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Friday, April 28 2017 4:55am
A very happy birthday to Ian!
April celebrants

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Doce me facere voluntatem Tuam.
Quia Deus meus es Tu.

Teach me, Lord to do Your will,
for You are my God.

Music by Manoling Francisco, SJ

The word 'voluntatem' is close to the word 'volition', that which allows us to choose and to act upon experience. But it also calls to mind the word 'voluntary', to give in submission.

As human beings, we find ourselves often thinking that our free will means complete freedom to do as we wish. It is a struggle to subsume our will to the greater will of God. This chant is a prayer to learn how to fully submit, and to hand over our human will into His hands, where it rightfully belongs and can be shaped with love.

This song is appropriate for prayer gatherings, particularly when discerning God's will for us. It may also be sung as a communion hymn, after a Eucharistic song.


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