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10.02.14, 08:05 PM
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Ganito kasi, i became curious nung isa sa mga speaker sa church namin ang nagsabi about this satanism. Ako po ay isang Caritas scholar and we tackled kanina yung isa sa mga catholic social teaching, yung dignity of work. The later on while discussing, bigla po siyang may ipinabasa sa amin na parang letter,.. at yung medyu natatandaan ko sa letter, is about the revelation... ang sabi, we who are into God will really suffer when the time of satan comes. and there, nakita ko rin yung parang grup ata, and they call it C-300. i dont know. and the letter says na parang nalalapit na nga daw yung time na magruruin na ang mga satanic sa earth.

naging example niya ee, may mga companies daw na nag uurge na maging religion ang satanism...
pati yung pag legalized ng drugs sa ibang bansa? i dont know kung saan..
pati yung theory na pagdating daw ng 2030, yung mga useless eaters (yung mga matatanda at may sakit) will be killed dahil magkakaubusan daw ng food...
marami pang nasite dun ee..

going back sa topic, about dun sa satanism. naging curious lang ako, at parang pinag aralan ko kung ano ito(nag search ako sa net), at grabe. they really exist pala(di ko lang sure kung gawa gawa lang ito at kung reliable ba yung resources ang nabasa ko)

Sa wikipedia:
Satanism comprises a number of related beliefs and social phenomena. They share the feature of symbolism, veneration or admiration of Satan (or similar figures). Generally, those Satanists who believe in the Judeo-Christian concept of Satan are linked into the belief system of today's Judeo-Christian religion, as they believe in the same theology presented in the Hebrew bible. Satan, also called Lucifer in many Christian religions, first appeared in the Hebrew Bible and was an Angel who challenged the religious faith of humans and the rule of Yahweh. In the Book of Job he is called "the Satan" (meaning "the accuser") and acted as the prosecutor in God's court. A character named "Satan" was described as the cosmic enemy of the Lord and temptor of Jesus within many of the Gospels of early Christians. It was further developed in scope and power as the bringer of Armageddon and Apocalypse as featured within the Book of Revelation. Religions inspired by these texts (Jews, Christians and Muslims) typically regarded Satan as an adversary or enemy, but extensive popular redactions and recompositions of biblical tales inserted its presence and influence into every aspect of adversarial role back to the Creation and Fall. By Christians and Muslims especially, the figure of Satan was treated variously as a rebellious or jealous competitor to human beings, to Jesus, or to the Lord, and characterized as a fallen angel or demon ruling the penitential Underworld, chained in a deep pit, wandering the planet vying for souls or providing the impetus for all worldly travesty. At points during the development of the Christian religion, Satan became its outspoken enemy, and this served the interests of all those who would use this to their advantage, inclusive of those who fashioned or recomposed the mythos of Satanism. Additionally, particularly after the European Enlightenment, some works, such as Paradise Lost, were taken up by Romantics and described as presenting the Biblical Satan as an allegory representing a crisis of faith, individualism, free will, wisdom and enlightenment. Those works actually featuring Satan as a heroic character are fewer in number but do exist: George Bernard Shaw and Mark Twain being two authors whose works include this prior to the pen being taken up by religious Satanists.

Anti-witchcraft laws such as the British Witchcraft Act 1735 (not repealed until 1951), reflected public sentiment against witchcraft and Satanism. Although Religious Satanism began in 1966 with the founding of the Church of Satan, there was also a late seventeenth century French moral panic against alleged satanism during the Poison Affair (1675-1682), which occurred during the reign of Louis XIV and dealt with accusations of widespread poisonings, infanticide and forgery, presided over by an alleged satanic social network, which had no actual substance but reflected the aforementioned pre-Enlightenment popular religious anxieties [1]

Modern Satanist groups (those which appeared after the 1960s) are widely diverse, but two major trends which can be seen are Theistic Satanism and Atheistic Satanism. Theistic Satanists venerate Satan as a supernatural deity. In contrast, Atheistic Satanists[2] consider themselves atheists and regard Satan as merely symbolic of certain human traits. This categorization of Satanism (which could be categorized in other ways, for example "Traditional" versus "Modern"), is not necessarily adopted by Satanists themselves, who usually would not specify which type of Satanism they adhere to. Some Satanists believe in God in the sense of a Prime Mover but, like Atheistic Satanists, still worship themselves, due to the deist belief that God plays no part in mortal lives.

Despite heavy criticism from other religious groups, there are signs that Satanism has become more socially accepted. For instance, Satanism is now allowed in the Royal Navy of the British Armed Forces, despite much opposition from Christians,[3] [4] [5] and, in 2005, the Supreme Court debated over protecting the religious rights of prison inmates after a lawsuit challenging the issue was filed to them. [6] [7]

Each "type" of Satanist will usually refer to themselves only as a "Satanist"

ayun. anung masasabi niyo? nakakatakot. <chill>
at may website pa sila!!
hindi ko na ilalagay yung site pero binabasa ko siya currently...

10.02.14, 10:01 PM
nakakatakot naman ito... pero sana hanggat nakakapit tayo kay Lord, wala naman dapat tayong katakutan eh... palage lang po sana tayong maging handa anumang oras na dumating siya.. para hindi tayo matulad sa mga babaeng may Ilawan... na hindi naghanda ng langis para sa pagdating ng lalaking ikakasal kaya lumabas sila at naghanap ng langis at ng bumalik sila, hindi sila kinilalang ng Groom... yun lang po ang sa akin...

10.02.15, 06:59 AM
Satanism is very old. I became aware of this nung time na uso pa ang backmasking ng tapes. It's true na meron nito pero sabi ng Panginoon.... BE NOT AFRAID....

10.02.15, 09:19 AM
@deathkill: You didn't read the article about Laveyan Satanism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LaVeyan_Satanism), did you? :P

Tamer version yun ng "Satanism" na karaniwan nating alam and, although it obviously teaches certain things contrary to Christian doctrine, it doesn't even advocate the extreme things that people perceive about Satanists (e.g. it doesn't promote euthanizing old or senile people, it doesn't believe in supernaturalism or superstition, it doesn't promote witchcraft, etc.) Based on what I understand of that group, it doesn't even come close to the "satanism" that people associate with metal rock groups/performers such as the Sex Pistols, by Ozzy Osbourne and by Nine Inch Nails. (And, no, I'm not kidding. Really.)

My point here can be best illustrated by another analogy: how the Christian world treated Judaism and, later, Islam, throughout history. Originally, the Jews fared worse than atheists or agnostics. Jews were the devil, Jews were the mercenaries, Jews were the personification of the Devil, Jews were rapists and child-killers. And so on and so forth. Then Islam became the next rising star of religion, and then the Muslims fared even worse under the Crusades (and even after): Muslims were set out to destroy Christianity, Muslims were the Devil himself, Muslims were rapists and child-killers. These, despite the fact that Jewish and, later, Muslim civilization, were then considered equally (if not more) advanced as Christian civilizations. (Muslims, in fact, had the best libraries of philosophy and mathematics in the old times.) This kind of attitude was possible during a time when Christianity was the dominant religion and the arbiter of the status quo.

But that was centuries ago. Christianity (in general) is no longer the single largest religion...for every six living persons in the world, only one is a Christian. Nowadays, we treat Jews and Muslims with respect and do not recognize them as a threat to civilization (and to our faith). (Or---honestly---is it, really? :P) Even the current Pope and his predecessors now reach out to Jewish and Muslim leaders. This, without compromising our faith and without them compromising theirs, too.

I'm not making any inferences nor conclusions nor suggestions here, just wanted to provide some perspective. Ito lang ang sa akin: Kung malakas naman ang iyong pananalig bilang Kristiyano, what is there to fear? Kung wala namang ginagawang masama sa iyo o sa ibang tao ang mga taong may ibang paniniwala kaysa sa iyo, bakit ka mababahala ng labis-labis? Again, gaya ng nasabi ko sa isang thread (just today), you have to provide evidence---in this case, evidence of malice...otherwise, bakit mo pag-iisipan ng masama yung ibang tao just because they aren't Catholics/Christians like us?

10.02.15, 03:58 PM
a very informative article on satanism by a respected authority in the Vatican on Secret Sects:


10.02.15, 06:16 PM
funny. may ganito pala. di naman siya ganun ka-alarming dk. :)

10.02.15, 06:22 PM
For me, basta follow the golden rule na treat others as you would treat yourself.

You'd be surprised that even Satanists "practice" this - difference lang nila is that they choose who to respect; meaning if they don't like you, the don't necessarily have to treat you fairly hahaha. More amusing is the fact that most people, regardless of creed, seem to act this way anyways hahaha.

Having said that, just like titopao said, as long as they (and any other religion, including ours for that matter) act decently with the rest of society and don't commit heinous crimes (murder, rape, etc.) in the name of their religion, I don't see why it should be an issue at all.

I guess it's safe to say that I judge people based on what they do... not necessarily what they believe in. Of course it gets complicated if they "do" based on what they "believe in" - the irony is that us Christians tend to be the one of the worst offenders in that area; making stupid decisions based on beliefs. Take the church's stance on these issues for example:

1. Homosexuality
2. Contraception
3. Pro-choice

It's fine to not agree with the points above, but to rally against them is another thing. A lot of people lead perfectly practical, efficient, and trouble-free lives while having such preferences. And most of the issues surrounding them is because the more sensitive of us bring it up - NOT because the "offenders" are trying to shove it down our throats. In that context, who do you think is more detrimental to society; those who are trying to quietly get by living they way they want, or those who make a fuss because they want to dictate how people should be living their lives?

I personally have found myself respecting some sensible atheists more than a bunch of "Christians" for the very same reason.

But for the most part, you can worship a rock for all I care - as long as it makes you a better human being.

Also a disclaimer: I only speak for myself! hehehehe. In no way do my assertions represent the group I'm affiliated with ;)

10.02.25, 11:08 PM
thanks sa mga replies (ngayon ko nalang ulit nabuksan ang thread). naisip ko rin naman na wala naman talagang dapat ikabahala. sabihin nalang natin i was shocked when i discovered these things. Pero i find it pa rin very alarming lalo na't concentrated ang group sa isa sa mga most influenced country, ang USA. siguro masyado lang ako maraming iniisip.

OT: may nakarating na tsismis sakin na ang nangyaring lindol sa Haiti ay isang experiment done by the US... pati daw ang 9/11, sila rin daw ang may pakana (sabi nila <kaibigan>, they planted bombs sa bawat floors ng twin towers kaya ang pagbagsak niya ay hindi sa katulad ng inaasahan na "patigilid", since ang impact ay nanggaling sa gilid. kaya yun.). Iniisip ko tuloy na sobrang maimpluwensya talaga ng US. and kung ganun man, yung group of people na kasali sa church of satan, baka maka affect din globally. (pero i'm not saying na lahat ito ay totoo... mga alegasyon lang.)

I realized then na hindi ko naman dapat malaman lahat, i just have to believe.
tama kayung lahat. nothing to worry... God is with us!!

case closed?

thanks sa mga comments..

OT: nakakagulat yung view ni sir nargazalius, parang he is more of humanity, on ways kung paano magiging mabuti ang isang tao, keysa dun sa spiritual side. hehe (or na misinterpret ko lang yung sinabi niya hehe)

Thanks sa inyo. =)


10.02.26, 08:26 AM
@albert: To be fair...pagdating naman sa Europe, some Europeans (especially in atheist-majority countries) don't believe in Satanism either because that would mean confirming the existence of God or Jesus, which is contrary to atheism. But look at where Europe is now...a very advanced continent, with a comparatively low poverty rate and unemployment rate. (Whereas in Asia, where there are Muslim-majority/Hindu-majority/Buddhist-majority countries and the Christian-majority Philippines...but I digress :P ) At least, in Europe, the atheists respect where you stand for, they don't make much of a big deal in attacking bringing down Christianity.

Case in point: Pope Benedict XVI, as the then Cardinal Ratzinger, was once involved in a well-publicized debate with Prof. Jurgen Habermas, considered as one of Europe's to philosophers and also top atheists. Some of the topics in the debate, as I understand, involved the issue of Christianity's role in Europe throughout history. The debate, from what I know, was a very engaging one. But Card. Ratzinger and Prof. Habermas remained respectful of each other even after the debate (and from what I know, even now). You see, if the future Pope was able to engage in a lively discussion with someone of a different theological/theistic persuasion and yet remain friendly with that person, then I don't think there's no reason why we can't do the same with an open mind and some tolerance.

As for webmaster Carlo, sanay na ako sa way of thinking n'ya. Basahin mo yung blog n'ya, you'll find his insights and analyses interesting. Definitely worth including in your must-read blogs ;)

10.02.26, 09:00 AM
Satanism has always been there since the dawn of Christianity but they have remained hidden for quite some time, preferring to exist only in the shadows.

Now that the world has taken a more liberated turn, they have gained more momentum and finally revealed themselves, at least, those who have "tamer" practices... Ayoko ko nang magmention ng books na nabasa ko, baka madisturb lang kayo if you get to read them... :)

And I agree as to what our webmaster has noted. "Satanists", as well as others whose beliefs are contrary to Catholicism somehow respect our faith. It is "us" who are forcing them to accept our beliefs... :)

Well, we cannot avoid "holier than thou" archetypes. Our Christian faith should move us to humility, kindness and a peaceful attitude. Otherwise, we become like Pharisees: with all pretense of holiness.

Satanism should be disturbing but not to the point of instilling fear in us. Sabi nga ni Bro (paraphrased): "Be not afraid... I have already conquered the world..."

10.03.08, 01:02 PM
uhm..satanism..?kung gagawa ka ng masama sa kapwa mo..mas masahol kapa sa satanist siguro..basta always keep in mind na dont make our self busy..na halos wala na tayong time to worship HIM...HE is the most powerful of them all..:)

10.03.08, 06:15 PM
bakit naman alarming sa c faith? don't be alarmed. have faith. free will yan. let them worship whoever they want. its their soul at stake anyways.

10.03.09, 01:11 PM
actually hindi naman po alarming yun eh. matagal na po kasing may satanists.. siguro kung hindi matibay faith natin kay Lord alarming talaga yun.. wala tayong ibang magagawa but ipagdasal silang mabuksan mga mata nila para talikuran yung mali nilang ginagawa..

10.03.25, 08:12 AM
ipagdasal natin silang lahat mas powerful ito...:):)

10.03.25, 03:07 PM
hindi natin kelangan paapekto about satanism..
kung may pananalig tayo kay God, at kung malakas ung faith natin sa Kanya, i don't think that it's very alarming..
voulug14 is right, dasal po kasi ang pinakamalakas na weapon sa lahat.. :):):)

10.03.25, 03:13 PM
Sabi ni Mama Mary, dapat din daw tayong ma-alarma sa Satanism:

"Be warned, my Children, that the influences of Satan and his minions are at full surge... Many will adhere to his liturgies that will wound further my heart, and will provoke the wrath of God... I ask you my children to be vigilant, make prayers and communions of reparations for these offenses against the Sacrament of Love -- the Holy Eucharist."

- Our Lady at Tre Fontane, Italy

Ako mismo eh naka-encounter na ng "liturgies" na ito at nakakatakot talaga. Kaya we are to be careful talaga.