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allen lucas
08.04.14, 11:28 PM
tanong ko lang po kung may way po na makapag bukas ng multiple accounts sa YM at the same time?

08.04.15, 01:16 AM
I open mine in different browsers all at the same time. I use Safari, Firefox, Flock, and IE, btw. ^_^

08.04.15, 03:14 AM
Yes meron.
I use a reg hack, err... reg modification to enable multiple yahoo messenger logon. You can google it or pm me your email I'll send it to you.

edit: I may have misunderstood your question. In which case I do the same as bouie.

08.04.15, 05:14 AM

What I meant is that I go to webmessenger.yahoo.com (http://webmessenger.yahoo.com/) using different browsers to open my different Yahoo! accounts all at the same time.

Hihihi, sorry po kung medyo nakaligtaan ko ito. ^_^ This is, of course, if you're okay na palipat-lipat ng browser.

If you like to hack the YM client talaga, eto (http://www.mydigitallife.info/2006/12/12/how-to-run-multiple-yahoo-messengers-and-login-to-multi-ym-accounts/) yung link dun sa reg hack na sinasabi ni John516 (not sure if this is the one he is using). Eto ba iyon, John516?

Di ko pa nata-try ito eh, takot ako, hehe. Feedback naman Allen if na-try mo na. ^_^v

allen lucas
08.04.15, 06:39 AM
i think i will go sa multiple web browser, medyo nakakatakot kse yung ihack yung YM client, baka mamaya magkaproblema yung account ko. thanks sa mga info nyo bouie at john516.

08.04.15, 08:11 AM
actually may i-install ka lng n maliit ng exe fiile to crack u ng ym client mo. i tried it sometime a year or two ago. wala nmn ngyari sa ym ko. hehehehe... although, uninstall ko n rin kasi mahirap n multiple ang bukas.

08.04.16, 01:44 PM
I was able to do it logging in different YAHOO account sa Yahoo Mail (2 simultaneous to be specific) and all using only IE.

With different accounts on, you can have the CHAT integtrated within diba?

Ngalang, from time to time, you're asked to confirm passwords kasi naka log-in kasa sa more than one account.

08.04.16, 08:04 PM
Hi Allen, meron ung Yahoo MultiMessenger. Try mo search sa net, un talaga ung eksaktong hinahanap mo. Good luck!

allen lucas
08.04.16, 09:43 PM
salamat felamsen for the info, hanapin ko yung sinasabi mo na YM multimessenger.

allen lucas
08.04.17, 04:19 PM
share ko lng yung nakita ko na YM multimessenger

08.04.17, 05:02 PM
:) mabuti naman, sana makatulong sayo.

08.04.30, 01:10 AM
Don't worry guys the registry mod is safe. It just sets a registry entry to not limit YM to one instance only. YM multimessenger basically do the same thing.