View Full Version : 36 International Choir Festival - OLOMOUC CHOIR PENTATHLON 2008

08.01.16, 04:16 PM
Would like to share this invitation to everybody.
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Dear friends of choral music, dear conductors,

Festa Musicale has launched a NEW and UNIQUE choir competition!

The OLOMOUC CHOIR PENTATHLON 2008 will take place at the 36. International
Choir Festival FESTIVAL OF SONGS OLOMOUC 2008, Czech Republic. Pentathlon
means 5 different competition categories, it is a competition for a
multi-universal choir! Please study the attachement.

It is our pleasure to expand our offer for choirs. Take part and become
the multi-universal choir!

With my best regards,

Pavlina Malikova
PO BOX 55, Slovenska 5
77111 OLOMOUC 1
CZ - Czech Republic

Tel./fax: +420 587 420 334