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Thread: Songs for Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday

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    Default Songs for Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday


    Apr 21, 2011
    Holy Thursday Chrism Mass

    A short catechesis on this Mass: Actually, there would be two sets of readings for Holy Thursday.

    Unang set yung para sa Chrism Mass, a.k.a. Mass of the Holy Oils. This is celebrated sa mga cathedrals. (Pangalawang set ng readings yung para sa mga parishes/chapel. It is called the (Evening) Mass of the Lord’s Supper.)

    This is for the first, yung Chrism Mass. Especially for those of us who serve hindi sa mga parokya/chapel, kundi sa mga katedral. Ito ay ginagawa sa cathedral o diocese lamang usually, but not absolutely, in the morning, usually but not absolutely also. More precisely written, the Chrism Mass can only be celebrated once annually, as much as possible sa cathedral/diocese, pero for special reasons, pwede rin sa ibang church na may special significance, like shrines.

    At this Chrism Mass, yung mga holy oils na gagamiten ng mga individual parishes sa diocese na yaon throughout the coming year, for the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, holy orders, and anointing of the sick, and also oil for consecration of altars, shall be blessed by the bishop. The holy oil for baptism is especially the oil for catechumens (adult) and also for infants. Meron ding special na oil for the infirm/sick. Meron din chrism.

    Ito rin yung Misa kung saan customarily ang mga pari ay binibigyan ng mga parishioners ng tarpauline showing a message of support, at unahan sa cathedral para makahanap ng prominenteng lugar kung saan maaaring isabit ang tarp. (I mean, at least dito samen sa Diocese of Antipolo, halos lahat ng parishes, pupunta sa Antipolo Cathedral. May cheering pa!) Hindi ko alam kung ano ang pinagmulan ng custom ng tarpaulin.

    As much as possible, dapat lahat ng kaparian ng diocese na yaon at this time ay nasa cathedral. This Mass symbolizes the unity of priests with their bishop.

    As a side note, kung saka-sakaling masyadong hassle ang logistics na ito, (many priests coming from far-flung parishes), if the clergy and the faithful have a difficult time gathering with the bishop on exactly Holy Thursday, the rite of the Chrism Mass can be transferred to another day, pero dapat within Holy week naman, a day near naman sa Easter.

    On a parallel note, the Church recommends that every Catholic attend a Chrism Mass at least once in their lifetime.

    As you will notice, all the readings for the Chrism Mass are about the priesthood. That’s symbolic: Jesus Christ instituted the Sacrament of Holy Orders/Sacerdotal Priesthood during the Last Supper. Thus: Important Concepts/Themes: Sacerdotal Priesthood, Ministry, Holy Oils
    Actually, the two sacraments instituted by Christ during the Last Supper are Ordination and the Eucharist. The first would be more especially celebrated at the Chrism Mass, and the second at the Evening Mass.


    1. Bayan, umawit (Borres, Baltazar & Francisco) “sapagkat ngayon ika’y pinili” is so 1R.
    2. Sa Hapag ng Panginoon (Morano & Francisco)
    3. Isang Pananampalataya (Santos & Hontiveros): Some will say this is too much celebration though, but, hey, it celebrates unity. Cguro tone it down a bit.

    1. You are a priest forever

    Merong Papuri/Glory to God.


    1R: Isaiah 61:1-3, 6, 8-9 is about: The spirit of the Lord God is upon me. I am blessed because I am anointed. He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted, giving them the oil of gladness. This nation is blessed because they were chosen too.

    RP: 89 “Forever I will sing the goodness of the Lord.”

    2R: In Rev 1:5-8: Jesus Christ made priests for His God and Father. He has made us to be a kingdom of priests to His God and Father. I am the Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord God, the One Who is, and Who was, and Who is to come, the Almighty.

    Walang aleluya.

    G: Luke 4:16-21 is about Jesus in Nazareth going up to the Temple and reading the first reading above. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, for He sent me to bring glad tidings to the poor.” Afterwards He sat down and says that the reading is now fulfilled.

    The bishop may or may not opt to wash the feet of twelve of his priests, just as Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, the first priests.

    Kung meron: Washing of the Feet (W):


    1. Pagkakaibigan (Cenzon & Abad Santos) very good choice
    2. Kaibigan, kapanalig (Ofrasio & Hontiveros) also a very good choice
    3. Alay (Ateneo Boys’ Choir)
    4. Alay (Valdez)
    5. Pananagutan (Hontiveros)
    6. Sa Dapit-Hapon (Tabuena & Hontiveros)
    7. Sino kayo? (Javellana & Que)


    1. So the love of God (Schutte)
    2. You are mine (Haas)
    3. Holy Darkness (Schutte)
    4. Empty Space (Go & Francisco)

    Presentation of the Gifts:

    1. Narito ako (San Andres)
    2. W3 if not used as offertory song
    3. W4 if not used as offertory song
    4. Narito ako, Panginoon (Que)

    1. One Bread, 1 Body (Foley)
    2. Blessed be God
    3. By Flowing Waters (Ford)

    After the Preface and then Santo/Sanctus, the Oil of the Sick (oleum infirmorum) is blessed.

    1. Panunumpa (Gonzales)
    2. Patnubay (Cuyugkeng, Caguioa, Sta Maria, La Vina)
    3. Sa ‘Yo Lamang (Borres, Gan & Francisco)
    4. Sa ‘Yong piling (Castro & Villaroman)

    1. Here I am Lord (Schutte)
    2. I hear my name (Francisco)
    3. Anima Christi (Arboleda)
    4. One thing I ask (Tirol)

    The Oil of Catechumens (oleum catechumenorum / oleum sanctorum) is then blessed.

    The Chrism (sacrum chrisma) is next consecrated.


    1. Pari Magpakailanman
    2. Paring Pilipino
    3. Tanda ng Kaharian ng Diyos (Morano & Francisco) is reminiscent of the Introit’s “kingdom of priests” and 2R.
    4. E3 if not used as entrance song.

    1. Save us, O Lord (Dufford)

    NB Please be reminded again that the readings for the Evening Mass of the Last Supper are a different set of readings.
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    Default Re: Songs for Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday

    I don't know about that tradition about hangin tarpauline for your parish priest , we have sang for the Chrism mass twice but never seen one of this. Sometimes thatvwill be too unfair sa mga paring malalayo ang parokya.Since this is a grand celebration for the renewal of vows we have sang all the mass in Latin - Mass in F by Battman and Joseph Concone, will surely contribute for the solemnity of the celebration. Washing of the feet is only done during the Last supper mass, never seen a Chrism mass with this. Pero ngayon, they have always organized a diocesan choir to sing for this occasion

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    Default Re: Songs for Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday

    @JR: I agree with nlim, I don't think there's such a thing as a "tradition" with the tarpaulin. Most likely, pinauso lang yan sa diocese ninyo a few years back and, dahil sa pinagagawa ito taon taon mula nang naumpisahan, ay naisip ng ibang tao na "tradisyon" na kaagad. (Not to mention, hindi naman uso ang tarpaulin 20, 30 years ago )

    Didiretsuhin na kita: hindi ko alam kung sinong pantas sa diocese ninyo ang nakaisip niyan, but that kind of practice reeks of vanity and pride. Tapos sa misa pa ginagawa, and with that kind of cheering in what should be a solemn mass, maingay pa, nakakasira sa solemnity ng misa. I don't think showing your support to priests have to be done using such ostentatious manner.
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    Default Re: Songs for Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday

    Madagdag ko lang, maganda din yung "As I have done for you" of Dan Schutte for washing of the feet.
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