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07.03.30, 10:16 PM

This post concerns the Wikipedia article on Bukas Palad.

I need to find out who is or are responsible for editing the Wikipedia article about BP. My primary concern is that most of the text was cut and paste from BP's website. This is not allowed on Wikipedia, and constitutes a copyright violation even on the assumption that a BP member himself or herself created the article. In addition, the mission statement of BP is not considered encyclopedic, so I deleted it before a non-Filipino editor decides to mark the article for deletion---sayang naman kung made-delete lang ang article since BP is well-known in the Philippines and in some parts abroad. I will stand by the article as necessary, but I will need the help of other interested parties in improving the article.

The article also needs lots of references. For starters, I've left a link to the website. You can add more, such as links to online news articles that mention BP, or citing a news article (even w/o an online version...just citing the bibliography a la research-paper-style will be OK).

As such, I've left a reminder/warning on some user's "talk page". If you are one of those editors, or if you want to help me edit the BP article and that of the albums and need help on how to go along this, please leave me a message on my Wikipedia user talk page (link is below), and I'll be more than happy to help (on my Talk page, just click "edit this page" or "+" to leave me a message [clicking on "+" will create a new section]).


07.04.01, 03:59 PM

I don't think somebody from BP would create a WIKI article kasi nga its all in the website na. But I can be wrong pa rin.

Are you aware of this article in wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bukas_Palad_Music_Ministry

07.04.03, 05:21 AM

Somebody did...Actually, dalawa sila, and nag-reply na yung isa :)

07.04.03, 06:24 AM
Ok.. sensya na ZERO KNOWLEDGE ako sa Wiki... all I know it to read and browse :)

07.10.22, 07:30 PM
Sino naman sila?

07.10.24, 01:07 PM
Siguro ok lang naman yun as long as they are giving the correct information, it doesn't matter to me.

07.10.24, 06:16 PM
Siguro ok lang naman yun as long as they are giving the correct information, it doesn't matter to me.

It's actually easier said than done. Even if some of us would update the WP article itself, expect that it will be subject to the most intense scrutiny of disinterested editors who don't even know what Bukas Palad is. Unless one is familiar with how Wikipedia works (not to mention its numerous policies), one would need to do his homework well and make sure that all additions to any Wikipedia article must be properly sourced, must be easily verified by another disinterested party and must be written in a disinterested, neutral tone.

WP is fun, but the first few tries are a rough climb, trust me. I've been there, done that...I've been involved in a lot of heated disputes across different Wikipedia articles myself 8)