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08.04.11, 02:47 AM
Just to share our latest implementation here in our community:


To further develop the musical talents of our choristers, they are privileged to undergo trainings on music and the liturgy dubbed as the Apprentice Conductorship program. They are to study courses on fundamentals of music, basic instrument playing and some religious topics as it is believed that they are not just singers but liturgical ministers too.

The choristers will undergo the following training levels:
1. Apprentice Conductorship 1
2. Apprentice Conductorship 2
3. Apprentice Conductorship 3
4. Assistant Conductorship 1
5. Assistant Conductorship 2
6. Assistant Conductorship 3
7. Associate Conductorship 1
8. Associate Conductorship 2
9. Associate Conductorship 3

08.04.19, 06:09 PM
Saan ito? Ang galing ha? I'm interested. :D

allen lucas
08.04.19, 07:23 PM
mukhang intresting ito, saan at kelan ito?

08.04.19, 10:04 PM
Implementation po yan dito ng music commission namin. You, too, can also implement this program in your parishes/choirs. :)