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07.09.11, 10:16 PM
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a modern means of communication, other than the forum. How to use it: you need a client (this is mIRC), a server (you can check out the list provided in your client or you can search for a feature-packed server on the internet, as that is the only difference between the servers. Within those servers, people make what we call as "channels" or for understandability's case, chatrooms. You join a server by typing IRC commands such as /server (server name), and channels by /j #(channel name)... #bukaspalad anyone?

07.09.12, 02:03 AM
Pwede rin, tapos we could schedule the chat event ^_^

07.09.12, 10:28 AM
hmmm...conferencing? hehe...:)

07.09.12, 08:34 PM
Just a more active, easier and faster chatting I guess... honestly, IRC is better than a chatroom

08.08.05, 10:10 PM
me mga channel sa mIRC na mga illegal.. di ko tanda ang tawag nila dun, undernet ba un?