Choirs and the Church About Choirs, singing for the Church, and other religious stuff
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GUIDELINES (READ THIS FIRST), Posted 06.02.06 #1
The purpose of this section is to cater to musical content that are discussed in choral or religious context.

Anything choral in nature (about other choirs, choir experiences, etc.) will fall under this section.

We've also included musical discussions in "religious" contexts in this section. This is because they are usually choir related. (e.g. Questions about proper songs to sing in the liturgy, etc.)

The name of this section (nor its description), as of this posting aren't final yet. As soon as everything's finalized, we will include this section in the Rules and Regulations of the board.
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I've modified a thread title, you may find this useful...

FORMAT would be....

Songs for (PART OF MASS) - Theme

Part of Mass may either be: Entrance, Offertory, Communion, Recessional, etc
Theme would be, any theme that may relate to any SPECIFIC THEME, e.g., Corpus Christi, Body and Blood of Christ, Christ the King, etc.
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