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05.06.11, 09:58 AM
Hey guys! need help here...

I'm currently looking for an mp3 player that has a better voice recording function...this is to help me record our songs and practices.

Thanks in advance!

05.06.11, 04:18 PM
Hey guys! need help here...

I'm currently looking for an mp3 player that has a better voice recording function...this is to help me record our songs and practices.

Thanks in advance!

Marami sa SM Cyberzone, you can choose doon, price varies depende sa memory capacity ng Player :)

05.06.11, 05:16 PM
Define mo yung "better" para sa iyo.
For example yung alam ko is 32 kbps @ 4 bit sample size, 8 kHz sample rate. Not that good but enough for monitoring performance/practices.

edit: function pala ang ask mo, hindi quality. Ano bang specific na function/s hinahanap mo?

05.06.12, 07:44 AM
sorry..what i meant was quality. D me sure sa mga sampling rates. Basta the higher the better dba?

If the recorded is recording in .wav file ... is it good or it depends on the sampling rate still?

Ayoko sana makakuha ng players that record in mono... Thanks!

05.06.12, 03:03 PM
Most recorders will record in wav files real-time. Later na lang converted sa ibang formats. Yes, the higher the better. And they record in mono. Why? kasi isa lang naman ang receiver ng recorder. There will not be any stereo effect, even if it records in two channels,(i.e. stereo).

One thing you can do is get two recorders. Spread them far apart when recording, then combine later as left and right channels, for real stereo depth. Hehehe :D

05.06.15, 11:41 AM
Tignan mo ang Sony MD™ Walkman® Digital Music recorder/player. Maraming mga model at mga precio. Iyong sa akin dalawang taon ko nang ginagamit. Digital, stereo, magaan, rugged. Iyong sa akin Model MZ-N1. Iyong pinakabagong model iyong MZ-RH10. Puwedeng mic input o kaya line input.

05.07.05, 10:54 AM
I recorded most of the songs sung sa Bayan Umawit using my T3. Kapag finorward ko sa Bluetooth or sa IR, .wav file ang format po niya. Maganda naman po yung pagkakarecord kapag pinakinggan mo with the iPod's earphones. I just find it good. Kapag pinakinggan mo sa speaker ng T3, hala, kapag nasa full volume wala na, sabog na.

iPod na lang siguro bilin nyo po tapos lagyan ninyo nung Belkin voice recorder. ^_^

05.07.07, 08:19 PM
For comparison yung KYN and Panantili eh recorded using my Creative Nomad Muvo TX-FM. Medyo may kaunting noise lang kasi maingay yung background.

05.07.08, 07:39 PM
For comparison yung KYN and Panantili eh recorded using my Creative Nomad Muvo TX-FM. Medyo may kaunting noise lang kasi maingay yung background.

pwede ba cyang i-connect sa mainboard console?

05.07.08, 11:57 PM
What do you mean mainboard console?
It's a flash based mp3 player, with USB 2.0 connectivity.
If you mean the recorder eh built-in mic lang sya. No other interface.

05.07.09, 12:08 AM
I think he meant a "Soundboard"... or a "Mixing Console" or simply a "mixer." (or a "control surface" in studio applications). Mainboards are usually synonymous to motherboards/logic boards in computers, so I'm pretty sure he didn't mean the latter.

Having said that, I think he was asking if your player/recorder had a direct line-in jack (that can be used to hook up to soundboards among others). In which case, you've already answered the question :)

In any case, since I haven't actually contributed any useful input here, might as well do so... in response to the concern of how to choose an MP3 recorder.

I'm under the impression na KELANGAN mp3 recorder, not some other recording format, kse I'd suggest a minidisc in that case.

First thing to check is the inputs, it would be nice to have both a line-in and a built in microphone. So that you can use either depending on your needs. Having a line/mic-in is great since you can drive external audio into it, wether it be from a stereo system, a soundboard, or a better microphone than what's built in. And of course built-in mic is also good for those emergencies where you just have to record but don't have the gear at hand.

So next would be to check the quality of the built-in microphone. Next would be the compression ability of the player/recorder (can it record at high bitrates?) Then lastly the size of the memory.

If you want better recordings using a compressed format (which is a given since MP3 recorder na yung topic) then you'd want to use the highest quality recording whenever possible (meaning least compression applied, ergo HIGHER bitrate), which in turn sucks up more memory.

And the microphone or line in comes before all that is because what use is a good compression algorithm and storage capacity if the input itself is crappy.

If the recorded is recording in .wav file ... is it good or it depends on the sampling rate still?

WAV (or AIFF if you're an Apple person) is lossless so that's pretty much the highest you can go.

Yes, the sampling rate also affects the quality of your wav file. CDs use 44.1khz, you can set it lower and save space, but if you're using WAV or AIFF, the filesizes will be ridiculously larger than those of compressed formats, hence the preference for lossy compressed formats.

And just to make sure; compression BITRATES are different from the recording bitrate, and different from the sample rate.

So you can have a 32kbps encode of a 24bit recording, with a sample rate of 44.1khz (of course the 24bit is irrelevant at this point, as it is only pertinent to recording and is almost always sampled down to 16bit for commercial output)

Kaya conventional audio CDs have 16-bit 44.1Khz audio.

Hope this helps :)

05.08.03, 08:01 PM
ganda ng mga inputs!


05.08.12, 12:11 PM
question po...

is there any music player like cd player or whatever that plays midi files? please advise tanx!

05.08.12, 01:45 PM
MD (MiniDisc) players can play midi files and other sound files like mp3, wav, wma, etc... :)

05.08.12, 07:07 PM
Of course you have to qualify WHICH particular MD models support them. Or am I correct to assume all new MD players have this feature (the MIDI, MP3)?

Akin kse yung ATRAC pa rin, but then this unit I have is panahon pa ni Mahoma :)

05.08.12, 08:37 PM
I'm actually not sure Carlo...Yung SonyMD R90 ng choirmaster namin, back in 1999 pa ni-release pero napapasok niya doon ang mga ginagawa niyang midis. Yeah, I'm just assuming na lahat ng later models eh nakaka-play na ng midi. :)

Pero teka, ang alam ko, hindi talaga .mid or .mp3 ang binabasa ng most MDs. Ico-convert nya muna itong mga files na ito into this type of format that MD reads (ATRAC format, i guess) at ise-save doon sa minidisc mo. Maybe I should have clarified that. :)

Edited to add: I checked Sony MZ-RH10 (Hi-MD) na kaka-release lang nung April this year and may MP3 direct playback na siya. :)

06.02.20, 10:58 AM
I'm having problems with my T3 right now with regard to its recorder function. It does record, alright, but the recorded material is compressed. What was supposed to be an eight-minute speech became four minutes! Thus, the voice can be likened to that of a chipmunk. Even my previously recorded materials was cut in half in their size. All the files naman were saved in the MMC card that I have, and it has always been attached to the pda. Hindi ko nga tinatanggal yun eh. 128mb siya, wala pa sa kalahati yung nagagamit ko. Wala naman virus siguro ang T3 ko.Any possible explanations (and even solutions), guys? Thank you in advance :)

06.02.21, 12:27 AM
When you say the chipmunk thing it means your playback samplerate is set higher than your recording samplerate. (e.g. recorded at 16Khz, but playing back at 44Khz)

To fix this for those existing files, open the files in a sound editor that can has a resample option. But before you resample it, open the file, and see if it's playing at the speed you want - if so select resample and choose whatever playback samplerate your T3 is playing with.

If not, change the sampling rate (this is different from resampling mind you) until you hear it playing normally, then resample as I mentioned earlier.

If medyo nalilito ka, try getting Sony SoundForge (that's what I use) so I can walk you through it step by step.

Having said that though, maybe it would be easier to SLOW down your T3s playback samplerate to match your files (assuming ALL of your files are exhibiting the same behaviour)

06.02.25, 01:20 PM
Kuya Carlo, thanks for the info.

May prob lang po, kasi walang advanced options yung T3 ko kaya hindi ko matweak. Nevertheless, I really appreciate your help po ^_^

Lately lang nangyari ito eh, siguro may problem lang talaga kapag nagshushutdown temporarily yung screen ng T3 ko kapag nagrerecord na ng matagal. Before kasi I recorded the whole session of the Bayan Umawit, hindi naman nagchipmunk when the screen temporarily shuts down. :(

06.04.15, 07:29 AM
are MDs still available sa market natin? If so..san ako makakabili nito?

06.04.16, 11:32 PM
Meron pa akong nakikita sa Makati, apiong. Sa Park Square 1, sa shop na Spectra. Pati sa mga katabing stores nito, meron.

Kung naghahanap ka ng MD na pang-record ng voice, you have to check kung ang model na yun ay may MIC INPUT or at least, LINE IN. Kapag may MIC INPUT na yung MD, kakabitan mo na lang sya ng microphone then ayos na yun. Kung LINE IN lang, you have to get a mic pre-amp pa then a microphone (which sounds better actually because of the pre-amp). Yung mga ibang MD kase, walang MIC INPUT at LINE IN so beware. :)

06.04.22, 01:17 PM
tnx sa advise hashpipe...btw any idea how much are MDs right now?

06.04.23, 12:39 AM
Depends on the unit. Yung mga nakita ko before sa Park Square 1 ranged from 8k to 13k. :)