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08.03.10, 08:35 AM
...hello po..ask ko lang if you have any idea or suggestion for a concert repertoire..our choir is a church choir, medyo bago lang po yung group pero most of the members are tenured in terms of chorale singing..we are planning this concert this december..maliit lang po yung venue (sa church namin),minimal lang yung budget..it will be a thank you concert for all those who helped our group..any suggestions will be highly appreciated...thank you po...:)

08.03.10, 08:54 AM
Matatapat ba ng malapit sa Christmas yung concert? Definitely you could use some really good Christmas songs...at least, sa second half ng program siguro so that it'll end with a high note :)

08.03.10, 01:18 PM
YES tito pao:)..it will be for christmas..we'll have some christmas carols towards the end of the program..how about the first part? any suggestions?we were thinking to limit the liturgical songs since we always sing these types of songs every sunday so as not to limit the songs we can perform (i.e. the genre)..i have watched some concerts and they have different approaches as to how they showcase their performances..some would tell stories, and others would have different genres per set..:)

08.03.10, 10:19 PM
Hi.. umm.. may specific theme ba ang concert nyo? if wala.. hmm. take note of the following based sa experiece..

1. always start the concert with a song na prayer.. like Ave Maria (Arcadelt or Roa), If bago lang ang choir ninyo.. try Ave maria (Arcadelt) or The Prayer of St. francis of Assisi (R. Cayabyab)...

2. Huwag ninyo gawing sunud-sunod ang malulungkot or boring na kanta... try yo isingit sa masasaya or try to arrange the songs in a way na may building effect.. Idol ko UST singers sa style nilang ganito.. Magkakasunud-sunod yung mga magkaka-category.. yet merong parang gradual build up ng impact per song..

3. 1st part - songs na palagay nyo eh medyo hindi makakarelate lahat or tipong hndi ganung karami ang megiging interesado..(eg. Church songs, spirituals, madrigals/motets, unfamiliar folk songs, ethnic)

2nd part - songs na patok.. (eg. OPM, love songs,"bibo" na mga kanta, familiar songs)

4. always prepare at least 2 to 3 songs, just in case for an "encore"... cant say no sa audience now, ryt?

5. Not all songs need to be in acapella, mas maganda merong accompaniment yung iba..

6. The opening song should always have impact.. tipong pam-"bulaga" sa audience para makuha attention nila.. usually maganda mga simpleng avant garde (eg. Silence my Soul by francisco feliciano).. iba pa yung prayer na sinasabi ko ah? kakantahin yung prayer sa stage.. yung opening song.. try nyo kinakanta yung while members are walking to the stage, papunta s formation nila... Agaw eksena yun!.. mabibigla mga tao kasi they wont expect na manggagaling kayo sa likod or sumthin..

7. Huwag masyado "ambitious" ang repertoire! Usapan dyan.. malinis ang mga songs.. kapag malinis ang songs.. the audience, specially the critics would appreciate it... pero sympre try to maximize din.. baka naman pala kaya ng choir..

8. Make sure, 3 weeks before the concert.. tapos na lahat ng songs.. nililinis na lang.. paulit ulit.. para nn.. kahit nakapikit.. kaya kantahin ng choir..

9. Bawal pyesa sa stage.

10. lagyan nyo ng choreography ang ibang songs.. para may
style.. aliw ang mga tao nun!.. :)

Hope makatulong...

08.03.11, 01:44 AM
tamang lahat ang mga suggestions nina tito pao at bluemurdock.. pwede nyo ring gawin na 1st part ay religious songs, International Songs, Pop, OPM at tama yun wag sunod-sunod na boring songs, salitan ang mga mabagal na songs at mga masasaya. Tapos sa second part ay Christmas Songs pulos english muna tapos mga OPM christmas songs naman. Tapos gawin nyong bongga dapat ang finale na tamang pang standing ovation at di makakalimutan ng mga manunuod ang huling kanta nyo, dito kse nagkakaron ng magandang impact ang isang concert sa ganda ng finale at encore ng isang concert. I'm sure hanggang sa pag-uwi nila naririnig pa nila ang songs nyo ala LSS na sila :) Good luck and more power!

08.03.11, 05:29 AM

IMO, the thread title is very general considering the fact that medyo Christmas yata ang concert nyo. Isa pa, it all boils down to your THEME or TOPIC. Better work with your Musical Director or the Director of the show. Tapos dapat me script para me flow ang proceedings then dun mo ilalapat ang kanta sa topic.

Tell me what you think and I will change the title of the thread.

08.03.11, 09:26 AM
WOW, thank you :)for all the inputs..it helps a lot..medyo baguhan pa lang kasi kame when it comes to organizing our own concert..kaya we value suggestions from all of you..rest assured, everything will be taken accounted for..:)

kuya alex, ahm i cant think of any appropriate title for the thread..true that it may be for christmas, but as you said it all boils down to the theme..kaw na po bahala..:)

08.03.11, 09:43 AM
The reason I asked is I am trying to avoid an open ended discussion for this purpose as you wanted to ask for a specific repertoire diba. Let me know if you have reached a specific "topic" and I will modify it based on your requirement (don't leave it to me, kasi it will go haywire.... hehehe)

Kasi if we don't do it that way (open ended one) napakarami ng magpo-post dito at di mare-resolve ang inyong specific na requirement.

Kung meron ka nang anything specific in mind, just post it here

08.03.11, 10:13 AM
Since ang problema nyo is ang theme ng concert, let me say this:

Ano ba exactly ang gusto nyong i-emphasize sa concert? Is it just a simple way of thanking your group's supporters? Is it to celebrate a friendship that is in your choir? Do you want to explore the beauty of music? Do you already have a slogan or a catchphrase that can be the basis for your theme? Tapos, once decided na kayo kung ano ang pinaka-motif or theme ng concert, you can build your repertoire on that single theme.

I hate to say this, but I don't think you should give me a simple answer as "We want to use this concert to thank God." Yes, it's a good thing to thank and praise Him---but coming to think of it, that's already a given (and I dare say, magdududa ako kung sasabihin nyong hindi kasama yon sa goals ng concert). And it's too general a theme. Try to come up with a more specific statement for the concert that, at the same time, and make an entire concert out of that statement.

Although this is the BP boards, let me give you a good suggestion: punta ka sa free concert ng Hangad this coming Mar. 16 sa Shangrila (and it goes without saying na andun din ako sa Shangrila this Sunday!! ;) ). Pay attention not only to their choice of songs, but on how they present the songs as well. Very deliberate ang sequence ng kanilang mga kanta, pati na rin yung mga spiels nila every other song (laging tumutugma yung message ng spiels and yung mga kasunod na mga kanta)---and more importantly, consistent sa theme ng kanilang concert. (I have yet to see a BP-only concert, but I'll presume they also do the same thing with their concerts :) ) So I guess makakapick-up ka dun ng mga hints kung paano ka makakapili ng mga songs for your group's concert, baka sakaling makatulong.

08.03.11, 10:16 AM
One more note:

Kung may "trademark" or "signature" song yung choir nyo, save it for the latter part (along with any exta encore numbers that's hopefully Christmas-related, given na sa Dec. yung concert).

Ika nga, ibitin nyo yung mga regular listeners nyo, let them wait for that song at the very, very end LOL

08.04.14, 11:57 PM
Magkakaroon po kami ng concert sa this August 2008. Anniversary po ng Community namin / Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement na nakabased sa parish namin. Theme is more of pagpapakilala sa choir since 4 years pa lang kami at singing beautiful songs to inspire our audience. I hope youn can help us in the set of songs for this activity.

08.04.15, 12:48 AM
I recommend Bituing Walang Ningning, Prayer of Saint Francis, Love Is The Answer, Sa 'Yong Mga Yapak, and Our Father (St. Michael's Mass). ^_^

Good luck, Centrunion (and to the rest of your fellow choirmates), with regard to this concert of yours! Pagpe-pray namin ang success ninyo.

08.04.15, 12:37 PM
Also try a fun song as your encore...say, Timmy Cruz's "Boy" (as performed by the Madz...basta! Hanapin nyo na lang sa YouTube yung video nito ;) ), or Yoyoy Villame's "Bukonut Woman" (arr. Anna Abeleda) or "Circle of Life" or "O Sifuni Mungu" :D

In other words, end your concert by giving them something "mabigat/matindi" that your audience won't forget (along the lines of Bituing Walang Ninging and The Prayer) but also give them something to make them feel good :)