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Thread: Pope To Permit Tridentine Mass Rite

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    Default Pope To Permit Tridentine Mass Rite

    This is timely with the discussion in the other (HOT) thread. I think we all know what thread that is.

    I just received this email today.
    The original article requires registration to view.
    Anyway here it is.

    "Pope to permit Tridentine Mass rite"
    David Quinn - Irish Independent - September 14, 2005

    POPE Benedict XVI will soon begin to put his stamp on the Papacy by
    lifting the near total ban on the Old Mass as well as trying to restore "a
    sense of the sacred" to the New Mass, a Church expert says.

    The prediction by Professor Eamonn Duffy, a Cambridge-based historian,
    comes ahead of a major Church meeting in Rome next month which will
    focus on the Mass and the Eucharist amid growing concerns that the Mass
    has become too banal and that many Catholics no longer have a proper
    understanding of what it is about.

    Professor Duffy was speaking at the agm of the National Conference of
    Priests of Ireland. He said he believed it was "extremely likely that
    Pope Benedict will lift the restrictions on the celebration of the
    Tridentine liturgy".

    The Tridentine Mass was the version offered throughout the Church prior
    to the Second Vatican Council of 1962-1965. It was said in Latin with
    the priest facing in the same direction as the congregation.
    Let me point out that this is still just speculation.

    MODS: I thought of posting this in THE other thread since it is very much related but I don't want to hijack barnuevo's thread. Please merged/edit this otherwise.

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    Default Pope to permit Tridentine Mass rite

    For me, there is nothing wrong in celebrating the Latin Tridentine Mass. Kahit ngayon ginagawa pa rin ito at meron pa ring mga existing Seminaries sa abroad na Old rite ang Misa nila, at hindi sila excommunicated ha.
    Dito sa Pangasinan, isa kami sa nag-organized ng Latin Mass. Nag-start kami noong 1996 at once a month lang ito ginaganap. Kahit sa iloilo meron ding ganito at every Sunday pa. Sad to say, iilan na lang ang mga priest dito na nakakaalam ng old rite ng Mass.

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    Default Re: Pope to permit Tridentine Mass rite

    Well, there is nothing wrong in celebrating Latin masses unless you are speaking anything you do not understand. Sana alam nila yung responses kagaya kung "Verbum Domini" kapag gospel, ang sagot ay "Laus tibi, Christe". I always watch masses sa EWTN at maganda siya kapag kinakanta.

    Para sa akin, Latin masses are special, kahit sabi ni Mommy ko, "Bakit kailangan pa ng Latin mass, ginawa na nga sa Vatican II na gumamit na ng vernacular language sa misa!"

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    Default Latin Mass is Back!

    check out the news about the new proclamation form the Pope!


    Among the interesting items......

    The minority of Catholics who have clung to the Latin Mass, formally known as the Tridentine Rite, are celebrating yesterday's release at the Vatican of a new document in which Pope Benedict XVI , reaching out to alienated traditionalists, opened the door to wider use of the Latin Mass by allowing priests to say the Mass without requiring authorization from their local bishop.

    This is an interesting development.

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    Default Re: Latin Mass is Back!

    paano na makapagparticipate ang mga pilipino kapag gamitin ito sa atin? karamihan di nakakaintindi ng latin? di pa kasi ako nagsimba na latin ang ginamit sa liturgy... sa tv lang...

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    Default Re: Latin Mass is Back!

    If I am not mistaken, the guidelines for this clearly states that the Latin mass will be said only if the faithful requests for it. That is, kung sino ang magre-request nito or kung sino ang may gusto. It did not say that we are required to hear mass in Latin, it only said that saying the mass in Latin, using the pre-Vatican II liturgy is permitted.
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    Default Re: Latin Mass is Back!

    like bro bingo said... hindi maganda sa setting.... participation issue kasi. i hope cbcp will review this thoroughly...

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    Default Re: Latin Mass is Back!

    No problem there. Kung wala namang magre-request na mag-misa sa Latin, then it will not be said.

    Besides, the document (a motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum) maintains that the mass, as we all know it (referred to as the Pauline Mass, after Pope Paul VI who promulgated it) remains the ordinary liturgy, meaning it takes precedence over the Tridentine mass revised by Blessed Pope John XXIII.

    The revised Tridentine mass, on the other hand, is an extraordinary liturgy. Again, it will be said only if specifically requested. But Summorum Pontificum did not say that priests will say mass without it being requested by the faithful (otherwise, the faithful cannot participate).

    (I have to stress out \"revised\" because Pope John XXXII thoroughly changed the text of the mass and deleted some texts that were deemed offensive by adherent of Judaism.)

    From how it stands, the issue about participation per se is considered a non-issue, as Summorum Pontificum is clear on this. The Wikipedia article on Summorum Pontificum mentions that the central issues focus not on the reinstatement of the Tridentine Mass, but with the text of the Tridentine Mass itself (well, let the theologians, liturgists and clergy settle that) and on the availability of priests to say the Tridentine Mass (although Summorum Pontificum mentions that the readings and the homily can be read/said in the vernacular).
    We have little to no culture of healthy polemics in the country, as any attempt to consider fault is taken as a personal attack. Rare are those that are able to deal with it properly. --- Alex Tioseco (1981-2009), critic


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    Default RP Catholic Church ready to hold Latin masses

    Read this at Inquirer.net. Tanong lang, do Latin missals also require Latin songs (or even a choir for that matter)? Thanks! ^_^


    MANILA, Philippines -- The Philippine clergy is prepared to implement Pope Benedict XVI's directive that allowed greater freedom for the celebration of the Latin Mass, a Roman Catholic prelate said on Monday.

    Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Y˝iguez said Filipino priests took Latin language courses during their seminary education and would not have difficulty saying mass in Latin to those that request them to do so.

    "They are quite capable as far as reading of the Latin missal is concerned, so there would not be a problem," said Y˝iguez, a graduate of the San Carlos Seminary in Makati City and a former professor and rector of the Immaculate Conception Seminary in Bulacan.

    Y˝iguez, however, said Latin proficiency might have been affected since the Latin form of the mass, officially referred to as the Tridentine Mass, was abandoned after the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s.

    "Before, we had Latin everyday, but now it's only once a week, and passing the Latin course remains a requirement in the seminary," he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in a chance interview at the Pope Pius XII Catholic Center in Manila.

    Nevertheless, Latin missals, as well as bibles and other prayer books in Latin are still available in many dioceses, according to the bishop. And these can be readily "re-published" should priests and laymen wanted to obtain them, he added.

    Asked from what sector of Catholics would the "demand" for a Latin Mass would come from, Y˝iguez replied, "Based on my experience, it would come from the elderly people, those who say that once in a while they want to hear Mass in Latin, saying this adds to the celebration's mystical dimension."

    The prelate, however, said the real targets of the Pope's directive were the so-called traditionalist Catholics who did not agree with the abandonment of the Latin Missal and other reforms began by the Second Vatican Council.

    The Pope, in his apostolic letter "Summorum Pontificum," allowed the use of the Tridentine rite masses for marriages, funerals and pilgrimages, beginning September 14.

    Y˝iguez, for his part, said the Latin Mass might encourage more people -- young and old -- to study what used to be the lingua franca of the Western World and the official language of the Roman Catholic Church.

    According to Y˝iquez, scholars continue to study Latin as many historic, philosophical and scientific treatises are written in this language.

    He said there would also be some interest and appreciation for the Latin Mass from the younger generation, who, nowadays, only encounter Latin words in their science and political subjects as well as in films such as "Harry Potter" series.

    If it is to be, it is up to me.

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    Default Re: RP Catholic Church ready to hold Latin masses

    Return query ko lang: Is it really necessary to hold latin masses? I think this is something which the church should not try to do. although, priests are trained to understand latin, but the church-goers are not. There is a passage in the Bible, unfortunately I can't remember where, said like this: If you are going to spread the word of God in a poor village, be poor then. This is for the village people to understand the preacher and the preacher will know what to say, how to say it. Having latin masses here in the philippines will be like whispering in the wind.
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