View Full Version : Memoirs of a Geisha - the book and the movie

06.02.23, 06:08 PM
I've wanted to see this book adapted on the big screen ever since I read it a few years ago.

I have always had a fascination for anything Japanese (except anime; talagang di ko lang magets talaga; exceptions: Voltes V at yung iba pang 80s era na cartoons ;D].

I haven't watched the movie but I have read the book many, many times.

So sino nang nakapanood ng movie? What do you think? Most of the reviews said Gong Li was a real scene stealer. As in her depiction of the character (Hatsumomo) will make you want to love hating her talaga. :) Excited ako manood this weekend! :D

06.02.23, 10:47 PM
im planning to watch this movie, ibinili ko kse ng book ang wife ko nung xmas.

06.02.25, 07:23 PM
Just watched it last Friday. OO, nung friday, kahit may State of Emergency na! hahahahaha...

maganda maganda...

after the movie...napa-Awwwww kami lahat. hehehehe...Sayang nga, nauna ko panoorin movie before reading the book.

Sa harry potter kasi ganun ginawa ko, mas na-aappreciate ko yung movie :)

07.12.18, 05:28 PM
the movie was great although chinese actresses as japanese geishas are kind of culturally wrong. but i think zi yi and michelle yeoh did a pretty decent job albeit too much muscles.

07.12.30, 11:24 PM
I saw the movie last year and it was a great movie. Akala ko sa simula pangit ang istorya but in the middle nakakaintiga kung anong magaganap sa huli.