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08.01.28, 11:37 PM
Bakit wala pang programa sa TV that will features Catholic Liturgical Songs? What do you think? Para naman hindi mga praise and worship songs ang naghahari lang sa mga record bars.

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08.01.29, 07:07 AM
I don't see anything wrong with Praise and Worship songs as many of the Charismatic Groups uses it as well. It will totally depend on us... especially if we spread the word to fellow musicians and music ministers....

Also if we BUY and support the artists/ producers / composers who created this for us... if you're with me BPONLINERS... we would BUY instead of ASK for a copy... would you...

I just did for my copy of Hindi Kita Malilimutan CD and Misa Delgado... c/o fellow onliners din...

08.01.30, 08:48 PM
amen to that! buying the original cds/media instead of copying them would be beneficial to the music industry in general and would encourage composers/producers to produce more liturgical songs.

regarding liturgical music program on TV naman... i sometimes am able to tune-in to NBN airing Bukas Palad songs. but generally, i don't think TV stations would find it profitable. here in cebu we have a catholic channel (CCTN) but i don't think they have a program dedicated solely to liturgical music.