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08.06.19, 10:06 AM
Part 1: Improve Body Posture for Better Singing

During a singing performance, your body posture is extremely
important. It affects how well you're able to project your voice
and reach those low and high notes.

Note the positioning of your arms while singing. Lift your arms
slightly away from your body. Your arms should not be glued to
your side.

If you are not holding a microphone, you can clasp your
hands in front or bring your arms a bit forward to your sides. The
arms should be flexible and relaxed - not stiff. This position
enables you to fill your lungs to capacity and expand your ribcage.

You'll get more air and be able to sing more clearly and strongly.

When hitting high notes, raise your arms slightly higher than
usual. For low notes, do the opposite.

How to Hold Your Feet and Knees while Singing

Your feet should be around shoulder's width apart. You can place
one foot further forward than the other foot to help keep your
balance. Never lock your knees in one position - you might faint
on stage! Bend your knees slightly for added balance and comfort.

If you're planning to sing while sitting, keep your feet planted
flat on the floor. Sit in a straight position, but avoid
stiffness. And, don't forget to breathe while sitting.

Relax and Sing!

Finally, practice relaxation while singing. It's very difficult to
sing when under a lot of tension. Relax your shoulders and neck
while singing. When nervous, try relaxation exercises to release
the tension.

Try to stay in motion slightly while singing, even if
it's just an unnoticeable sway to the rhythm. When breathing in,
avoid forcing your chest outward; it can constrict the air flow.

As you can see, good body posture can make a tremendous difference
in your performance.

Practice these positions and techniques often and you'll be singing
better before you know it!

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naks! thanks for posting that here! that really helps for me ^__^