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05.01.15, 07:07 PM
as usual di ako sure sa name nito pero gusto ko ang mga reflections... good way to start the day... err, on my case, good way before getting to sleep....

di ba sponsored ng jmm ito?

also, i think i've been hearing na one of mub's prizes include a cd of any jmm album.

05.01.16, 02:16 AM
kape't panDASAL is the title of the 90-minute daily reflection at the beginning of magandang umaga bayan in abscbn. 5 different Jesuits are featured--one for each day of the week-- who will give a short reflection on a particular topic relevant to the season or the feast we celebrate on that day (e.g. Christmas, Christ the King, etc.).

kape't pandasal is pre-recorded around a month before it is actually shown on tv. The shoot is held in Studio A at JesCom.

kape't pandasal is a JesCom production. And yes, there is a portion where cds of JMM artists (JMM, being part of JesCom as its music ministry arm) are given away.

Glad to hear that some of you are able to catch it early in the morning. Ako kasi hindi. hehehe...

05.01.16, 07:17 PM
salamat ate jowi, kape at panDASAL pala.... yup, napapanuod ko pero paminsan minsan lang... minsan kasi e knockdown na ako pagkadating galing office... hehehe...

i remember one time nasabi sa reflection na merong isang tao nagsabing takot siyang awayin ang Diyos then meron isa nagsabi, gusto nyang awayin ang Diyos dahil alam nya na matatalo sya.... medyo nagulat ako sa narinig ko pero the message tells something about surrendering yourself to Him... then i said... aaahhh, yun pala... heheheh....

tapos background pa e jmm song... ganda... naalala ko tuloy ang sunday for skeptics...

05.10.24, 03:09 PM
uy happy anniversary sa program na ito!!!

ito ang laging nagsisimula ng araw ko ;)

always in tuned at ang lagi kong naririnig e si brother nono ang nagsasalita... hahahah...

more years (and prayers) to come!!!

05.10.28, 07:00 PM
Speaking of panDasal, who'd like to take part in the future episodes of the program or be part of it?

How'd you like to become one of the Jesuits? :-)
Dali na, 'Come and follow Him'. Always for the Greater Glory of God, focused on Jesus and letting Him be physically present through the Eucharist, and through works of love?

Don't know where to post this...kaya dito na lang ;-D


The Jesuit Priests and Brothers invite male college students & young professionals to:

Jesuit Vocation Seminars

The Garage, Ateneo de Manila University, QUEZON CITY
Nov. 27, 2005, Sunday, 8am to 5pm
Contact: (0 2) 426-6101 (Jesuit Vocation Promotions)

Mirador Jesuit Villa, BAGUIO CITY
Nov. 27, 2005, Sunday, 8am to 4PM
Contact: (0 74) 445-7299 (Mirador Retreat House)

St. Paul College, Vigan, ILOCOS SUR
Dec 3, 2005 Saturday, 8am to 5pm

FOR ALL AREAS: 0927 218 4567 (Xave Olin, SJ)
0927 649 2119 (Shio Cruz, SJ)

05.10.29, 09:47 AM

Were glad you posted again in our forum. Pls do join us in one of our service sa EDSA Shrine.

As you very well know, hokanu is one of the FIVE onliners na nag jamming sa GESU... of course with Dakilang Ojen, Jon2, hashpipe, and yours truly.


Left to Right: Hokanu, Jon2, Ojen_G, Alexander, hashpipe.

05.10.30, 04:58 PM
at bakit kasama na naman ako dyan?

me bayad na pag susunod... hahahah....

(onliners, as you can see, kuya alex is the biggest... me next. heheheh)

ako gusto ko take part sa program kaso pang background lang.. heheheh...

hokanu, musta yung cd? galing di ba? buti naman at nagpost ka dito. miss ka na ni tatay alex e.