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10.03.21, 10:04 PM
:)for those needing songs for 7 last words, the national council of churches in the philippines published "Ang Pilipino Himnal"1981. It contains "mga awiting pampitong wika", a collaboration of vicente mar. aguila and eliseo m. pajaro.

10.03.21, 10:21 PM
I think this thread should be merged with an existing one we have. Sorry Angelo but this thing will create 2 thread.

10.03.22, 12:32 PM
nlim, can you please give the link para mai-merge, di ko po makita e

10.03.23, 09:00 PM
Mod, what I think is that he is referring to the songs for the Seven Last Word, that is why I thought it should be merged, unless the Title needs to be maintained.:)