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03.12.17, 11:03 PM
hello! just a suggestion for you to come up with a cd of tanging yaman. ;)

03.12.18, 08:29 AM
Hello annajp, welcome to the board. Though this must be posted sa "Ask Bukas Palad", i-papatransfer na lang natin k Carlo (Webmaster) para ma-address nila ang specific question mo for BP.

Kasi this forum, though "suggestion box" siya is meant for the enhancement or improvement of the messageboard & Website as a whole.

Keep on posting at sana makasama ka sa EB (details can be found sa "General Discussion") on the 20th sa Rockwell para sa concert ng BP.


Alexander :D

04.01.26, 06:12 AM
Hi! Nakita ko kasi sa "Ask Bukas Palad" about mgkaroon ng CD ang "Tanging Yaman" album. Sana din, may CD na rin ang other previous BP album, particularly, "Bukas Palad," "Balang Araw," at "In Him Alone." God Bless.

04.01.26, 12:44 PM
This was one of the very first questions I asked nung bago pa lang ung site. I don't think there are any plans to convert the cassettes into CDs, however, over time daw, plano nila ire-record na lang yung mga songs.

04.01.26, 02:08 PM
Let me re-echo what Arjay said. Yes, there are no plans to convert the mentioned tapes to CD versions. However, we plan to slowly include the songs in those past albums into our upcoming recordings.

We promise to try to make these albums as fast as humanly possible. :))