View Full Version : Shine Down

10.11.07, 09:52 AM
It goes... "shine down your light on me, let the people see..."
A choir in our parish used this before as the recessional during the easter vigil. Is it proper to do so? Thanks.

10.11.07, 11:10 AM
pwede naman. because Christ is the light that dispels darkness, isn't He?

10.11.08, 11:18 AM
Does anyone have the complete lyrics to this? Wala akong makita nung may "Alle-alleluia, glory to the lamb (?)"

10.11.08, 12:51 PM
there's a section where you can request chords and lyrics once you've become a regular member. though based from this score I have, there's really no "alle-alleluia, glory to the Lamb" part in the score. probably part of an arrangement or those medleys that are common with praise and worship songs. the song itself, by itself, does not have those words.

10.11.09, 08:33 AM
yah. i have heard one's na wala nung lyrics na ganon, pero may iba na meron.