View Full Version : Please Pray For My Mother's Quick Recovery

07.05.24, 08:12 PM
My mother, (Solita) is now confined at the UST Hospital due to problems on her Gall Bladder and Liver. I want to ask all my friends in this community to please help me pray for her quick recovery. Sabi ng kapatid ko, sobra daw ang pinayat, kasi affected din ng pagtaas ng blood sugar niya.

Thank you for joining me in prayers...


07.05.24, 08:24 PM

I hope your mother will be ok sa darating na mga araw, with my prayers sana makatulong para maka recover agad sya.

07.05.24, 08:27 PM

Dont worry, God will take care of her, i also give my prayer para makatulong sa quick recovery ng mother mo.

Kuya G.
07.05.24, 08:34 PM

My prayers too for your mother. Sana she can recover fast.

07.05.24, 09:26 PM
Rest assured of my prayer Kuya Alex. God bless you always and your family..

07.05.24, 09:31 PM
yes po. makakaasa kayo sa dasal. :)

07.05.24, 09:38 PM
Will do, Kuya Alex. Hope she gets well asap. :)

07.05.24, 10:20 PM
Jesus is the Greatest Healer...and whoever he heals, gets well in no time...
May Jesus the Greatest Physician touch your mother, kuya alex...

07.05.24, 11:13 PM
Will do, kuya. :)

07.05.25, 09:00 AM
My prayer for your mother too. I hope it helps.

07.05.25, 09:48 AM
Will be praying for your mom, Alex

07.05.25, 10:01 AM
prayers for your mom kuya alex...may she be in better health soon.

07.05.25, 10:03 AM
will surely pray for her, hope she gets well soon...


07.05.25, 10:34 AM
Maraming salamat sa prayers ninyo, I am overwhelmed sa supporta nyo. Actually mahirap for me kasi I am overseas at di ko ma-alagaan ang mother ko. Mabuti at nandun yung isang kapatid ko na nagbibigay sa akin ng updates.

Thank you ulit sa lahat.... I know the Lord will hear the prayers of His people.

07.05.25, 11:13 PM
will be praying for your mother's quick recovery :)

07.05.29, 08:23 AM
we'll pray for past recovery of your mom kuya alex... God bless your family

Kuya G.
07.05.29, 09:41 AM

Makakaasa ka ipapanalangin namin siya. God bless you and your family.

07.05.29, 04:33 PM
kumusta na po nanay nyo po kuya alex? kakabasa ko lang kase ng thread, 4 days ago pa pala.anyway, rest assured na pagdadasal po namin.

07.05.29, 05:35 PM
we offer a mass & a prayer for your mother's quick recovery Don't worry maririndi si Lord she will be better soon...

07.05.29, 05:44 PM
be strong kuya alex!!im sure gagaling mommy mo..i will pray for her too..

07.05.29, 07:29 PM
Maraming salamat po sa mga panalangin.

07.05.29, 08:25 PM
I just hope that your mother is doing okay na po I'll include her to my prayers . On the lighter side, nakakatuwa naman po maraming nag-response kay kuya alex, kahit hindi na kilala that's nice, am sure kahit mga di-nagpost dito na kilala si kuya alex at alam what happened; will surely epag-pray ang mommy nya .:)And I believe along with the prayers and thoughts, help will come your mom's way, kuya. Take courage and masuripot an Dios. Translation: God is just..:yes:

08.07.14, 05:37 AM
Hello peeps... I didn't realize na meron na itong thread na ito. Pero I would like to again request for your prayers for my Mom. She's back in the hospital dahil sa highblood pressure.

Salamat muli sa prayer power ninyong lahat.

Ana Maria Licup
08.07.14, 08:38 AM
Ok Alex. We'll include her in our prayers. :)

08.07.14, 10:35 AM
Thanks Ana. Much appreciated

08.07.14, 07:01 PM
Brod Alex, I'll pray the Rosary for your beloved Mom's speedy recovery.

08.07.14, 08:23 PM
Hi Alex. I hope your mother recovers soon and regains her strength. She'll be in my daily prayers.

08.07.14, 09:58 PM
Prayers for your mother, Kuya Alex.

royal haggardness
08.07.15, 12:42 AM
We'll include her in our prayers Kuya Alex...

allen lucas
08.07.15, 12:42 AM
Kuya Alex I will pray para sa recovery ng mother nyo.

08.07.15, 06:10 AM
Thanks, Kumintang, Mayomee, Jon2, RH, and allen.... much appreciated

08.07.15, 06:40 AM
Rest assured of my prayers Bro.

08.07.15, 06:52 AM
sana makatulong ang prayers ko alex...

08.07.15, 11:03 AM
definitely, every prayers and petition we send to God is heard by God and I claim that in Jesus' Name, our prayers are granted as well...

Thanks Edna and msselda

08.07.16, 05:06 AM
Please continue to pray for my mom, wala pa ring positive developments to date, medyo nagkaroon pa ng amnesia, I don't know the cause at this stage, kasi hinihintay pa ma MRI.

Thanks for your support.

08.07.16, 05:32 AM
I'll include her to my prayers.. sana gumaling na sya...

08.07.16, 05:53 AM
Thanks Jeffoy.

Actually kakatanggap ko lang ng GOOD NEWS! Nakakausap na ulit ng kapatid ko ang Mother ko and she did not have any recollection of what happened yesterday about that temporary amnesia. Salamat sa Diyos at tinutugon nya ang ating mga panalangin.

Salamat muli sa inyong mga panalangin!

royal haggardness
08.07.16, 06:08 AM
Good to hear that Kuya Alex! God is good, all the time!!!

08.07.16, 06:25 AM
Wow Thanks God! ang bait talaga ni Lord. sa dami ng nag pray mabilis ang sagot.. sabi ko na nga ba e, naka-computerize na rin ang system sa langit :)

08.07.16, 07:09 AM
Siguro nga.... iniisip ko nga before I received that text from my brother kung merong email address ang Diyos para send ko direct... pero the text brigade and email brigade and the post here in the board yesterday suffice for God to hear and immediately grant our request...


Trivia.... I was listening to "GOOD IT IS TO GIVE THANKS" all day long since yesterday, even before I heard what happened... but this song made me strong and kept me in prayers... tip, maganda pa itong prelude to your "praising in tounges" (for the charismatics and CFC out there} if you know what I mean... really lifted me up in prayer.

allen lucas
08.07.16, 10:57 AM
Good to hear kuya alex that your mom is recovering,ipagdarasal naman ang mom mo para makarecover na siya completely.

08.07.16, 11:10 AM
praise God! rest assured that your mom will always be in our prayers...

08.07.17, 07:33 AM
Salamat muli bingo and allen

08.07.18, 03:56 PM
kuya alex.. God is good.. gagaling na si mummy mo.. :)

tiger shark
08.07.18, 06:34 PM
Kinakanta namin yan sa Healing Mass ni Fr. John Rea. It is indeed a powerful song.

I'm glad to hear na ok na ang mother mo. I'l keep her in my prayers. I am the cantor in our choir on two Masses this coming Sunday so I am offering my songs for her.recovery.

I'll visit her if I were you Alex. You know what I mean.

I regreted not doing it when my mum was sick.


08.07.22, 06:23 AM

Thanks for the advice and prayers. Yes, I will visit her as soon as I can.


08.07.22, 06:40 AM
Surely surely, will definitely pray for your mother. Keep that faith going. Take care and Godspeed.

08.07.22, 07:03 AM
Thanks so much michaela.

08.07.22, 12:13 PM
Good to hear na she's getting gbetter... we will continue to pray for her.

08.07.23, 06:00 AM
Thanks herald.... your prayers would definitely make my mother's health better

08.07.23, 03:58 PM
Hi kuya alex …Sorry to hear about what is happening. I hope your mom
will be well and I will pray for her recovery.

08.07.23, 07:29 PM
She's on the way to recovery and already out of the hospital. Thanks Anya

allen lucas
08.07.23, 07:36 PM
Wow good news po yan kuya alex.

08.07.23, 08:05 PM
Yes Allen, and it would not be possible if not for all of your prayers.... thanks again and please to continue your prayers for her complete recovery. God Bless

allen lucas
08.07.23, 11:20 PM
Don't worry kuya alex kasama siya sa mga prayers namen, alam ko tuloy tuloy na yung recovery ng mother mo.

08.07.24, 11:26 AM
God bless to you and your mom, kuya Alex!

08.07.25, 08:22 AM
Salamat Angel.... me message nga pala ako sa Multiply mo :)