View Full Version : Who can give me a Lyric Piano @ low Cost?

09.06.04, 12:11 AM
We are planning to buy a lyric piano... and i want everyone to give me an advice or can give what i want at a reasonable price.

Thank you

09.06.04, 03:27 AM
jolem, would that be for your church or for your home?

for me kasi maganda talaga ang piano (upright or grand) because nothing really beats the satisfaction of playing a real piano. the touch, the resonance on wood, the vibration on the keys are just some of the things you can't artificially reproduce. but it comes with a price. unang nakikita ko yung maintenance. you will always have to have it regularly tuned. dampers also get worn out over time, requiring repair. next is the space it will occupy. moving it around is equally an issue. and if you'll use it sa church, amplifying the sound will also be a challenge. you'll need good mics and deal with feedbacks.

if i'm not mistaken, a lyric upright piano can go from P150k up. you can find a good digital piano at this price range, and you wouldn't have to deal with the challenges i mentioned above.

but again, it's a matter of taste, it's a matter of choice. i have both an upright piano and digital piano at home and i still prefer the acoustic one, kahit na off-tune na yung ibang keys, and some of the dampers no longer work kasi di ko ma-afford na magpa-tune and repair on a regular basis.

yun lang, just my opinion. :)

09.06.04, 08:55 AM
@jolem: The thing is, it's not easy to ask for specific recommendations. That's because you'll have to test the pianos yourself :P Let me put it this way: would you chooose a very bad and ill-kept Yamaha piano just because of the brand over a brand new and very decent Kawai piano?

Siguro, try dropping by Lyric for a visit, and then test the pianos yourself; even if you're not buying, tell the salespeople that you're considering buying from them, and you'd like to try out the pianos first and study which one/s you might consider buying. Then when you've come up with a few prospects yourself, let us know and we'll see what we can do about it ;)

Keep also in mind what rammstein said about maintenance. Buying a piano, when done right, is itself a good investment. And you can make good on that investment through regular maintenance.

09.06.04, 12:02 PM
Thank you so much for your kind and informative suggestion. Well noted po... and it counts a lot.


09.08.28, 03:47 PM
what price range do you have in mind?