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04.03.23, 09:52 PM
Okay...who watches this show? I know Tonet and the other BP members do. :)

My bets so far in the current top 8 (in no particular order).
1) Fantasia - very refreshing sound. I like her even more than Macy Gray. Great performer.
2) Diana - very good voice for a 16 year old
3)Camile - not the best technically but carries a great style. She makes the song her own. She needs to loosen up a bit though.
4) Jasmine - technically good. I'm kinda used to the voice though.
5) Latoya - same as Jasmine. Needs to change her image. She looks old.
6) John Stevens - a break from those Whitney wannabes.

Obviously, I don't like the ff people:
1) Matt - mediocre. I hate his "rough" personality.
2) Amy - boring. Her "bubbliness" and pink hair don't do a thing for me.

04.03.28, 10:52 PM
I finally got to watch the episode where Jasmine sang after hearing all the rave reviews from other people on how good she was. Siguro I was expecting na too much kasi when I heard her sing, I thought she was pretty good. Kaya lang I found her as good as the average magaling singer in Manila, if you get what I mean... yung tipong Sarah Geronimo type of talent. But I hope she makes it into the top 3 para may Pinay!

04.03.29, 01:49 PM
Her Group 4 performance wasn't that great. You can hear some flats. However, her performance in the results show was perfect! She nailed that Whitney song. I don't know if you guys noticed that. Randy and Paula even gave her a standing O. :)

Papa Bear
04.03.29, 07:39 PM
Uy! May followers pala dito ng American Idol 3... okey a! Big thing dito sa Australia yan... may Australian Idol nga rin e.

My bets are quite different to Hashpipe's. I personally like the following:

George Huff - great voice, great personality, could use and image makeover but definitely this guy can go the distance. If a guy wins, gusto siya ang manalo.

Jasmine Trias - of course Pinoys rule! Her performance sa Country genre wasn't as powerful, pero nonetheless she's a strong contender. Compared to Camille, she has more confidence and better stage presence.

Latoya London - very soulful voice and adds her own style to the songs she sings. I prefer her over Fantasia kasi Fantasia sounds too much like Macy Gray.

Diana Degarmo - another great voice and strong stage presence. I find her and Jasmine neck-and-neck. Magkakatalo na lang siguro sa song selection.

All the rest are okay, but not idol material I feel. Buti na lang natanggal na si Matt kasi di ko talaga siya ma-take...

OOOPS! I just realized after reading the posts here na BEHIND ata pala kayo sa episodes, hehehe. Here in Australia we're pretty much up-to-date... nasa FINALS na kami and 10 na lang out of 12 ang natitira. (I can give spoilers if you guys want, hehehe). :)

Moderator's note: You can view the spoiler portion by highlighting it (click and drag in-between the spoiler tags). :)

04.03.29, 08:25 PM
We are two weeks behind here but I am updated (I download videos and mp3s). Ingat lang po sa info kase baka ayaw ma-spoil ng iba. Unfair naman po sa kanila. Anyway, I edited it in such a way na pwede nila malaman kung gusto lang nila. :)

George Huff is ok but his husky, rough sound is kinda getting old for me.

Fantasia sounds even better than Macy Gray, IMO. It's funny because you cannot say that she sounds original...but still, you don't get to hear that kind of voice often. Silang dalawa nga lang kilala ko na ganoon ang style. LaToya, however, is soooo WHITNEY. Halos lahat ng sumasali sa mga singing competition eh ginagaya siya. Nakakasawa na. That's the reason why I find her boring and unoriginal. She is a consistent singer though.

Jasmine...in my opinion, is kinda, err, fake. You know that teen star attitude na pa-sweet effect? Parang ganun.

By the way, I love Australian Idol Guy Sebastian's version of What A Wonderful World. I think he's a pretty good singer...may pagka-ngongo nga lang. Hehe. :)

Papa Bear
04.04.01, 08:37 PM
No problem brother Hashpipe. I'll be careful not to spoil things for the rest... not unless gusto nila, hehehe. ;)

So fan ka rin pala ni Guy Sebastian eh? He's pretty good actually, although my mom thinks he sounds like a higher pitched Ariel Rivera. Have you heard his top-40 single: "All I Need is You"? Pretty cool and they just released a version that samples the bassline of "Best of My Love" by the Emotions. I think he's due to release his 2nd album soon.

Also, sumikat din ba dyan si ever-so-sincere idol reject William Hung? Grabe sobrang funny yet nakakahanga siya. Taas-kamay ako sa attitude niya talaga. Who says you need to win American Idol to become a superstar o diba? For those not familiar with him, check out his website for streaming audio and video of his audition and other performances here:


04.04.02, 01:26 PM
I haven't heard anything from Guy Sebastian except for "What A Wonderful World." I will try to look it up, thanks. :)

William Hung is sikat, I guess. Well, for the fans of the show lang siguro...pero na TV Patrol siya and his performance sa UCLA ata 'yun. He is so adorable and endearing pero I don't like the fact that someone offered him a singing contract. Obviously, gusto lang siyang perahan. Parang ang mean rin ng dating because alam naman natin na pagtatawanan lang naman ng mga tao ang pagkanta niya. And to get something (money) from that? Ang sama.

04.04.06, 05:57 PM
I just heard Guy Sebastian's Angels Brought Me Here. Kinda good. :)

04.04.06, 07:38 PM
Di ako makarelate ....hahahaha...wala kse kaming cable e..... :D

04.04.08, 12:17 PM
Aww, too bad Filipina-Hawaiian Camille Velasco was booted out tonight. Sorry if I spilled the beans. It's kinda sad to see her go knowing that there's some who are not as good as her but then stayed. The two Filipina-Hawaiians were the ones on the bottom tonight, and unsurprisingly, Camille was the unlucky one.

*Highlight the portion in between the spoiler tags if you want to read it. Sundan natin na coverage eh yung sa Star World...delayed kase 'yun ng 2 weeks.

04.04.22, 12:58 PM
haha di ko mabasa, kulay white kasi yung font :D

04.04.22, 05:46 PM
Alex, ako ang nagpapalit ng kulay into white kase SPOILER yung post eh. Kawawa naman yung mga ayaw ma-spoil, di ba? Eh mababasa mo pa naman rin yan if you're into spoilers. Just click and drag the portion in between the spoiler tags. :)

04.04.22, 07:09 PM
By the way, reruns of the show are being shown in ABC 5, Mondays to Fridays, 6PM to 7PM. :)

04.04.23, 02:24 AM
Personally I think this is the worst AI season so far. There's nobody good. And the judges keep on pimping the Shriekers. Good thing one of them's gone. Yay. Now if they can get rid of Chris Tucker's twin sister next....:D

04.04.23, 03:31 AM
Hmmm...sa akin naman, based on the number of talents in the top 10/12...the worst is Season 1. Si Kelly lang talaga at si Tamyra ang magaling (for me). Though Kelly is really really talented. Talagang treasure ang nahanap nila in her.

Season 2, I liked Clay, Kimberley Locke and Ruben. Trenyce is ok rin.

This season, ok lang naman. I'm all for LaToya now though. Fantasia's kinda getting old. I only want her if she's singing uptempo songs. One less diva na nga sa Battle of the Divas. Sayang natanggal siya nung kelan pa siya nag-iimprove. :)

04.05.02, 08:17 AM
Basta ako kay William Hung!!! ;D

04.12.29, 07:11 PM
January 19 may American Idol 4 na...

04.12.29, 08:35 PM
Yeah, I can't wait! Papalitan ko na lang thread title nito kapag sobrang lapit na!

05.01.22, 12:54 PM
Nag start ha dba?

Kamusta naman yung first two shows para sa inyo?

regards to all :)

05.01.24, 01:16 AM
Yes, it already started. 2 episodes per week. Eto schedule:


Wednesdays: 4pm (Via Satellite) / 8pm (Primetime telecast) / 11:30pm (Replay)
Thursdays: 2:30am (Replay) / 11am (Replay)

Thursdays: 4pm (Via Satellite) / 8pm (Primetime telecast) / 11:30pm (Replay)
Fridays: 2:30am (Replay) / 11am (Replay)


I heard...

Wednesdays: 10 pm (EPISODE A)
Thursdays: 10 pm (EPISODE:B)

Natawa ako sa ibang nag-audition...like, some are obviously bad and just wanted some face time on camera. Sobrang natawa ako kay MARY ROACH...papalitan niya raw pangalan niya into MARY BILGOUX kung mapapalad siya mapunta sa Hollywood round of the competition! Haha! Grabe sya...marami raw siyang voices...pati voices in her head, nakakarinig raw sya! Hehehe! ;D

05.01.25, 12:12 PM
Hahaha tama ka jan kuya napanood namin yan ni Satriani one night na nanonood lang kami tapos nakita ko sa channel 5 yung babaeng tinutukoy mo. Graaabeeee as in grabe yung confidence level nya no. hehehe.

Pero have you read about the news sa Inquirer Entertainment about the Filipino na nanalo sa "Denmark Idol?" Astig nga yung lalaking yun eh. Filipino and yet nanalo sa isang contest sa ibang bansa? tapos nandito sya sa Pilipinas para mag promote ng Album nya. Pangalan nya eh Christian. Denmark Idol eh yung parang American Idol sa Denmark. Isipin na lang natin ang daming tao dun tapos Pilipino ang manananalo? WOW as in wow talaga. I m proud of this person. Mukhang bata pa naman sya.

05.01.28, 06:12 PM
Napanood ko na rin sa tv yung sinasabi ni Vannie nung isang araw. Nagulat pa nga ako nag salita ng Danish.

May Fil-Am bang makakapasok?

regards to all :)

05.01.28, 09:56 PM
Just heard it from the tv news just as i am reading this thread... and yup! may nakapasok raw na Filipina accordingly!

05.01.28, 11:19 PM
A cocktail waitress named Sharon Galvez who auditioned in Las Vegas is, I believe, a Filipina. She's through to Hollywood! She sang the chorus of Whitney Houston's Saving All My Love. Powerful voice.


05.01.29, 11:57 AM
:D kuya haspipe oo nga mukha nga syang pilipina napanood ko yan ang humanga sila paula abdul, simon and yung dalawang judge.... kasi she has a powerful voice and kuha nya yung notes ng song.... Galing galing naman nya.... ;) Nakakaaliw 2ng American idol, lagi ako nanonood ng American idol Grabe belib ng mga kano sa sarili nila... ;D

05.01.29, 04:46 PM
Napanood ko yung audition nitong Sharon Galvez...

Maganga nga ang boses nya at pati yung falsetto nya sa huli "on the money." Sabi nga nila Randy Jackson "good note..."

Sana tumagal siya.

Meron pa bang Fil-Am? Parang meron pang isa lalaki, yung hindi pinarinig yung boses parang Filipino sounding name rin...

regards to all :)

05.01.30, 11:23 AM
You're probably talking about Mario Vazquez. He seems more like a Puerto Rican or somewhere from Latin America. :)


OH! And remember the 2nd batch of Smokey Mountain (after Geneva Cruz, Tony Lambino and Jeffrey Hidalgo)? The group had 2 new girls, right? Chedi Vergara was one. The other? ZHAR SANTOS...now known as SHARON GALVEZ! Do you remember her now? ;)

05.01.30, 07:19 PM
Oo nga kaka-interview pa lang nya sa... "THE BUZZZ!" kanina over the phone.

Pwede ba yun? Professional na siya sa Pilipinas tapos punta siya sa American Idol, as an amateur?

Malaki ang advantage niya kasi first of all, dumaan siya kay Ryan Cayabyab. Tapos may experience na siya mag-perform. Meron siyang "unfair advantage" so to speak sa iba.

Nagtatanong lang...

regards to all :)

05.02.01, 09:01 AM
Oo nga no Sharon Galver was a Professional singer na (shes's in the group Smokey Mountain) , Parang i remember bawal nga mga professional singer sa american idol dapat mga amature lang, pero sana ok lang yun kasi she's good and she has the talent.... hope she can make it hangang finals...... yehey may pinoy nanaman sa american i dol nakaka excite :D

05.02.01, 07:22 PM
ohhh, ganon? professional na cia? hmmmmm.. mkasulat nga sa Staff ng American Idol para i-disqualify siya! hehehe! joke, joke, joke! :P

no, but honestly.. if there's such rule na bawal nga ang Professional from other country, and that Sharon Galvez is considered to be one here in the Philippines... it doesnt feel complete happiness for me to see her winning that title, kasi nga unfair naman sa iba.

in any case, im happy to have seen a Filipina talent there abroad! I wish her Good luck! :D

05.02.01, 11:21 PM
The rule in American Idol is that you are not eligible to join IF you have a CURRENT music recording contract. Sharon is no longer a recording artist, therefore, making her eligible. ;)

You are ineligible if, as of the date of your audition, you have any type of contract for talent representation (for example, a talent agent or manager), a music recording contract, an acting contract, a merchandising agreement, or any other contractual arrangement that would prohibit you from entering into a management contract, recording contract, talent contract, acting contract and/or merchandising contract. You are also ineligible if you made it to the top 30 contestants of Season 1 of "America Idol" or the top 32 contestants of Seasons 2 or 3 of "American Idol."

05.02.02, 01:47 AM
10 bucks says she'll bail out after someone reports her. Wether by being kicked out or because of the bad publicity she might get when the voters get wind of that trivia.

Kahit walang rule against FORMER professional artists, i think medyo understood na dapat in good faith yon.

05.02.04, 12:24 PM
Pero kung makakalusot siya malaki ang advantage niya kasi sanay na siya sa hirap. Balita ko slave-driver si Ryan Cayabyab... Kayang kaya na nya si Simon Cowell.

regards to all :)

05.02.04, 03:24 PM
Ryan Cayabyab? Slave-driver? Gosh...katakot! Hehe! Kapitbahay mo 'yun, di ba?

I can't wait for the next episode. Sa Hollywood na sila. May isang babae sa preview na nanigas sa stage sa sobrang nerbiyos...sinugod sa ospital. Hehe!

05.02.04, 06:48 PM
Grabe... naaaliw talaga ako sa palabas na ito.
Di naman talaga ako nanonood nito eh..
On my curiousity, one time pinanood ko ito..
Then yun... lagi ko nang inaabangan..


Imbis na natutulog tuloy ako ng diretso sa tanghali eh napipilitan akong i-alarm ang cell ko ng 4pm para lang mapanood ko at masubaybayan ko ang AMERICAN IDOL.. hayyyy! 8)

05.02.10, 09:29 AM
it's great to have a fellow Filipino na kasama sa foreign competition...

05.02.10, 11:06 AM
I have a question though.
Are these so called "Filipino" contestants really Filipino?
I mean the nation celebrated the winnings of Jasmine Trias last time but she is not actually a Filipino, American citizen na sya di ba?
Nagtatanong lang po.

05.02.10, 11:18 AM
A good question...

Pero for me, even if the are not Filipinos by citizenship, since they are Filipinos by heritage, proud na rin ako sa kanila.

Pero sa atin-atin lang, yung mga Fil-am don lalampasuhin ng mga taga-dito. Yung mga nandoon pang KTV lang dito. Ganon ang talent ng Pinoy!

regards to all :)

05.02.10, 01:35 PM
mas dapat siguro tayong ma proud dun sa mga home grown talents natin.. like LOBOK CHOIR.. they won an international competion pero di na recognize katulad ng kay Jasmin (Kamukha daw sya ni LILO, ha ha ha)

05.02.10, 06:41 PM
Oo nga ano?

Kung sa bagay, same place nanggaling...

regards to all :)

05.02.10, 07:12 PM
Of course they are American citizens...or else they'll be disqualified. Pinag-uusapan naman dito eh yung ethnicity/heritage. Since si Jasmine, Camile, etc ay ganun, nagiging proud na rin tayo for them.

Di naman siguro sa dapat mas maging proud tayo sa homegrown talents...I say, dapat EQUAL ang level ng parangal natin sa mga pinoy na nagbibigay parangal sa ating bansa.

Buhay pa rin si Sharon Galvez...YAHOO! :)

05.02.11, 01:18 PM
Oh, Yes.. I agree with Kuya Punzi..
Filipino heritage... so long as there's a Filipino blood and a good role model on their field.. thats worth to be proud of!

Lalampasuhin nga ng mga noypi.. heheh! agree na naman ako dun Kuya Punzi ;D :P

Yoohooo... sana tuluy tuloy na si Sharon Galvez. :D

Teka.. ilan na lang po ban ang natitira ngayon??

05.02.11, 01:32 PM
I agree with your opinion, kayang ilampaso ng pinoy ang ibat-ibang bansa, well, kahit saan larangan naman e magaling ang pinoy..

sa dami na bang napanalunang competition ng mga pinoy e, considering maliit na bansa lang tayo, kahit nga sa sports na wala naman d2 sa pinas ay nananalo pa rin tayo like sa ice skating (overall champion tayo dun sa isang competition) sa kantahan pa kaya. :)

i predict papasok si Sharon Galvez sa top 10. :)


05.02.16, 07:09 PM
Just received a text msg..

is this true??? out na ang ating si Sharon Galvez??? ???
hayyyyyy.... :( :-[ :'(

05.02.17, 12:01 AM
sad to say... confirmed, SHARON GALVES is one of the casualties in AI4. napanood ko kahapon.....

05.02.17, 01:05 AM
Yep, she's out. Kinda disappointing.

But I guess it might be because of her image. She might have been looked as "too old" for the competition. Or that she's a bit going over the top when she sings. Ah well...

Si David Brown ang inaabangan ko. Yung mga time na pinakitang kumanta siya, sobrang galeng. Natahimik ako at tumaas balahibo ko. Hehe. ;D

05.02.17, 02:34 PM
Ay mali pala prediction ko hehehe! bagsak ang career ko sa panghuhula..

05.03.17, 01:46 AM
Nag withdraw pala si Mario Vasquez. Hindi ko naabutan kung bakit.

Kaya nakabalik si Nikko Smith.

Sayang magaling pa naman yun si Mario.

regards to all :)

05.03.17, 02:01 AM
There's actually no clear reason as to why he withdrew from the competition, Punzi. Sinasabi niya lang eh "personal reasons."

05.03.17, 10:58 AM
ang totoo, medyo tinamad na akong manood nung nalaman ko na wala na pala si Sharon Galvez. Sayang talaga no? :(

05.03.17, 05:01 PM
yeah, sinabi sa akin ng officemate ko na nag-quit nga si Mario Vasquez (as usual, di ko napanood)... bakit kaya?

Hashpipe pustahan tayo ma-oout si anwar... heheheh

05.03.17, 05:30 PM
Niknok, sayang. You're missing the greatness of ANWAR (and Bo).

Jon2, pwede naman mangyari yun. Lahat naman posible sa American Idol. Pero wish ko lang hindi. So far, siya ang leading sa mga polls to win this thing.

05.03.18, 08:23 AM
Si Lindsey Cardinale ang unang na-dale...

Ok lang. She gave the weakest performance. Pero tama yung mga judges weak silang lahat, except yung mga rockers. Baka kinakabog lang...Yung dalawang rockista mga sanay na kasi.

regards to all :)

05.03.31, 06:26 AM
best performer si vonzell kahapon...

anthony and scott naman ang medyo di ok... i'm guessing either of the two ang mawawala ngayong hapon.

05.03.31, 08:40 AM
Medyo disappointing ang mga contestants ngayon. Hindi katulad last year kitang kita mo may mga stars talaga. Ngayon, walang nag-stand out.

Pero Jon2 bilib rin ako dyan kay Vonzell. Magaling siyang mag-project sa camera.

regards to all :)

05.04.01, 04:29 AM
whoa! i'm surprised sa results... jessica was voted out samantalang nasa safe si scott?

even anwar was one of the three who got the lowest votes this week.

05.04.01, 09:56 PM
Para kasi silang hindi marurunong pumili ng kanta...

Wag dapat silang gumamit ng kinanta na ng mga previous finalists...

Siguro mga "themed" music na next week hindi na "decade" basis...

just some random thoughts...

regards to all... :)

05.05.13, 01:08 PM
final 3 na...


05.05.15, 01:41 PM
oh.... di pa pala tapos i2?
magagaling ba yung mga natira ngayon compared last season?

05.05.16, 10:21 PM
Sa akin lang ito ha?

Mas magaling yung last year...

regards to all :)

05.05.17, 12:19 AM
Eto sa akin lang rin... :P

Definitely na mas magaling ang last, last year (Kimberley Locke, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard). :P

Though gusto ko si Bo. :)

05.05.18, 04:08 PM


05.05.18, 04:25 PM
GRABE! BO!!!!!!!

05.05.26, 05:18 PM
Nanalo si Carrie :D

(still, i like bo's performances over hers)

congrats to the new american idol