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We have been searching, yearning to find you, lost without your love.
We long for your face, seeking our true joy, found in your embrace.

‘Cause in faith, you restore us.
‘Cause in hope, you sustain us.
In light, you save us.
In love, you bind us.
Lord, bring us back to you.

We turn to your grace, resting in your peace, sheltered from despair.
We come to your heart, trusting in your will, strengthened by your Word.(REFRAIN)

We vow to love you, striving to serve you, moved to be your light.
We share your mercy, aiding the weary, blessed with our new lives. (REFRAIN)

In light, you save us.
In love, you bind us.
Lord, bring us back to you.

Words and music by Bok Arandia
Arrangement by Norman Agatep

"Our hearts are restless until they rest in you."

"Bring Us Back to You" echoes this immutable line from St Augustine of Hippo that it is in God alone that we find true and lasting peace, hope and love that renew, restore, bind and save us. We sometimes consume all our lives searching for the Lord, looking for his traces and marks in our lives. The truth is that it is the Lord who first patiently seeks us out, lovingly longs for our return, and rejoices in our coming home. In joy and thanksgiving, we seek to follow and serve him, to do his work and be his presence to others. Along the way, we may lose our way and fall, but God's abiding grace will certainly lead us back to his heart, which is ever merciful and compassionate.

We shall draw strength and inspiration from his eternal Word, which constantly gives us light and life. "Bring us Back To You" is thus a fitting recessional hymn that celebrates the goodness and fidelity of the Lord. In humility and awe of his great love for us, we proclaim our joy and gratitude in being reunited with Him.

"Bring Us Back to You" is a devotional song, expressing our absolute dependence on God. In addition to being a Recessional Song, it may also be sung as an Entrance Song, in prayer services, and as a secondary song for Communion.


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