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10.02.23, 11:07 AM
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Nabalitaan nyo na ba ang Plagiarism case vs JK Rowling (http://www.gmanews.tv/story/184212/harry-potter-author-jk-rowling-hit-with-plagiarism-lawsuit)? Di ko pa na-absorb ang substance ng case pero its about the "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" yata plus some ideas stolen from "Willy the Wizard (http://www.willythewizard.com/)" check out their website

Sino ba ang naunang nagsulat sa kanilang dalawa (JK Rowling and Adrian Jacobs)? WTW website says 1987 pa, tapos nandun din yung ideas na "snake toungue communication (http://www.willythewizard.com/snake-tongue.html)" , "Wizard Chess (http://www.willythewizard.com/wizard-chess.html)", "Wizard Train (http://www.willythewizard.com/wizard-trains.html)", "Magical Map (http://www.willythewizard.com/wizard-trains.html)", "Flying Team Games (http://www.willythewizard.com/flying-team-games.html)".... and so on....

Mukhang marami ngang ideas, pero I still have to find a copy of the case for me to read the details, all I am aware of are news articles.

Fell free to populate the thread with facts :)

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10.02.23, 11:42 AM
I'm treating the plagiarism case with extreme skepticism. Bakit inabot ng 7 years (since 2004, when the issue was first raised) bago nila naisipang magdemanda ng plagiarism?

10.02.23, 11:46 AM
Maybe dahil malaki na rin ang kinita ng Harry Potter both in books and film, kaya siguro yun ang hahabulin nila.