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Thread: Music JAM 2004 in Abuja, Nigeria

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    Default Music JAM 2004 in Abuja, Nigeria

    Hi, I'm Elline Padlan, a diplomatic staff of the Philippine Embassy in Nigeria. I was Catholic by birth, but recently am born again. I'm attending House on the Rock - The Refuge church in Abuja for almost a year now. They have a yearly Christian concert (EDSA type every Feb) gathering every March and this is their third year.

    My sis bought me a bukaspalad - Let your praises be heard album and some of these songs I'll be very proud to share with our congregation for the Tehillah Company (our choir) to sing. There's 2 things I'd like to ask:
    1. would bukas palad be able to send a contingent (a small one - cost will be too much if its a big contingent), I'll be happy to coordinate the Nigeria end of the transactions. I believe the church can take care of the accommodations, but as I've said this is a Christian revival gathering and concert, not profit oriented; or
    2. give permission to our church's choir (Tehillah Company) to sing some of the songs in that album for the concert.

    I'd like to receive a reply as soon as possible because the concert in on March 12, 2004.

    In Christ,
    Elline C. Padlan
    Consular Assistant and Attache
    Philippine Embassy,
    No 16 Kainji Crescent
    Maitama District, Abuja
    FCT, Nigeria
    Office- (234)9 4137981
    Home -(234)9 4130958
    GSM - (234)805 6239192

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    Default Music JAM 2004 in Abuja, Nigeria

    Hi Elline,

    Thank you for your comments. It's so nice to hear that our music crosses bounderies, religions and cultures reaching places as interesting as Nigeria.

    Do you have an email address so we can answer your questions more thoroughly? you can write us at or write me directly at

    YES, we'd love to go to Nigeria. OF course, the only concern is that of scheduling and of funding. Bukas Palad is a non-profit organization and as thus, we do not have personal funds to send contingents to different countries for concerts.

    Regarding singing our songs, our main goal is creating our music is for other people to sing them as well, to let each of our own praises be heard. So, please do sing and perform our songs.

    If you need an official permission from the jesuit music ministry, you may course such a request through our email as well.

    Again, thanks a lot!

    Let your praises be heard!


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    Default Music JAM 2004 in Abuja, Nigeria

    Dear Tonet,

    My email address is and I received this reply on that email address. I've already sent you a message on your email address and at

    Thank you very much for your reply. I'll get back to you after I discuss this with the church leadership and our Embassy.

    So till the next email.


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