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05.04.03, 07:25 AM
Pope John Paul died last night 2April2005 (early morning of 3April2005 in the Philippines).

I am happy for him, for he is with God in His heavenly kingdom. ;D

His death basically means that his mission on earth is done...and what a very accomplished mission it was.

There will be a time for mourning, but there must also be a time for joy...because of what he has done to us Catholics and to whole world.

He has done a great job.
He's the shepherd of the world.

I hope that the next pope will be as effective as Pope John Paul II.


05.04.03, 07:59 AM
We love you Pope John Paul II

05.04.03, 10:27 AM
Here is a link
to liturgical resources for use in the event of the death of the pope
on the website of the U.S. Catholic bishops


It contains prayers, lists of hymns, etc.

05.04.03, 09:04 PM
pope john paul ii has always been an inspiration... he has definitely told (and in ways, continues to tell) the world of His love

05.04.04, 09:15 AM
it was because of him that my faith was strengthened. these was during the wyd here in MNL. we'll miss him. please pray not only for his soul but also for the whole catholic church as well and for the new pope.

05.04.04, 11:11 AM
Pope John Paul II a holy man, he stopped communism in Europe, the only Pope who has entered and prayed in a mosque, the pope who has travelled around the world to spread God's mesage, the pope who has created strong bonds with other religion, a very strict pope yet very warm and cheerful, He has led the church firmly despite all of his diseases, surgical operations, and assasination attempts, He showed his love, especially to us, youth.

We Love You John Paul The Great! :)

05.04.04, 11:13 AM
Thank God walang American Cardinal na candidate for Papacy


05.04.04, 03:42 PM
Pope John Paul II, a spiritual Giant

Thank you.. Karol

05.04.04, 09:18 PM
Bakit Satriani? What's with American cardinals?

05.04.04, 09:40 PM
Baka dahil sila yung nag kunsinte sa mga sex scandals involving priests sa US diba? :)

How I wish me Filipino Cardinal na candidate :)

05.04.04, 10:57 PM
Oo nga, sana meron Pilipinong candidate for Papacy....

05.04.05, 12:58 AM
But would that be fair, Alex? Wouldn't you fault it to the specific person who commited the crime? Is it fair to judge the whole American Cardinals for it? Tell me what I'm missing.

Edited to add: I can now see why that would be valid. Leadership has a lot to do with it. So yeah, maybe the sex scandals in the US hurt their chances. Still bothered with Satriani's statement though.

05.04.05, 06:15 AM
Oo nga, sana meron Pilipinong candidate for Papacy....

Meron nga tatlo pero malabo ma-elect.

1. Jaime Cardinal Sin. Eligible to vote pero nakita sa video kagabi hirap na rin...
2. Jose Sanchez- non-elector kasi above 80 na pero pwede pa rin iboto. Wala ako masyadong alam as kanya
3. Cardinal Ricardo Vidal- best bet pero hindi matunog...


05.04.05, 10:32 AM
Same with me During World Youth Day when I personally met Him as in malapitan. Ibang klaseng experience especially the quadri centennial mass. I think for me is the biggest gathering of choir and to be part of that choir is one hell of experience...

05.04.05, 10:50 AM
A Prayer for Grieving the Loss of Pope John Paul II:

Our Father, Lord God,

Thank you for giving to the world John Paul II

as a holy image of your fatherhood

and a living example of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for giving to ME

this image of your fatherhood

and living example of Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit, you are the Comforter;

Comfort me, and

comfort all the grieving everywhere.

Holy Spirit, you are the Power of God;

Guide all the decisions and discernment

that will take place over the next several days

to provide us with YOUR choice of a new pope.

Jesus Christ, you are the Savior

who takes the faithful home to the eternal embrace of love.

I give you my Holy Father, despite my sorrow.

Take John Paul II immediately to the heart of Father God,

and grant that he may now begin to intercede for me

05.04.05, 01:33 PM
from AYC PYM Youth Prayer for JPII

At the Santuario del Sto Cristo Parish, San Juan beside Aquinas

From 5:45 to 10:30pm on April 06.

Please wear white tops and bring a stem of white rose and candle.

05.04.06, 06:20 PM
Let's all be together in expressing our love to the pope! THE ECY invites all ppol tomorrow for a memorial vigil for the pope from 5 to 9pm at the football grounds of UST, Manila. Bring the following:
3.sitting mat
Thank you very much !!!! Please pass to others. See you tomorrow
Anyway whoever will be the next pope, as everybody concerns, the next pope should"follow the same path of Pope John Paul II, he should guide us in this crisis that the world is facing". ;)

05.04.07, 11:48 AM
bakit puro sobrang tanda na ng mga candidate for papacy..
like around 60s and 70s???

hindi ba pwedeng medyo bata like around 40s? para at least healthy talaga ang Pope diba?

05.04.07, 07:28 PM
Based on history and what a bishop said on an interview I watched, eh yung mga matutunog daw na mga pangalan for papacy eh hindi nae-elect. So speculating "daw" is rather pointless because history proves them wrong.

05.04.07, 08:32 PM
Pope John Paul II may not be with us now physically but he and his teachings will stay in our hearts forever. He's really one of the greatest popes in the history. In return, we should continue to follow what he had started.

05.04.07, 08:54 PM
I'm gonna miss the Easter Masses & Christmas Masses that he had celebrated at the Vatican, specially through the messages that he sent to all countries, including the Philippines, lalo na when he spoke in Filipino. Very impressive and inspiring. I'm gonna miss he's message of assurance; "be not afraid" and continue to "tell the world of His love."

Meron ba sa mga BP members na delegate ng World Youth Day '95? I hope you'll also share your experience.

05.04.07, 10:17 PM
Based on history and what a bishop said on an interview I watched, eh yung mga matutunog daw na mga pangalan for papacy eh hindi nae-elect. So speculating "daw" is rather pointless because history proves them wrong.

hahaha! kakatuwa naman yun?
so meron bang mga filipino candidates na matunog?

05.04.07, 10:25 PM
lahat naman daw ng mga cardinals eh candidates to be a next vicar of the church. so, kahit si cardinal vidal ng cebu ay kandidato.

05.04.09, 02:40 PM

05.04.11, 01:25 PM
(Yaken from Soulfood Newsletter)


As a way of mourning for his death, I won't be answering questions today.

The Pope isn't the CEO of an organization, but our spiritual father.

And so we, his children, mourn.

In the past days, I'm sure you've read lots of stuff about what the Pope has done - his accomplishment, his legacy...

But I'd like to write my own list and tell you why I love this Pope...
1. He asked for forgiveness
This tops my list. My knowledge of church history is rusty, but I can't recall any other Pontiff asking forgiveness the way he did for the sins of the Church to humanity. I believe that a leader must be humble - and broken - or else he cannot serve well.
2. He reached out towards past "enemies"
For two thousand years, there had been bloody wars and persecution between Catholics and Jews, and between Catholics and Muslims.
So what did this Pope do? He was the first Pope to pray before the Wailing Wall of the Jews in Jerusalem. And he also was the first Pope to step into a mosque, and visit twenty Muslim countries in his pontificate.
3. He went out of his way to meet people.
He didn't wait in Rome for the people to come to him - as the past Popes have done. Instead, he had 104 pastoral visits across the globe.
4. He took the side of the poor.
He urged the rich nations to forgive the debt of poor nations. He also urged a more humane globalization - and rejected the aggressive globalization espoused by the West.
5. He said "no" to the Iraq war.
He took a tough stand. Through a special envoy, he told President Bush that the war cannot be justified legally or morally. He basically told him that if he invaded Iraq, God won't be on his side.
6. He championed human rights - including those of the unborn
The Pope stood his ground and fought the culture of death in every front. He didn't flinch in his belief in the sanctity of life - from conception to natural death.
7. He served amidst his own suffering.
Aside from the burden of being Pope over a billion Catholics, he had serious health problems. Aside from an assassination attempt that weakened him, he also suffered Parkinson's disease. Yet he continued to serve to the very end.

I could go on and on, because he was one of the greatest men who ever lived in recent times. But all the praise in the world won't mean a thing to him.

The best way to appreciate the man is to follow his example.

To ask for forgiveness.
To reach out to past enemies.
To go out of our way to meet people.

You can write me at bomail@shepherdsvoice.com.ph

I remain your friend,

Bo Sanchez

actually wala namang specific na kandidato.. pipili sila among themselves.. so ang makakuha ng 2/3 + 1 iyon ang next pope

05.04.13, 08:38 AM
just want to share...
I don't care if below story is true or not, ang pinaniniwalaan ko e GINAWA nya talaga to...hanggang huling hininga n'ya, ang iniisip n'ya ay tayo pa rin.

Last moments of John Paul II

Rome, Apr. 03 (CWNews.com) - The Vatican press office released the followingfficial statement by papal spokesman Joaquin Navarro Valls regarding the sequence of events preceding and following Pope John Paul's
death on Saturday:

"At 8 p.m. the celebration of Mass for Divine Mercy Sunday began in the Holy Father's room, presided by Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz with the participation of Cardinal Marian Jaworski, of Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko and of Msgr. Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki.

"During the course of the Mass, the Viaticum was administered to the Holy Father and, once again, the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.

"The Holy Father's final hours were marked by the uninterrupted prayer of all those who were assisting him in his pious death, and by the choral participation in prayer of the thousands of faithful who, for many hours, had been gathered in St. Peter's Square.

"Present at the moment of the death of John Paul II were: his two personal secretaries Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz and Msgr. Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki, Cardinal Marian Jaworski, Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko, Fr. Tadeusz Styczen, the three nuns, Handmaidens of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who assist in the Holy Father's apartment, guided by the Superior Sr. Tobiana Sobodka, and the Pope's personal physician Dr. Renato Buzzonetti, with the two doctors on call, Dr. Alessandro Barelli and Dr. Ciro D'Allo, and the two nurses on call.

"Immediately afterwards Cardinal Secretary of State Angelo Sodano arrived, as did the camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church, Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo, Archbishop Leonardo Sandri, substitute of the Secretariat of State, and Archbishop Paolo Sardi, vice-camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church.

"Thereafter, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (bio - news), dean of the College of Cardinals, and Cardinal Jozef Tomko also arrived."

The first announcement of the Pope's death came from Navarro-Valls who, minutes after the Holy Father expired, sent an email to journalists informing them of the event. A formal announcement from Archbishop Sandri to the tens of thousands gathered in St. Peter's Square. "Our Holy Father, John Paul, has returned to the house of the Father," he said. "We all feel like orphans this evening."

As the end of his life approached, the Holy Father reportedly dictated a message for the Catholic faithful to his secretary: "I am happy and you should be happy too. Do not weep. Let us pray together with joy."

Father Jarek Cielecki, director of a Vatican TV station, gave more of the details of the Holy Father's last moments: "The Holy Father died looking towards the window as he prayed, and that shows that in some way he was conscious," Cielecki said. "A short while before dying, the Pope raised his right hand in a clear, although simply hinted at, gesture of blessing, as if He became aware of the crowd of faithful present in St Peter's Square, who in those moments were following the reciting of the Rosary," he added. "Just after the prayer ended, the Pope made a huge effort and pronounced the word 'Amen'. A moment later, he died."


05.04.15, 11:30 PM
Special Song for Pope John Paul II


Holy Father
Here we gather
John Paul II
We love you (repeat)

You're the Roman Pontiff
You're the Vicar of Christ
In the words that you speak to us
And the letters you write
You bring hope to our lives

You're the Shepherd of Bishops
You're the voice of the Church
Your holiness nourishes
All across this earth
You bring hope to our lives

You're the Valiant Defender
Of our beautiful faith
You're the Pilgrim Leader
Of World Youth Day
You bring hope to our lives

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05.04.19, 10:19 PM

05.04.27, 09:56 PM
:) Even we though we have no personal contact he touches my life greatly. I even remember January, 1995, marked a historical date in the Philippines because John Paul II declared the 10th world youth day. I saw thousands of young people crowded at the Rizal Park.

Waving handkerchiefs, and putting their banner up, they chanted in unison "John Paul II, we love you!" and putting a smile on the Pope's kind face. Pope John II encouraged the youth to give themselves totally to the lord. Now that Pope John Paul II is gone here on earth, and his soul is in heaven, let us always keep in mind all the good he has done for the church and for all of us.

10.03.24, 01:21 PM
Benedict XVI to celebrate Mass for anniversary of JP II's death

Vatican City, Mar 23, 2010 / 10:52 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Benedict will celebrate a Mass on Monday, March 29, marking the fifth anniversary of the death of Venerable John Paul II. The late Pope's death, at the age of 84, occurred on April 2, 2005 after battling Parkinson's disease.

Just over one month after John Paul II's death, his cause for beatification was formally opened. The near immediate initiation of his cause was made possible by Pope Benedict XVI waiving the five-year waiting period the Church law normally requires before beginning the sainthood process.

In April 2007, the diocesan phase of the cause of beatification was concluded, as all of the testimony on the life of the late Pontiff had been gathered together. Then, last December, Benedict XVI signed a decree recognizing JPII's life of heroic virtue, giving him the title, “Venerable.”

Last month, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, who was John Paul II’s personal secretary for 40 years, told participants at a Colombian conference that the late-Pope's beatification process “is practically finished.”

“In order for the beatification to take place,” he added, “it is important that the Church recognizes a miracle in which he has interceded. There is a case that is currently being investigated and it is of the miraculous healing of a French nun suffering from Parkinson’s.”

The date of John Paul II's beatification is not yet determined

familia singles
10.04.04, 11:42 PM
Parang kelan lang ng mamatay si Pope John Paul II. Ngayon, limang taon na palang nakalilipas. I remember that he died on Divine Mercy Sunday 2005 (Sunday after Easter). May he watch over us in Heaven as he did when he was here with us on Earth. Amen.

10.04.12, 04:17 AM
wow sana nga matapos na itong process of beatification para kay pope john paul the 2.

10.04.12, 05:43 AM
wow sana nga matapos na itong process of beatification para kay pope john paul the 2.

Alam kong hindi masama ang inyong mga hangarin; sa totoo, mabubuti ang inyong mga puso.
Pero marami tayong hindi nalalaman, kaya dapat mag-ingat tayo sa mga sinasabi.

Para sa akin, hindi tama na minamadali ang pagkikilala ng kabanalan ni Papa Juan Pablo II.

Bakit, ka ninyo.

Ayon sa patakaran, dapat maghintay nang limang taon, bago simulan ang paraan ng pagkikilala ng kabanalan ng isang tao. Itinabi ni Papa Benito XVI ang patakarang ito alang-alang kay Papa Juan Pablo II.

Ang daming nauna pang yumao kay Papa Juan Pablo II.

Si Papa Juan XXIII, na yumao bago ang karamihan sa atin ay ipinanganak, ay hindi minadali ang pagkilala ng kaniyang kabanalan. Naghihintay pa rin.

Ganoon din kay Papa Pablo VI.
Si Madre Teresa ng Calcutta naghihintay pa rin.
Si Arsobispo Oscar Romero ng San Salvador, bayani ng mga dukha, na pinaslang habang nagmimisa noong Marso 24, 1980, naghihintay pa rin.

. . . Sor Maura Clarke, Ita Ford, Dorothy Kazel, mga martir, 1980
. . . Jerzy Popieluszko, martir, 1984
. . . sa China, maraming mga pinaslang, gawa ng kanilang pagiging Kristiyano, sila'y mga martir
. . . Dorothy Day

May paborito ba ang Diyos? O mahal niya tayong lahat?

Kung may paborito man ang Diyos, di ba iyon ang mga mahihirap, mga naaapi, mga nagdurusa, mga pinaslang?

Aking kuro-kuro.

10.04.12, 06:35 AM
Agree Kuya Vic. Favorite ko man si Pope JP II, tama ka sa iyong opinion.. :)

10.04.12, 09:12 AM
@Kuya Vic: Sang-ayon ako sa iyong mga kuro-kuro. Para sa akin, isang kapusukan ang pagpapamadali sa beatipiaksyon ng yumaong Santo Papa Juan Pablo II. Hindi sa sinasabi kong hindi siya karapat-dapat maging santo, ang yamang sa akin lamang ay dapat pinaghintay muna ng ilang panahon upang makita ng lahat kung tatagal ba ang debosyon ng mga tao sa kanyang ala-ala.

Gayunpaman, hindi ko rin naman itinatanggi na sa kasaysayan ng simbahan, may ilang mga santo rin naman na hindi na pinagpapahintay ng limang taon o higit pa ang pagbubukas ng pagsusuri para sa beatipikasyon (at kanonisasyon) ng isang yumaong tao sa pagiging santo. Ganito naman kasi ang kalakaran noong una (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canonization#Historical_development_of_the_process ), ang kinakailangan lang naman ay ang pagsang-ayon ng obispo. Pero noong naisipan na ang paghihigpit sa mga patakaran, kinakailangan pa ngang magpahintay ng 100 taon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_process_of_beatification_and_canonizati on) bago pahintulutan ang pagbubukas sa pagsusuri ng beatipikasyon/kanonisasyon. Mabuti nga ngayon at limang taon na lang ang kailangang paghintayin.

10.04.12, 02:37 PM
The Better Pope

The New York Times
Published: April 11, 2010

The world didn’t always agree with Pope John Paul II, but it always seemed to love him. Handsome and charismatic, with an actor’s flair and a statesman’s confidence, he transformed the papacy from an Italian anachronism into a globe-trotting phenomenon. His authority stabilized a reeling church; his personal holiness inspired a generation of young Catholics. “Santo subito!” the Roman crowds chanted as he lay dying. Sainthood now!

They will not chant for Benedict XVI. The former Joseph Ratzinger was always going to be a harder pontiff for the world to love: more introverted than his predecessor, less political and peripatetic, with the crags and wrinkles of a sinister great-uncle. While the last pope held court with presidents and rock stars, Cardinal Ratzinger was minding the store in Rome, jousting with liberal theologians and being caricatured as “God’s Rottweiler.” His reward was supposed to be retirement, and a return to scholarly pursuits. Instead, he was summoned to Peter’s chair — and, it seems, to disaster.

The drip, drip, drip of sex abuse cases from Benedict’s past started a month ago with a serious incident: a pedophile priest who was returned to ministry in Munich by then-Archbishop Ratzinger’s subordinates, and perhaps with his knowledge.

The more recent smoking guns, though, offer more smoke than fire. The pope is now being criticized not for enabling crimes or covering them up, but because in the 1980s and 1990s the Vatican’s bureaucracy moved slowly on requests to formally laicize abusive priests after they had already been removed from ministry.

But the smoke is damaging enough. “The Failed Papacy of Benedict XVI,” ran a recent headline in Der Spiegel, the newsmagazine of the pope’s native Germany. If you judge a pontiff on his ability to do outreach, whether to lukewarm believers or the secular world, this is probably accurate. Amid the latest wave of scandal, Catholicism needed the magnetic John Paul, master of bold gestures and moving acts of penance. Instead, the church is stuck with Benedict, bookish and defensive and unequal to the task.

But there’s another story to be told about John Paul II and his besieged successor. The last pope was a great man, but he was also a weak administrator, a poor delegator, and sometimes a dreadful judge of character.

The church’s dilatory response to the sex abuse scandals was a testament to these weaknesses. So was John Paul’s friendship with the Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, the founder of the Legionaries of Christ. The last pope loved him and defended him. But we know now that Father Maciel was a sexually voracious sociopath. And thanks to a recent exposé by The National Catholic Reporter’s Jason Berry, we know the secret of Maciel’s Vatican success: He was an extraordinary fund-raiser, and those funds often flowed to members of John Paul’s inner circle.

Only one churchman comes out of Berry’s story looking good: Joseph Ratzinger. Berry recounts how Ratzinger lectured to a group of Legionary priests, and was subsequently handed an envelope of money “for his charitable use.” The cardinal “was tough as nails in a very cordial way,” a witness said, and turned the money down.

This isn’t an isolated case. In the 1990s, it was Ratzinger who pushed for a full investigation of Hans Hermann Groer, the Vienna cardinal accused of pedophilia, only to have his efforts blocked in the Vatican. It was Ratzinger who persuaded John Paul, in 2001, to centralize the church’s haphazard system for handling sex abuse allegations in his office. It was Ratzinger who re-opened the long-dormant investigation into Maciel’s conduct in 2004, just days after John Paul II had honored the Legionaries in a Vatican ceremony. It was Ratzinger, as Pope Benedict, who banished Maciel to a monastery and ordered a comprehensive inquiry into his order.

So the high-flying John Paul let scandals spread beneath his feet, and the uncharismatic Ratzinger was left to clean them up. This pattern extends to other fraught issues that the last pope tended to avoid — the debasement of the Catholic liturgy, or the rise of Islam in once-Christian Europe. And it extends to the caliber of the church’s bishops, where Benedict’s appointments are widely viewed as an improvement over the choices John Paul made. It isn’t a coincidence that some of the most forthright ecclesiastical responses to the abuse scandal have come from friends and protégés of the current pope.

Has Benedict done enough to clean house and show contrition? Alas, no. Has his Vatican responded to the latest swirl of scandal with retrenchment, resentment, and an un-Christian dose of self-pity? Absolutely. Can this pontiff regain the kind of trust and admiration, for himself and for his office, that John Paul II enjoyed? Not a chance.

But as unlikely as it seems today, Benedict may yet deserve to be remembered as the better pope.


10.04.12, 02:53 PM
"It was Ratzinger who re-opened the long-dormant investigation into Maciel’s conduct in 2004, just days after John Paul II had honored the Legionaries in a Vatican ceremony. It was Ratzinger, as Pope Benedict, who banished Maciel to a monastery and ordered a comprehensive inquiry into his order."

Hindi ko alam kung mayroong Legionnaires of Christ sa Pilipinas. Sana wala. Ang kanilang founder, si Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, ay napatunayang nagsamantala sa kaniya mismong mga seminarista. Nakabuntis pa siya ng hindi ko alam kung ilang babae.

Kaya hindi ko maintindihan noong lumabas ang istoryang ito, kung bakit binale-wala ni Papa Juan Pablo. Mabuti na lang at si Papa Benito XVI ay nagpumilit na magkulong si Maciel sa isang monasteryo bilang kaparusahan.

Ganoon din ang nangyari sa Opus Dei. Parang paborito ni Papa Juan Pablo II ang Opus Dei. Binigyan sila ng espesyal na pribilehiyo. Ang Opus Dei ang kaisa-isang personal prelature sa buong Simbahan. Inimbento ang konsepto ng "personal prelature" para sa Opus Dei, sa kabila ng di-pagsang-ayon ng maraming mga obispo tungkol dito. Ipinakita ng Papa na napakalakas ng Opus Dei.

Palagi kong tinatanong: "What would Jesus do? Ano kaya ang gagawin ni Hesus, kung siya'y narito?"

Sa palagay ko, hindi gagawa si Hesus ng personal prelature para lang sa mga "paborito." Makatarungan si Hesus; ituturing niyang pantay-pantay ang lahat.