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Differences from the MISA, Posted 08.08.27 #1
Tagal ko na pong nakikita yung mga Misa Pastorela, Misa Delgado, etc... Gusto ko lang pong malaman...ano ba mga differences ng mga "misang" ito? I know mas marami pang kinds kaysa dun sa mga binigay ko

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Re: Differences from the MISA, Posted 08.08.27 #2
hi holychef, yung mga na-mention mo dito are merely mass settings po, in a manner of speaking po eh sort of the way they are rendered. misa delgado was named so because our onliner lester delgado is the author of such rendition.

so if you plan to make a mass setting of your own, maybe you can name that misa holychef hehe, we'll wait for that po
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Re: Differences from the MISA, Posted 08.08.27 #3
First, i-clarify muna natin yung use ng "misa X", "misa Y" since you're grouping everything together. As it seems, they can be classified into the following:

1. The proper mass forms

The canonical mass forms, refers not just to the songs but to the complete mass. Ito na siguro yung pinaka-appropriate na gamit ng phrase na "misa x", "misa y", etc. kasi ito yung mga liturgical forms na itinakda ng Simbahan (and hence usage of these phrases won't get you in trouble, if you know what you're talking about )

Examples: requiem mass, votive mass, wedding mass/mass for the sacrament of matrimony, chrism mass

The next three uses refer to the music of the mass, not to the mass itself:

2. The musical style (if any)

Refers to the mass composed in a particular style or mood. The settings of the mass songs conform to that particular style. Unang una na dito siguro ay ang "misa pastorela" which is composed in the "pastorale" or "pastorella" style (see for more information). Another example is the "jazz mass" which is usually a setting of the mass in contemporary pop-jazz style (but be careful, not many priests encourage this style of mass songs). A misa resada (recited mass) is, naturally, one that has the least music (if any)

3. "Misa so-and-so" as the titles of works

Usually, based ito sa collection of songs in an ordinary mass. Hence, it's just the setting of an ordinary mass with a value-added title The usage of the phrase "misa x" is arbitrary and is determined by the composer. Hence, "Misa Delgado" is the mass composed by the BP Online's own lester_delgado

Some usages were meant to be for a particular occasion---for example, Mozart's "Coronation Mass" (a commissioned work, actually), Lucio San Pedro's "Misa Sto. Nino" and Ryan Cayabyab's "Mass for Peace", "Mass for the HOly Trinity" and "St. Michael Mass". However, I hesitate to categorize this in #1 because it isn't a separate mass form...essentially, it's the same as a regular mass, the words of some songs or the intent of the composer justify the title given by the composer.

4. "Mass" as a musical composition independent of the Holy Mass

In this type of mass, the composers intend to use ("borrow" is more like it) the texts of some mass songs (usually from the pre-Vatican II mass) and do not intend the songs to be performed in an actual mass. For example, Ryan Cayabyab's "Misa" (Mr. C's graduation thesis, premiered by the Madz) and "Misa 2000" (a dance piece) aren't really intended for the mass.

Hope this helps
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