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Hold me gently.
Whisper, You're always with me.
Tell me You'll never leave me alone.
Soothe me, move me.
Fill my heart with love,
enfold me in Your arms,
in a love I've always known.

When the world seems cold and lonely,
let this heart that seeks You only
find its fire and blaze in Your embrace.
Come, fill me with Your grace and... (REFRAIN)

Let me be Your hands that hold
all who stray and leave Your fold.
Help us carry Your load through Your road
...a life and love untold. Just... (REFRAIN)

In Your arms, I am home.

What it means to be held is described in this prayer. To say, "hold me," is a request to be loved and protected. Much more though is asked after being held. We ask as well that we be soothed and moved and filled for a greater cause... to remind the world of His loving embrace... to return to wanting to be enfolded.


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