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Anybody here who knows good on line site of the images or files of Station of the cross where i can use in making Tarpauline.

Thank you for the help.

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gud day po...


then punta ka pong GALLERY menu po...maganda po ang mga pictures po...
about station of the cross...sana po makatulong po sa inyo...GOD BLESS po...

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here's a couple of links i have saved up on my favorites that has good pictures...





...hope this helps!! :)

08.03.16, 04:16 PM
Which form of the Via Crucis do you follow / prefer to use? The traditional or the new / alternate or scriptural form?

Although this might be trivial for some, but as a personal view, it's sometimes confusing for me when the guidebook we are using is the new version while the images in the church or in Via Crucis gardens are still in the traditional form.

Traditional form
01. Jesus is condemned to death
02. Jesus receives the cross
03. Jesus falls the first time
04. Jesus meets His Mother
05. Simon of Cyrene carries the cross
06. Veronica wipes Jesus' face with her veil
07. Jesus falls the second time
08. Jesus meets the daughters of Jerusalem
09. Jesus falls the third time
10. Jesus is stripped of His garments
11. Crucifixion: Jesus is nailed to the cross
12. Jesus dies on the cross
13. Jesus' body is removed from the cross (Pieta)
14. Jesus is laid in the tomb and covered in incense.

Alternate form - the Way of the Cross
01. Jesus institutes the Eucharist
02. Jesus prays in Gethsemane
03. Jesus before the Sanhedrin
04. Jesus is scourged and crowned with thorns
05. Jesus carries the cross to Calvary
06. Jesus falls under the weight of the cross
07. Jesus is helped by Simon of Cyrene
08. Jesus meets the pious women of Jerusalem
09. Jesus is nailed on the cross
10. Jesus promises Heaven to the repentant thief
11. Jesus entrusts Mary and John to each other
12. Jesus suffers and dies on the cross
13. Jesus is taken down from the cross, and is laid in the tomb
14. Jesus rises from the dead

Alternate form - Scriptural Way of the Cross
01. Jesus in the Garden of Olives,
02. Jesus is betrayed by Judas and arrested,
03. Jesus is condemned by the Sanhedrin,
04. Jesus is denied by Peter,
05. Jesus is judged by Pilate,
06. Jesus is scourged and crowned with thorns,
07. Jesus takes up his cross,
08. Jesus is helped by Simon to carry his cross,
09. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem,
10. Jesus is crucified,
11. Jesus promises his kingdom to the good thief,
12. Jesus and his mother and disciple,
13. Jesus dies on the cross,
14. Jesus is laid in the tomb.

08.03.19, 05:04 PM
kami laging traditional way,,,yun lang po kasi yung alam namen hehe.

08.03.26, 10:52 AM
This maybe related to the Lenten season and can be discussed again if the season comes for next year, BUT if you want to keep this open, just say so... kasi marami naman nag s-station of the cross even if its not Lent diba? What do you think?

Close muna or just keep it open?

08.04.01, 08:34 AM
Last holy week I made aliturgy for our parish for the way of the cross. yung prusisyon sa umaga ng good friday ang ginamit ko is yung traditional samantalang yung before the 3pm liturgy ang ginamit ko is the Scriptural way na ginawa ni Pope John Paul II

09.01.27, 04:22 PM
I think logical it's logical to keep the thread open. Di naman strictly lenten activity lang ang stations, although more popular nga lang during that time, especially sa holy week. Di ba the images of the stations in church are there throughout the liturgical year?

By the way, bakit nga ba 3 versions na ang stations ngayon? Confusing nga talaga kasi most churches yata still have the images for the traditional version (correct me on this). Nung elementary pa ko pag sinabi ng teacher namin na write down the stations of the cross, alam namin na isa lang ang pinag-uusapan:dizzy:

09.01.27, 04:57 PM
By the way, bakit nga ba 3 versions na ang stations ngayon? Confusing nga talaga kasi most churches yata still have the images for the traditional version (correct me on this). Nung elementary pa ko pag sinabi ng teacher namin na write down the stations of the cross, alam namin na isa lang ang pinag-uusapan:dizzy:

My lazy answer is: read the article on Wikipedia (link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Via_Crucis) for more info :P hehehehehe

Anyways, I'll try to digest the WP article. The "old" ones were borne out of tradition, which included references to the so-called "extracanonical" books. (For example, one of the Stations, Veronica Wipes Jesus's Face, is sourced from one of these books. So is the notion of Jesus having fallen three times, the Gospels don't actually agree about this number.)

Other churches/parishes/dioceses felt that it's important to emphasize also the institution of the Holy Eucharist and the Resurrection of the Lord, since it completes the mysteries of our faith (you know, "Christ has died, Christ has risen..."). Hence, on this alternate version, the Via Crucis begins with the Last Supper and ends with the Resurrection.

The "Scriptural Way of the Cross" is a recent innovation introduced by the late Pope John Paul II in 1991 and--despite it having been used elsewhere---actually gained official approval only in 2007 (by Pope John Paul II's successor Benedict XVI). This version was offered in order to satisfy the needs of those who felt that the Via Crucis should have a more solid grounding from the Bible.

Hth :)

09.01.27, 05:57 PM
Ah!...Thanks titopao. That enlightened me. All this time, I thought the alternate form (including the resurrection) was only practised in the Philippines...haha. Kung sabagay, mas may significant emphasis nga naman kesa yung traditional form.

10.02.25, 02:38 PM
Station of the Cross is one of (for me) the most remarkable activity in the Holy week... Matanong lang po.. Sa mga parishes niyo paano niyo po ginagawa ito..

Mauna na ako, sa parosh po kasi namin buong town kami maglalakad at every station bale may nakaasign na barangay as parang altar tapos yung mga apostles sila ay nagdadala ng totoong cross. Tapos siyempre may mga kanta (were you there, old rugged cross). Though simple siya para sa akin dama ko yung atleast part nung paghihirap ng Diyos atleast dahil man lang sa matinding init ng araw, malayo layong lakaran.

How about you po?
Can you fill these up?

What time:
What Songs:

Maraming Salamat po...

10.02.25, 03:04 PM
Parish: My home parish in Bulacan :)

What time: There are two separate "times" for the Via Crucis. The first is on a variable schedule depending on the chapels, while the second is done on a Good Friday. (Private devotions are performed ayntime in the parish church and is unregulated...so I won't discuss this anymore since hindi naman nakikialam ang Liturgy Commisssion ng parish sa mga pami-pamilya na nagdarasal ng Via Crucis.)

[B]How: (unahin ko muna ito :) )

In the first instance, each chapel on its own conducts daily/nightly Stations of the cross. Bale manggagaling sa chapel, tapos mag-iikot-ikot sa mga piling bahay-bahay. It will stop at a certain house on a given night. The next day/night, the Stations will continue from the last house to the next batch...until the Stations have reached the chapel OR have ended at a certain date. The days/nights when these (w/in the chapel's jurisdiction) are performed depends on the chapel, the parish gives each chapel the freedom to schedule their oen Via Crucis.

In the second instance, the Grand Stations of the Cross is held on the morning of Good Friday itself. Each chapel will provide their own giant (read: life size) cross and a mobile sound system mounted on a vehicle (jeep or van, with mics/jacks for instruments too) so that everyone (even passersby) will hear the prayers. Each chapel, on its own, will begin the first station on the chapel itself. Then the next stations will be on several houses, but at wider intervals. The route (up to station #13) will, more or less, lead to the main parish church. The last station (Station #14) and the closing prayer is never held on any house; it is to be prayed at the parish courtyard---and only when all the chapels in the parish have assembled (so may tendency na naghihintay muna kaming lahat pag nauna kami :P ) Once all the delegates from all chapels have been completed, the parish priest will lead the praying of the last station and the final prayers 8)

What songs: In our parish, there are absolutely no regulations concerning the songs for the Via Crucis :D as long as they are acceptable songs in worship (liturgical or non-liturgical), kaya yung mga binabawal sa parish church, nakakanta namin lahat 8) The general trend, however, is that any songs for the entire Lenten season (from Ash Wednesday up to Good Friday) and any other suitable song (e.g. any slow adaptation of a Psalm) can be sung. This is also partly because the music ministry has no jurisdiction (somewhat) over the songs in each chapel choir's repertoire, mas nangingialam lang sila kung yung choir ay kumakanta sa misa sa simbahan ng parokya. This is especially true in the nightly/daily Via Crucis in the chapels, because the songs depend on what the prayer leaders know (so kung tatlo lang yung alam ng namumuno...sorry na lang sa mga nakikipagdasal :P hehehe )

The same goes for the Good Friday, but singing is easier because most chapels provide their own amplified music (almost always guitar or keyboard) and song leaders. Songs depend on the choir---again, we're more or less not under the control of the parish music ministry. But for the 14th station, the parish priest or his representative picks one song leader and the song will depend on what the song leader (and instrumentalist) will agree to play, subject to the priest's approval. But to be honest...for the past ten years that I've been serving in my chapel, the parish's "official" closing song for the Good Friday Via Crucis has almost always been Fr. Hontiveros's "Pananagutan", played non-stop until the parish priest and assistant priests have finished blessing the people with Holy Water (yes, meron kami nun :) )

10.02.26, 03:30 PM
Parish: Parish of the Risen Lord
What time: Fridays of Lent, five in the afternoon to 8:30 pm (inclusion of the mass)
What Songs:
First station: Alagad (J. Gaela) and Dapit Hapon (E. P. Hontiveros)
Second Station: Panalangin Maging Bukas Palad (M. Francisco), Panata sa Puso
Third Station: Hesus and Diyos ng Pag-Ibig (Both From Papuri Collection)
Fouth Station: Kristo and O Yahweh Ko
Fifth Station: Sa Kabila ng Lahat (J. Nez F. Marcelo) and Hesus na Aking Kapatid (E. P. Hontiveros)
Sisth Station: Pag-Aalay ng Puso (N. Que) and Ang Paglingap ng Diyos (E. P. Hontiveros)
Seventh Station: Pagtitipan (E. P. Hontiveros) and Maawain na Jesus
Eight Station: Pagsisisi, Saan Kami Tutungo (E. P. Hontiveros), Hesus ng Aking Buhay (A. Dc. Aquino)
Ninth Station: Sino Ako and Pagkabighani (M. Francisco)
Tenth Station: Narito Ako (R. San Andres), Pagbabalik (M. Francisco)
Eleventh Station: Mariang Ina Ko, Stella Maris (Both M. Francisco), Dakilang Pag-Ibig (E. P. Hontiveros)
Twelfth Station: Sa Palad Mo, Ang Kaluluwa Ko'y Nauuhaw (N. Que), Mga Punong Kabanalan, Mahal na Puso (N. Que)
Thirteenth Station: Tanging Yaman (M. Francisco), Liwanag ng Aming Puso (E. P. Hontiveros), Panginoon Aking Tanglaw (F. Ramirez), O Diyos Iniibig Kita (E. P. hontiveros)
Fourteenth Station: Pananagutan (E. P Hontiveros), Pintong Mahiwaga (Papuri Collection), Pag-Ibig mo, ama (E. P. Hontiveros)
How: The Estacion starts in our parish. One Zone per Friday. Usual na bahay-bahay, every station, we sing: "Nasaan ka nang (insert station here), nasaan ka nang (insert station here), nanginginig sa takot, takot, takot, Naroon ka nang (insert station here)". Mass after the Estacion. Songs are usng after every mystery of the Rosary.

10.02.26, 03:41 PM
@Paulus_Magnus: Naintriga ako dun sa kinakanta n'yo per station, ngayon ko lang narinig yung tungkol sa kantang iyan. Very interesting lyrics :)

Addendum to my reply: The songs we use sometimes come from the Ang Bagong Daan ng Krus prayer booklet published by the Diocese of Malolos. Pero in recent years (i.e. in the past 5-6 years), konti lang ang pinagbabago ng prayer book---in fact, useless bumili ng bago kasi it's the same as the one you would have used the previous year. Hence, the same old songs. And hence, the liberty to add/change songs from the suggested songs.

Yung songs sa prayer booklet ay hindi per-station. Naka-print lang sya sa isang separate section for songs sa mga dulong pahina, at walang nakalagay kung anong song ang bagay sa aling station. Kaya may possibility na iba-iba yung pagkakaassign ng mga kanta for a particular station depende sa grupo (chapel). Pero in general: sinusunod yung recommended song sa simula (Buksan ang Aming Puso) at sa katapusan (Pananagutan).

10.02.26, 03:47 PM
@Paulus_Magnus: Naintriga ako dun sa kinakanta n'yo per station, ngayon ko lang narinig yung tungkol sa kantang iyan. Very interesting lyrics :)

Thanks, Titopao. I'll post a transcribed sheet one of these days.

Add ko lang din: we plan to replace these lyrics with the Stabat Mater pagpatak ng Estacion ng Cruz General sa Holy Week.

10.02.26, 03:56 PM
Parish: San Jose Manggagawa Parish (Marikina)
What time: Every Friday of Lent after the mass. Around 7:30pm
What Songs:
Opening Song: Buksan ang Aming Puso
First Station: Tinapay ng Buhay
Second Station: Dakilang Pag-ibig
Third Station: Awit ng Paghahangad
Fouth Station: Diyos ay Pag-ibig
Fifth Station: O Hesus, Hilumin Mo
Sixth Station: Tanging Yaman
Seventh Station: Pag-aalay ng Puso
Eight Station: Panginoon Aking Tanglaw
Ninth Station: Huwag Kang Mangamba
Tenth Station: Paghahandog ng Sarili
Eleventh Station: Hindi Kita Malilimutan
Twelfth Station: Narito Ako
Thirteenth Station: Sa 'Yo Lamang
Fourteenth Station: Magpasalamat Kayo sa Panginoon /Purihi't Pasalamatan
How: Nagsa-start sa chapel ung Daan ng Krus. Isang zone every Friday, tapos ung mga stations sa mga bahay. Habang nagpru-prusisyon papunta sa isang station, kinakanta namin ung mga kanta as mentioned above.. After ng Stations of the Cross may konting salu-salo.

10.02.26, 08:45 PM
titopao, eto po ba yung Daan Ng Krus Sa Diwa ng Alay Kapwa?

10.02.26, 11:14 PM
@Paulus_Magnus, yung pong "Nasan ka..." e tagalized version ng "Were you there..." no?

10.02.26, 11:33 PM
@Paulus_Magnus, yung pong "Nasan ka..." e tagalized version ng "Were you there..." no?

Yes pero ang tono po eh magkaiba.

JR Medina
11.01.01, 07:48 PM

Cainta, Rizal
Diocese of Antipolo

Fridays of Lent: 6 PM
Sundays of Lent: 4 PM

Entrance: Introductory Prayer and then Buksan ang aming Puso (Tinio & Hontiveros)

STATION 1: The Last Supper

Prioritize the 3rd Stanza of SA DAPIT HAPON (Tabuena & Hontiveros)

STATION 2: The Agony in the garden. Jesus prayed, “Let not My Will but Yours be done.”


STATION 3: Jesus before the Sanhedrin. Jesus stood courageous and at the same time meek to the daunting questions.

HUWAG KANG MANGAMBA (Pagsanghan & Francisco)

STATION 4: Jesus before Pilate. Jesus remained silent despite all the accusations.

YOU ARE MINE (Haas) “I will come to you in the silence.”

STATION 5: The Scourging at the Pillar. This is about the physical sufferings.

ANIMA CHRISTI (Arboleda) “Passion of Christ…”thy wounds”

STATION 6: Jesus carries the Cross

WAY OF THE CROSS (Francisco) Refrain only

STATION 7: Simeon of Cyrene helps Jesus. May we be as generous as Simeon. Years later, his sons would be among the first Christians. That is Simeon’s reward.


STATION 8: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.

PAGKAKAIBIGAN (Cenzon & Abad-Santos)

STATION 9: Jesus is stripped off His garments

HESUS NA AKING KAPATID (Hontiveros) Stanza 2’s “Jesus na aking kapatid, putikin man ang ‘Yong sapin; Punit-punit ang ‘Yong damit” is reminiscent of garments.

STATION 10: Jesus at the Cross

HOSEA (Norbet) is a good song for the good thief. “Come back to Me with all your heart.”

STATION 11: Mary at the Foot of the Cross. Jesus says to John, “Son, behold thy Mother” and to Mary, “Mother, behold thy son.”

MARIANG INA KO (Pagsanghan & Francisco)

STATION 12: Jesus dies.

Please kneel during the prayer.

PIETA (Oyayi sa Paanan ni Jesus in Hangad’s The Easter Journey is nakakapanindig balahibo. “Tapos na, tapos na.”

STATION 13: Jesus is buried


STATION 14: The Resurrection

Please line-up and kiss the Cross.

DAKILANG PAG-IBIG (Pangilinan & Hontiveros) Be prepared to sing all four stanzas. Minsan ang dami ng tao, minsan ang onti.

12.04.02, 07:51 AM
Hello all,

Sino po sa inyo may soft copy/link ng magandang guide for Stations of the Cross, i.e. yung may prayer, reflections every station. Thanks! :)

12.04.02, 09:39 AM
hanapin mo ang stations of the cross ni papa juan pablo II, iyong biblical stations of the cross; sa bawat estasyon, binabasa ang sipi ng Ebanghelyo tungkol sa nangyari sa estasyon