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06.02.02, 12:24 AM
I've been mulling over this, and I think I've finally decided that for some really long threads, we can consider just posting new threads for new "thoughts"

As an example, the Recommended Movies to Watch thread is a really long thread. Which contains BOTH movie recommendations, and more often than not, some user-comments/reviews about each.

I think you'll agree with me that we could actually discuss these movies in separate posts with the condition that you're only talking about one movie. So if you want to talk about King Kong, then feel free to post a new thread about it! Then all discussions about the King Kong movie go there.

Making a quick scan on the topics, I found the following posts as candidates of "splits" as well:

What's The Latest? - why group all latest stuff in one thread? Just post a new thread for a new product/movie/etc. etc.

Happy Birthday - you can greet a happy b-day with a new thread... after all, it only happens once a year for that particular person doesn't it? :)

Prayer Intentions - Sure, why not di ba? This is a religious community, so hindi ko alam bakit kelangan nakakumpol yung "prayer intentions" sa iisang thread lang.

Or the EB thread, One EB session is one event, so by all means, feel free to post a new EB announcement on the Events thread if you're planning a new one (Mods, just be sure you lock the previous/obsolete one after ;))

... and so on...

Of course that doesn't mean we should just be trigger happy with the new posts. The "search" button rule still stands... if you KNOW what you're discussing is generally being discussed elsewhere, then post it there.

We should still try to be prudent with our posts. I don't expect threads like this or this to be split anytime soon. Just imagine the chaos if we had one post per "thought" hehehehe.

Tell me what you guys think? And to the mods, we'll all have to be extra vigilant because of this, hopefully when the users get used to the system, everything will return to normal.


06.02.05, 05:17 PM
In case there's confusion from the bunch of threads I've been locking where I say something with a gist of posting new topics and the like, let me explain.

It simply means that I'm giving users more latitude to post new topics. I belive those really loooooong threads were started because people felt that the moderators/administrators were breathing down their necks and looking for people to punish - hence the need to put some quasi-"catch-all" post to put in a bunch of diverse discussions.

I'm here to clarify that we aren't that strict when it comes to general discussions. The only time we'll take action and warn people is if we see that there's already a section (or post) for their particular thread. Examples are:

If you post a request anywhere else but the Request sections, when you can clearly see that there is a dedicated section for that.
If you post a musical discussion anywhere but the Music Section, when you can clearly see that there is a dedicated section for that.
If you post something that is already being or has been discussed before (meaning you didn't use the SEARCH button)


If you want to talk about a movie, by all means, post a new thread about that movie so that people can join in the discussion.
If you want to let the group know about some breaking news, then by all means, post a new discussion about it.
If you want to greet someone happy birthday or something, then post a new thread greeting them (speaking of greetings... an exception is if you're planning to start a "personal discussion" with the person, there's a Private Messaging system for that)
If you want to ask the people to pray for something, then post a new thread, don't be afraid - it's ok :)
If you have a question, or want something clarified which doesn't fall under any particular category... or if you're simply lost, just post and ask - the worst we could possibly do in that situation is simply move your query to the appropriate board and answer it there :)

So what's the bottomline? As long as you read the GUIDELINES in every section, there's no reason why you should end up doing something wrong. So don't worry so much ;)