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06.02.03, 11:18 AM
Attachments, in case you didn't know are now working.

There isn't a user quota, but that doesn't mean that the server is an infinite melting-pot of bandwidth. Having said that...


The primary purpose of enabling the attachments is for the benefit of the "Requests: ***" sections. Instead of those posts asking people to email them stuff, just attach the file so that everyone can partake of your contributions (and therefore avoid re-requesting stuff).

This is good news for the posters of the famous "Briefcase" thead as the forum itself may now be your own personal "Brefcase"


Only common web images (jpg/jpeg/gif/png), TXT, and ZIP compressed archives can be directly attached without incident.

If you want to upload some other type of files such as midi (MID) files, Acrobat files (PDF), Document/text files (DOC, RTF, etc.), or other image formats (PSD, BMP, TIFF, etc) - zip them up first and just upload the zip.

The reason requiring ZIP archives for other formats is because the mentioned supported web image formats are somewhat "optimized" already, and therefore cannot be compressed much further. You'll be surprised however, that those other files mentioned can shrink considerably when zipped up.

And going back to images, Only attach images if you don't have any other choice - like if you don't have a free, permanent image host. Otherwise, you're advised to just use the [IMG] tag and link to an online photo storage service of your choice.

If you should choose to attach images, OPTIMIZE YOUR IMAGES! The best way to accomplish this to use the "Save Image for Web" funtion in Photoshop (or similar function in your photo-editor of choice)

DO NOT use the multiple-file attachment capabilities for something like posting pictures of events and parties... this will be considered as an abuse of the feature and your posts/attachments will be deleted immediately. You may use multiple attachments to explain a process (e.g. setting up software, etc.) Otherwise, just use the [IMG]-webhost technique

We reserve the right to delete attachments without prior notice (but we'll usually post a reason). It will most probably be because we're running out of server space. The first attachments to go are unjustifiably large attachments, or those from really old, obsolete posts.

07.04.10, 07:35 PM

Can you give us some more information on this topic.

Can newbies download the attachments
Can guests download the attachments
Pwede rin ba i-implement na dapat REGULAR ka na by virtue of the PROMOTION SYSTEM before you are able to download or access the files
How long is our holding period for storing the file
Can attachments just be posted without being screened (irrelevant attachment, possible MELWARE, WORM or VIRUS), or categorized (for seasonal purposes, i.e., LENT, EASTER, etc.)Just some of the questions being raised here, baka mabigyan ng konting linaw. http://www.bukaspalad.com/board/showthread.php?t=1382