the text in the same row but different column. kasi napaka tedious kung isa-isahin ang &nbsp command; Is there other means of hotmail command instead of using &nbsp for space:

Title (co.20) ;SAles (COl. 40)

07.03.16, 05:49 PM
Sana xhtml and css can help you with your prob. Hope this helps po :)


07.10.19, 11:00 PM
Use tables. May tutorials dito: http://www.w3schools.com

07.10.21, 09:54 PM
I think pwede kang gumamit ng <pre> tag para yung tinype mong spaces as is na.

07.11.10, 01:53 PM
paano po paggamit ng <pre> tag. any example po. thanks.

08.01.10, 08:31 PM
Use tables. May tutorials dito: http://www.w3schools.com

Agree ako diyan. What I would do kung may space between sales and title is that I would leave one column blank...unless e lalagyan mo siya ng border di ba?

08.04.11, 12:40 AM
For spacing, HTML will read the code &nbsp; rather than the ordinary space created by the space bar.


five spaces = &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;

More about HTML is attached. :)

08.05.17, 01:05 PM
the <pre> tag is for pre-formatted text .. different browsers will interpret the output of texts enclosed with this tag.

paano po paggamit ng <pre> tag. any example po. thanks.