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    Hi, may i know BUKASPALAD's exact date and exact place of your next US tour? thanks

    BUKASPALAD.. Hi can you inform us exact dates and exact locations of your next US tour... Thanks

    HI please update us details of your upcoming US Tour. Thanks

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    Hi there.

    As of now, there is no scheduled or planned US tour for Bukas Palad, at least within this year and probably at the early part of next year.

    If ever there would be move in that direction, I think it will be reflected in the long-term schedule of activities.

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    Hello andyelika, try to email at para makuha mo ang incoming US tours o incoming events ng bukaspalad, kasi as of now, busy siguro sila sa 21sth anniversary preparation nila at launching ng Hindi kita Malilimutan Album..
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