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06.03.07, 02:10 PM
pwede po ba mag request ng MIDI na pang lenten season...

i tried na magpost ng message sa request section ng message board pero.... i was unsuccesful...

i wonder what's wrong??

email ko po.... ben_applekk@yahoo.com

06.03.07, 11:07 PM
Hello c0rix,

Unfortunately we'll have to lock this thread/post as it is in violation of the board's rules and regulations.
For more details, read this post.

Detail(s) of the offense:

Requesting in the wrong board
The reason you can't post in the request sections yet is because you don't have enough posts

...which directly violate(s) the guidelines found here

Please take the time to think about what exactly you did wrong and feel free to re-post a correct version (if applicable) of your previous submission.

Thanks for understanding.


06.03.08, 07:56 AM

Maybe he tried to post in the RIGHT forum as stated. But maybe due to the PROMOTION SYSTEM. di tinaggap ang post nya dun.

06.03.09, 11:48 PM
Exactly, this is the reason why the generic message has "Detail(s) of the offense," which I cited the obvious mistake of posting in the wrong board as well as the reason why he probably did so. And lastly the line stating "Which directly violates...here" is linked to the actual guideline post which explains the "Promotion System" in big bold letters. So technially, if one read the said guidelines, there's no reason why this post should even exist.

But to clarify, we're not "reprimanding" you Corix, kaya lang kami gumawa niyang "generic" post na yan, para madali mare-iterate yung point of reading the guidelines extensively before anything else.

So don't take it personally :) Feel free to continue on other discussions, and you'll get to post in the request section soon enough ;)