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New Album, Posted 04.12.22 #1
may plan po ba ang bukaspalad na magkaroon ng new album ngayong 2005? sana po magkaroon dahil talagang big help kayo sa mga choir groups lalong lalo na sa mga youth choir katulad namin..
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new album.., Posted 04.12.22 #2
HI Les,

Yes, we are already in the early stages of recording our next album, slated for release in June 2005.
Check out the website for updates on this project.


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Re:new album.., Posted 04.12.22 #3
yeheeey!!!, worth waiting for....
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new album.., Posted 04.12.22 #4
huh? new Album? kailan ang release? ano yan Minus One ng LYPBH? or ibang album na naman? anyways ill expect that sana this paagahin nyo ang release... hehe ... hehe since my bro told me d2 na lang daw sya bibili ng christmas gift sa akin mahal daw sa States.
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new album.., Posted 04.12.22 #5
its nice to know...
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new album.., Posted 04.12.23 #6
yes..! gandang balita 'to!! this is sumthing to look forward to... Go BP!
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new album.., Posted 04.12.24 #7
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new album.., Posted 05.01.08 #8
Quivering with anticipation...

Ano po ang format/genre? Litugical? Mediation? Pop? Please give us some hint soon...

regards to all of you
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new album.., Posted 05.01.09 #9
yah, ano po bang klase ng album ito?.. is this the much anticipated Best of BP Vol.3?
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Re:new album.., Posted 05.01.09 #10
*quivers with Punzi in anticipation too*
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