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07.08.02, 09:51 PM
Sir, tanong lang po sa Bukas Palad.

Ano po ung bible scripture na naginspire sa pagkagawa ng organization nyo? or ano po ung scripture na tinutupad nyo?

kumbaga parang Lux in Domino ng ateneo. wahaha.

para sa theology class po namin to, gumagawa po kami ng paper tungkol sa inyo, salamat!:)

07.08.03, 02:04 AM
hi franfran. is this for theo 121 under sir gilbert jimenez? i had him too when i was a sophomore in the Ateneo. Choosing BP as the subject of your paper may be quite challenging since many groups in the past already did papers about BP in the same class. Medyo mahirap pa naman i-please si sir jimenez. i suggest that you focus on a new angle in studying bp's ministry and making an exegesis of a relevant biblical passage. regarding the bible passage, honestly, we don't have one particular passage that moves and inspires us. the songs that we have composed and sung through the years reflect the many varied episodes in the Gospel which have spoken to us as a ministry. Top of mind is the the gospel passage on the institution of the eucharist where the Lord breaks Bread which becomes His body, takes the cup filled with wine which becomes his blood and shares it with his disciples. And the He says, "Do this in memory of Me." Personally, i see our work in BP as being bread and wine to people through the songs that we write and sing.Then you may choose to connect that with the passage about the road to Emmaus, a resurrection account, where 2 disciples only realized that they were in the presence of the Risen Lord when he again broke bread with them and took the cup filled with wine and shared it with them. Bukas Palad is the Lord's work and it is in response to God's invitation to be His presence to others. I hope this helps. Also try setting an appointment with Mr. Roy Tolentino of the Philo Department, or Ms. Rica Santos of the English Dep't or Fr. Manoling Francisco of the Loyola School of Theology. They would be in a better position to share with you more insights about bp. Good luck with your project. Hope you get a good grade.

07.08.03, 11:15 PM
yup kay sir jimenez nga to. salamat po sa insight, medyo nagkaron lang kami talaga ng difficulty sa pagpili ng proper scripture. hanap nalang kami ng pinaka-relatable na passage sa group ninyo.

about kay mam rica, nainterview namin siya at may nakuha naman kaming scripture (isaiah) for bukas palad. gusto lang sana namin mag confirm or magcompare sa ibang inputs ng members ng bukas palad.

anyway, thank you sir! hehe, laking tulong po ng insight nyo!