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04.12.07, 01:38 AM
Again, a reminder.

Let's be cautious of using emoticons (smilies). Emoticons could be really confusing, if misused. Example?

Hello there Alexander! Kamusta ka na? ::)

See what I mean? What seems to be simple, innocent sentences could turn into a scary and threatening post with the "sarcastic" emoticon attached to it. It's a very extreme example but I'm hoping you guys are getting the picture. I've seen some posts which are quite confusing because of the smilies used. I'm guessing it's just that we have different interpretations (of the smilies), if not really meant to sound sarcastic or mocking. And if a person successfully registered to another person to sound like one of those, it's not going to be good. So, I'm posting several smilies and its corresponding general meaning in hope of reducing the misunderstandings.

Complete Emoticon/Smilie listing

:) - Smile. Self-explanatory
Ex: Hi guys! :)
:( - Sad. Self-explanatory
Ex: I don't think I'll be able to make it :(
>:( - Mad. Self-explanatory
Ex: I swear, I'm going to make him pay! >:(
??? - Confused. Used when you're lost or couldn't follow the particular subject.
Ex: Di ba taliwas yon sa tinuturo niya? ???
:| - NR (No Reaction). A deadpan/poker-face, can be used to show indifference or lack of understanding.
Ex: Ummm... nagpapatawa ka ba? :|
;) - Wink. Also a wholesome emoticon with a bit of "mystery." Perfect for discussions with personal jokes/stories only a selected few know.
Ex: Check the briefcase, there's a surprise inside ;)
:nice: - Relatively happy. It can go many ways (meaning sarcastic), so be careful.
Ex: I'm glad we finally got to see each other :nice:
:P - Tongue or Nandidila. It could go both ways so avoid using it in a negative way. Usually inserted in jokes.
Ex: Meron akong banig na kasya dalawampung tao.......nakatayo! :P
:D - Extra happy.
Ex: Woohoo! I passed the exam! :D
:wow: - Positively shocked/awed
Ex: Ang ganda ng bagong messageboard natin! :wow:
8) - Cool. Use it if you're lazy to type the word "cool!"
Ex: Kotse ang grand prize!? Nice! 8)
:blush: - Blush. A form of embarrasment (but put in a positive/constructive light)
Ex: Ako ata tinutukoy mong late. sorry po. :blush:
:heart: - In-love. Fairly obvious emoticon.
Ex: Hanep sa ganda ni Angelina Jolie sa Mr. & Mrs. Smith! :heart:
:cry: - Cry. Obviously showing a much deeper sadness
Ex: Nasira computer ko :cry:
:worried: - Worried. Self-explanatory
Ex: Ano na kaya mangayari sa bansa natin? :worried:
:terrified: - Terrified. Extremely frightened
Ex: Nabalitaan ninyo yung 911? Andoon pa naman pamilya ko sa New York!!! :terrified:
:sick: - Sick. Self-explanatory
Ex: Can't make it today, I'm sick :sick:
X-| - Closed Eyes. Can mean a lot of things. Usually attributed to
:glare: - Glare. A negative emoticon, can be used to show discontent
Ex: Sabi niya pupunta siya, pero di naman dumating... hmph :glare:
:X - Lips are Sealed. Can't talk about a particular subject
Ex: Basta abangan nalang ninyo yung promo, di ko pede pag-usapan eh :X
;D - Grin. Can denote accomplishment or pride, but put in a very casual/humorous mannet
Ex: Alam mo naman kamit, talagang magagaling ;D
LOL - Laughing Out Loud. Self-explanatory
Ex: LOL oo nga! Kakatawa nga yon!
ROFLMAO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off. Obviously the pinnacle of appreciating humor
Ex: ROFLMAO Grabe, di ako makahinga pagkatapos mabasa yon!
:ecstatic: - Ecstatic. Pinnacle of happiness
Ex: Panao si Pac-Man! Ang galing talaga ng Pinoy :extatic:
:yes: - Yes. A form of agreement.
Ex: Well said :yes: we must do our part in shaping the nation.
:no: - No. A form of disagreement (or disappointment).
Ex: Bahala kayo, basta ako di agree diyan at di ako sasali :no:
:rage: - Rage. The pinnacle of anger
Ex: Ang tagal tagal na natin naghihintay di pa rin naayos yan? Sumosobra na sila! :rage:
:surrender: - Surrender. Self-explanatory
Ex: Tama na, sige na tama ka na, wag na tayo mag-away! :surrender:
:blink: - Blink. Can denote shock, but more of being mildly surpirised
Ex: Tama ba nabasa ko sa news tungkol sa attempted coup? :blink:
:O - Shock. Shock, with a negative connotation
Ex: Nakita ko yung pinugutan ng terrorist yung ulo sa video! Grabe!!! :O
:-\ - Undecided. Para sa mga 'di alam ang gagawin.
Ex: Sasama ba ako sa inyo o magpapahinga na lang ako? :-\
:paranoid: - Paranoid. Self-explanatory
Ex: Kinakabahan nga ako eh baka kasama ako sa mga tatanggalin :paranoid:
:dizzy: - Dizzy. Used to reflect a harrased mood.
Ex: Grabe naman tong pinapagawa sa akin, di ko alam pano gagawin! :crazy:
:sweatingbullets: - Sweating Bullets. Can denote severe stress/tension or exasperation while trying to maintain a pleasant facade.
Ex: Ano naman sasagutin ko doon kung bigla ako dineretso niya tanongin? Ayaw ko naman magalit siya :sweatingbullets:
::) - Roll Eyes. Sarcasm. Gusto mo magtaray? Eto ang gamitin mo!
Ex: Opo. Mali na po ako. ::)
:belat: - Belat! A humorous way of "jostling" with someone
Ex: HAHAHA, ako meron, ikaw wala! :belat:
:bleh: - Bleh. A purposely negative way of showing disapproval or indifference (can be used in a humorous context in some cases)
Ex: Mag-isa ka! Di kita susuportahan diyan! :bleh:
:yuck: - Yuck. Shows disgust
Ex: Wag kayo kakain diyan! Ilan beses na ako nasiraan ng tiyan diyan! :yuck:
:yawn: - Yawn. Sign of being bored
Ex: Hanggang ngayon puro rally pa rin pinag-aatupag nating mga pinoy :yawn:
zzz - Sleeping. Self-explanatory
Ex: O sige, kita kits mamaya matutulog na muna ako zzz
:listening: - Bonus icon.
:whistle: - Whistle. A positively sarcastic way to show that you're aware of something, but try to act like you don't (thus having the effect of pointing to yourself)
Ex: Oo nga! sino nga ba yung nakasira doon? :whistle:
:radioactive: - Bonus Icon.
:alien: - Bonus Icon
:dead: - Bonus Icon
:geek: - Bonus Icon
:yinyang: - Bonus Icon
:ninja: - Bonus Icon
:love: - Love alternative to :heart:, usually represents the word love literally.
Ex: I :love: computers!
:devil: - Bonus Icon

Of course that doesn't mean the icons are to be used strictly as mentioned above, they can certainly be very flexible, but just take note of how they are usually interpreted as by default, so as to avoid misunderstanding when creating new posts.

I hope this has been helpful. The last thing we want is to have an unhealthy discussion due to misunderstood "emoti-coated" (hehe) post. Let's post the fun way!

Tuloy ang ligaya!

Also, as of the new messageboard, we would like users to not abuse the use of emoticons as they did on the first version of the messageboard. You notice that the board now is very clean and easy on the eyes. How would you feel if suddenly you see a post that has something like:

:surrender: :surrender: :surrender: :surrender: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :ecstatic: :ecstatic: :ecstatic: :ecstatic: LOL LOL LOL LOL ROFLMAO ROFLMAO ROFLMAO ROFLMAO :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

Emoticons are there to supplement/support your posts in order to properly drive your feelings across, not to necessarily to add visual stimulation (or give epileptic siezures) for the sake of stimulation. Therefore, we see no reason whatsoever that can justify the use of one emoticon (wether different or similr) immedately after another

We will reserve the right to warn/edit offending posts as we see fit.

06.02.28, 04:10 PM
Here's a bump, to remind everyone that the post above has been revised to reflect new guidlines (and the announcements of new smilies/emoticons available to the board).

Please pay attention to the LAST part :)