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03.08.07, 04:35 PM
I just watched "Straight Talk" with Cito Beltran.... and his guess are the SMFPA (San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts)

SMFPA is composed of SMPO (San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra) and SMMC (San Miguel Master Chorale)

The show (Straight Talk) is aired on ANC (Channel 21 on SKY CABLE) at 1pm with replays at 6pm and 12mn

The show about SMFPA is divided to two parts with Part 2 bukas same time!

I've learned a lot of things about Music and the Foundation...

By the way.... SMFPA also played popular songs for the show.

Better catch the replays to enjoy this limited engagement!


03.08.08, 12:04 AM
Are you in any way connected with this group (member, spokeperson?). Kasi, I have to caution you again on this. Kasi, meron tayong rules as stipulated by our administrator.

BP cannot confirm nor deny the statements we post because it's not all about Bukas Palad. Then again we can read statement from our administrator (if your not connected with SMMC), that Bukas Palad can't speak for SMMC or SMFPA.

I hope you again read the rules.

03.08.08, 01:36 PM
Thx Alex,

To Clarify, we in the board don't want to be tyrants, but again, this issue has been discussed thoroughly na and we had a unanimous agreement between majority of board members (regardless if others are pro or against the idea)

We aren't here to taboo any name other than BP mind you. It's ok to mention stuff in passing; like numerous mentions of choirs such as ACS, Hangad, UST, JMM, whatever. . . even your beloved SMMC ;) Kse iba yung topic at supplement lang (like a question about a song, and it's different versions, etc. etc.). What we do not appreciate is posts that are seemingly plug/advertisment in nature. Posts of this kind I can honestly say are reserved to the owners of the board (which is BP) and we ourselves try not to bring it to this board, kse we have our mailinglist and other site sections for that.

Now if your post was something like: "Hey guys, meron show na pede tayo matuto lalo about music! This channel this time." Then this would've been much more acceptable. It's all about the nature of the post :) Or to even stretch it "A tribute to Fr. Manolings works will be played by SM-whatever!" That would also be better though medyo on the edge na to, kaya pag medyo dubious na yung topic/nature/urgency mabuti nalang na play it safe di ba?

Hope this clarifies things further ;)