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06.06.16, 05:36 AM

Sorry for my previous message...re- Pananalig lyrics & chords... If you'll gonna read my message again, I did mentioned there that I was trying to request it (meaning in the request for lyrics & chords section) but I was not able to do it because my account has user limitations.. i.e., I am not authorized to post anything on that section, and that is the reason why I post it here. :)

Anyway, it will not happen again.. Thanks a lot.

06.06.16, 10:46 AM
Hi rmateo,

First, before everything else, I'm aware this is a text-based board, so you can't see any emotions in it. I'd like to stress that the following statements are said in the most friendly and polite manner possible ;) (mahirap na kung isipin ng tao na "galit" yung response ko dahil sakit ko ang maging "pranka," rest assured, "trabaho lang" ang ginagawa ko)

You mentioned that you tried to post it on the right board... which suggests you did read the rules in each section. If that were the case, you should have also read the part about the promotion system - which is included in the guidelines, hence it's surprising that you still went on and posted a request despite these conditions.

In any case there's no need to apologize as the warnings were never meant to be personal attacks, nor is your case an isolated violation case - it happens a lot in here. Which is why we created the generic warnings that also serve as constant reminders. If a member receives such a warning, it doesn't mean they're suddenly on probation or anything :)

All reminders are usually just reiterating the point of reading the rules/guidelines of the site (or specific sections). So nobody is really "wrong" here, but we simply move/lock threads according to such rules.

06.06.16, 11:27 AM
Hi again,

I have one last question & I dont know if this concerns you.. Who can give me a user right to post a message in the music section? Seems like I can only post messages in this section.

Another thing, can you move my message to the music section? I dont know if that's possible but since I cannot post a message there, hope you can help me. :)

Just forget it if it's not doable.

Many thanks.

06.06.17, 11:44 AM
Hi rmateo,

A pleasant day to you! Maybe i can post the request for you. However, if i do so, - it's like everybody can do such thing - ergo... it might defeat the purpose of the rules that was set in the Music Section of the Board, especially that it offers "promotion system" as a little incentive for our fellow onliners who actively participates on the discussion board. Im sure if you read back the rules again, you would certainly understand why such rule was established as i mentioned.

I hope you dont feel sad for not having the instant privilege to post and request on that section. As a matter of fact, you are most welcomed to post and share ideas in so many threads here other than that. You can even post some hi's and hello's to everyone in here. You may say something about yourself, what you think about the BP music or how you got to discover this site. Just feel free to explore the different threads and enjoy posting and for all you know, you will be surprised to realize that you can already post in the Request Section of our board after some time.

Smile and have a nice day always! :)

06.06.18, 07:53 AM
Hello to both of you!

Thanks for taking time to respond to my message. By the way, I'm in Baltimore, USA. But still, I'm trying to extend my arms with the music ministry in my province, which is Cabanatuan City, Philippines. 2 years ago, I bought Bukas Palad CD's & song books..I really loved all of BP's songs. I thaught almost all of BP's song's to our choir & they all enjoyed it. Today, I got the God of Silence CD which I ordered online from Eagles Corner, primarily based in California. 3 song's marked my heart from that CD: 1. God of Silence, 2. Pananalig & 3. Sanlibong Buhay.

I already got the chords of Sanlibong buhay in the music section, from there I tried to request for Pananalig but I cant do it. The only place that I can post a message is in the general discussion board...So I decided to post it there. The rest is history. :)

I checked the songbooks that BP already released, God of Silence is not included there yet.. When are you going to release it?

Wonder how I am teaching them? Thru YM voice chat + web cam. :) ..Cool!

Thanks again.

06.06.19, 11:55 AM
Maybe i can post the request for you. However, if i do so, - it's like everybody can do such thing - ergo... it might defeat the purpose of the rules that was set in the Music Section of the Board...
actually i was thinking of doing the same thing, posting the request myself, but yeah, niknok's right, one exception would lead to another and another and another and...

anyway, i'm glad that you're still giving your time and effort to your choir back in the philippines rmateo kahit nandyan ka sa tate. i wish you all the best. God bless.

06.06.20, 07:46 PM
Hi rmateo,

Thank you for your passion in BP music and extending your help to our kababayan choir here. There's still some HOPE id like to share with you. Aside from our beloved forum board, there is a yahoo group account created and dedicated to help bp onliners like us. There you are free to request and share files with other bponliners too. Although i hope you can still find time to visit our website and participate in our discussion board here.

Feel free to be part of our e-group:

Peace from the Philippines!
God be with you always! :)

06.06.30, 10:01 PM
thanks a lot for the help. i really appreciate it. good luck to all of you.

bye & thanks again.