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There are numerous reasons why one could lose access to the boards, and for the most part, the moderators and webmaster are here to help you get sorted out.

Starting at the end of the month as of this posting, there will be one particular exception: losing access to your recovery email.

The board has a retrieve password feature which re-sends your lost password to your nominated email when you registered. So techincally, this even allows you to forget your password for the board, and still be able to recover it. Literally the only thing you have to make sure is your email is accessible - and we expect users to take responsibility for that (your email) at the very least. It's not unreasonable to expect that - as your email address is probably the most important thing in your online presence - it's what you use to register for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING online.

What IS unreasonable is to expect us to keep on fixing issues that are entirely avoidable had the user simply taken care of this very basic thing.

The common reason people cannot retrieve their passwords is because they nominated an impractical email when they registered. Perhaps they used their work emails - then the day came when they no longer worked there (for whatever reason) - suddenly, they can't access their emails anymore. Then they realize they forgot to change their primary emails here in the boards when that day came - which leads us to the issue we're trying to address.

After this post, we will be collating the usernames of members who are having issues accessing their accounts (for whatever reason, including the reason stated above) and will be doing a mass reset of passwords for these accounts. Once that's done (and you're able to access your accounts once again) kindly change your passwords and write them down, and change your email addresses to accounts that you are sure you'll never get locked out of. My suggestion is to use GMail, or any other email provider that's more ubiquitous and NOT connected to any temporary life situation (work, school, etc.)

This is not to say you cannot use any other email provider you prefer to use but if you insist in using work/school/etc. emails, you do so at your own peril; you must be responsible enough either to:

1. Make sure you'll NEVER lose access to your email account
2. Make sure you'll remember to change it should you change emails.

Because let me warn you now; after this mass reset we're going to do, if anyone loses access to the board AND cannot retrieve their passwords due to this reason, we will NOT entertain your issue anymore. You will be forced to re-register and lose any status you have gained/earned from your old account. We will not merge your old account with the new one. So just to reiterate: if you're not careful, then you might just have to start from scratch.

Perhaps this "penalty" would be enough to make users be more mindful of remembering their access credentials.

Plus, come on guys/girls. It's 2017! We all have digital devices. Is it so hard to make a note of your usernames/passwords - or even WRITE THEM DOWN and put them in some safe place at home? There really is no excuse this day and age to lose access to what should be one of the most important accounts in your online lives.
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For those requesting for password reset, you'll be receiving two (2) emails. First email contains a link and an instruction stating that you need to click and visit a link first. After doing so, this triggers the messageboard to send you another email containing your temporary email and the link for password/email change. Click the link and you should be seeing this:

Hope this helps.
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